QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock Review You Can’t Ignore!

Read our QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock Review for an honest take on its features, design, and how it enhances home ambiance.

In the world of home decor, the QPEUIM 12-inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock stands out as a functional piece of art. Not only does it serve the essential purpose of telling time, but it also accentuates the aesthetic of any room with its stylish design and silent operation. This comprehensive review will dive deep into what makes the QPEUIM Wall Clock a must-have for any modern living space.

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Product Specifications

Specification Description
Color Black Frame, White Dial
Display Type Analog
Style Fashionable
Special Feature Silent Clock
Product Dimensions 12″W x 12″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range Adult
Room Type Home, Office, Classroom, Bedroom, Kitchen
Shape Round
Clock Features – Clear Dial- Ultra-quiet movement- 3D three-dimensional dial
Additional Services – Comes with battery included- 3 years of after-sales service- Free replacement for damages
Customer Ratings – Easy to read: 4.8- Lightweight: 4.8 – Noise level: 4.7- Value for money: 4.5

Unboxing the QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Wall Clock

The QPEUIM clock arrives in a sleek, well-protected package, ensuring it reaches your hands in mint condition. Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • The 12-inch wall clock
  • A manual for setup
  • AA battery slot (battery not included)

First Impressions

Upon unboxing, the clock impresses with its chic black frame and contrasting white dial, fitting effortlessly into any decor scheme, from minimalist to contemporary.

Design and Aesthetics

This wall clock boasts a modern look that can seamlessly integrate into the heart of your living room. The 3D stereoscopic numbers add a layer of sophistication to its simple round shape.

The Perfect Blend

  • Black Frame: Bold and versatile
  • White Dial: Clean and easily readable
  • Suitable for Various Spaces: Thanks to its neutral palette, it’s ideal for living rooms, offices, and classrooms.

Why You Should Consider the QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock

When it comes to enhancing the comfort and aesthetic of your living space, the QPEUIM 12-inch Silent Wall Clock is a choice that offers both style and functionality.

Elegant Design

  • Modern Appearance: Fits seamlessly into any decor with its stylish black frame and white dial.
  • 3D Numbers: Adds a touch of sophistication to your wall with a three-dimensional effect.

Silent Operation

  • Peaceful Environment: With no ticking sound, it is perfect for rooms where silence is golden.
  • Uninterrupted Concentration: Ideal for places where focus is required, like studies or libraries.

Ease of Use

  • Battery Powered: Simple operation with easily replaceable AA batteries.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Light and easy to hang on any wall.


  • Universal Fit: Designed to complement various room types – from living rooms to offices.
  • Readable Display: Clear and easily visible numbers suitable for all ages

Product Quality:

When evaluating the QPEUIM 12-inch Silent Wall Clock, the quality factors that stand out are its design, functionality, and customer satisfaction ratings. Here’s a detailed look:

High-Quality Design

  • Sophisticated Aesthetics: A sleek black frame and white dial offers a modern look.
  • Stereo Numbers: 3D numbers present a distinct, easy-to-read display.

Functionality and Performance

  • Silent Movement: Equipped with an ultra-quiet movement for a noiseless environment.
  • Reliable Timekeeping: Powered by quartz for precision and accuracy.

Durability and Longevity

  • Build Quality: Constructed to be sturdy and last through continuous use.
  • Long-Term Use: Users report consistent performance without degradation over time.

Features of the QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Wall Clock

Let’s break down the clock’s standout features:

Clear and Readable Dial

  • Bold Numbers: Stand out for ease of reading.
  • 3D Numbers: Add depth and character to your room.

Ultra-Quiet Movement

  • Noiseless Function: Perfect for serene environments.
  • Accurate Timing: Precision at its best, without the incessant ticking sound.

Fashion and Functionality

  • Stylish Design: It doesn’t compromise aesthetics for utility.
  • Timeless Appeal: A design that withstands fleeting trends.

Battery Operation

  • Battery-Powered: One AA battery (not included) for long-lasting operation.

Installation and Placement

When it comes to installation, the QPEUIM is reasonably straightforward. Place the clock in a spot where its design and time display can truly shine:

  • Living Room Wall: Above a mantelpiece or alongside artwork
  • Home Office: Above your workstation for easy time-checking

Optimal Visibility and Aesthetic Appeal

Tips for Placement:

  • Eye Level: Ensures easy reading
  • Lighting: Avoid direct sunlight that might cast a glare on the glass

Performance and Durability

The clock’s performance is measured by its durability and the sustainability of its silent feature.

Reliability Over Time

  • Sturdy Frame: Built to last with high-quality materials.
  • Sweeping Movement: Minimizes wear-and-tear on the mechanism.

Key Features and Benefits

Main Key Features Benefits
Clear Dial – Easy to read from any place in the room.
Ultra-Quiet Movement – Promotes a more peaceful sleeping environment.
3D Three-Dimensional Dial – Enhanced visibility and elegance.
Fashionable – Adds a modern touch to the decor.
Non-Ticking – Reduces noise distractions.
Battery Operated – Convenience; no need for electrical outlets.
Included Batteries – Ready to use out of the box; no additional purchases.
After-Sales Service – 3 years of after-sales support; ensures reliability.
Free Replacement if Damaged – Purchase security and product assurance.
Customer Ratings – Highly rated for readability, light weight, and quiet operation.

Pros and Cons


  • Silent Functionality: The clock features a “no tick” feature, ensuring silent operation without any annoying ticking sound, which is conducive to better sleep and a quieter environment.
  • Visibility: With its large size and clear, stereoscopic dial, the clock is easily legible from any part of the room.
  • Aesthetic Design: The clock is fashionable, with 3D numbers supported by a gold section, making it an attractive addition to any wall.
  • Accurate Timekeeping: Equipped with an ultra-quiet quartz movement for precise and accurate time.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various settings including offices, classrooms, and homes given its universal design and functionality.


  • Battery Operated: Depending on your preferences, the requirement to use and periodically replace batteries may be a disadvantage.
  • Size Specificity: At 12 inches, the clock may be too large for small spaces or may not fit the scale some customers want.
  • Styling: While the design is modern, it might not align with all interior design themes, which could limit its suitability for certain decors.
  • Wall Space: Requires enough wall space for hanging, which may not be ideal for those preferring tabletop or mantle clocks.

Final Recommendation

The QPEUIM 12-inch Silent Wall Clock is highly recommended for its quiet operation, clear 3D dial, modern design, and precise timekeeping. It’s an excellent choice for those in need of a silent, accurate, and visually appealing timepiece for any room.

Customer Reviews

Jane D. from Austin, Texas “I just adore my new QPEUIM wall clock! The silent feature is exactly what I needed for my home office. Not a single tick-tock to disturb my concentration. Plus, it looks so chic on my wall – a perfect match for my modern decor!”

Thomas K. from Seattle, Washington “This clock caught my eye with its 3D numbers; they pop out beautifully against the white backdrop, making it super easy to read the time, even without my glasses. The fact that I won’t have to buy batteries for a while is a welcome bonus.”

Emma L. from Naples, Florida: “We recently purchased this stylish wall clock for our living room, and it’s been a topic of conversation ever since! Our guests love the sleek design, and we enjoy the tranquility it brings into our space – no more annoying ticking sound.”

Michael P. from Denver, Colorado, said, “I got this for our classroom, and it’s made such a difference. The students can easily read the time and are not distracted by any noise. The included battery and the after-sales service sealed the deal for me.”

Sarah C. from Topeka, Kansas: “What’s not to love? This clock is the epitome of value for money. Looks more expensive than it is, and the silent mechanism is just what you need in a busy kitchen. Plus, the free replacement offer gives me peace of mind.”

Who Needs the QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock?

Ideal for Quiet Environments:

  • Home Offices: Perfect for individuals who work from home and require a quiet space to concentrate without the distraction of ticking.
  • Bedrooms: Suitable for light sleepers who are easily disturbed by noise.
  • Libraries: A great fit for spaces where silence is mandatory to maintain a studious atmosphere.
  • Classrooms: Helps to provide a distraction-free environment for students taking tests or focusing on tasks.

For Modern Decor Lovers:

  • Contemporary Homes: The sleek design complements modern interior décor effortlessly.
  • Offices: Professional settings seeking a touch of sophistication will benefit from its stylish appearance.

Convenience Seekers:

  • Busy Households: The low maintenance (battery-operated and non-ticking) makes it ideal for families on the go.
  • Older Adults: The clear and large numbers are easy to read, even from a distance, aiding those with visual impairments.

Key Points for Specific Users:

  • Design-Aware Individuals:
    • Appreciate the stereoscopic numbers that add a shadow effect for a luxurious feel.
  • Educational Institutions:
    • Can rely on the ultra-quiet quartz movement for an uninterrupted learning environment.
  • Gifting Purposes:
    • A thoughtful gift due to its versatility and the silent feature, making it suitable for almost anyone, including teachers, professionals, and elderly parents.

Tips and Tricks

To ensure your QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Wall Clock remains in pristine condition and keeps accurate time for years to come, follow these maintenance guidelines:

Location & Placement

  • Environment: Keep the clock in a temperature-stable environment to avoid any warping or malfunctioning of the components due to extreme temperatures.
  • Wall Stability: Secure the clock on a sturdy wall that is free of vibrations to ensure consistent operation.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Place the clock away from direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading over time.

Battery Care

  • Regular Change: Replace the batteries at least once a year or as soon as you notice a discrepancy in timekeeping to prevent battery leakage and damage to the clock mechanism.
  • Battery Quality: Use high-quality alkaline batteries as they are less likely to leak and corrode the internal components.

Dusting & Cleaning

  • Routine Dusting: Gently dust the clock with a soft, dry cloth to prevent dust build-up, which can potentially interfere with the mechanism.
  • Avoid Moisture: Never use a damp cloth or liquid cleaners on the clock as moisture can damage the electronics inside.

Handling the Clock

  • Moving the Clock: When moving or adjusting the clock, handle it by the frame and avoid touching the hands or glass front, which could knock the hands out of alignment.
  • Adjusting Time: When setting the time, move the minute hand clockwise only, and do so gently to avoid damaging the movement.


  • Regular Checks: Periodically inspect the clock for any signs of wear or damage, particularly to its hanging mechanism, to ensure it remains securely on the wall.
  • Professional Servicing: If the clock begins to lose time or stop, consider taking it to a professional for a service check rather than trying to fix it yourself, which could void warranties or cause further damage.


In summary, our comprehensive review of the QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock has traversed through various aspects of what makes this particular timepiece a standout option. We’ve looked at its aesthetic appeal, the ultra-quiet movement, the clarity of its display, and the simplicity of its installation and maintenance.

This wall clock combines functionality with style, ensuring that it blends seamlessly into any living room setting or indeed any space where a silent, reliable timekeeper is needed. Its stereoscopic numbers add a touch of elegance, while the silent movement promotes a tranquil environment, free from the constant reminder of the passage of time.

Over the course of this QPEUIM 12 Inch Silent Living Room Wall Clock review, we’ve gathered that the clock not only meets the expectations that come with its visual appeal but also exceeds practicality concerns, making it a worthy investment for those in the market for a silent, efficient, and chic wall clock.

Whether it’s intended for a busy office, a quiet bedroom, or as a central timepiece in the living room, this clock has proven to be an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine sophistication with silence. So, for those considering a new wall clock, the QPEUIM 12 Inch model is, without doubt, a contender not to be overlooked.

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Q: What is the size of the QPEUIM Silent Wall Clock?
A: The QPEUIM Wall Clock measures 12 inches in diameter, making it a suitable and visible size for most rooms.

Q: What type of batteries does this clock use?
A: This wall clock is battery operated, requiring one AA battery to function.

Q: Is the clock’s movement really silent?
A: Yes, the QPEUIM Wall Clock features an ultra-quiet movement, eliminating any ticking sound that can be distracting in quiet environments.

Q: Can this clock be used in a classroom setting?
A: Absolutely! The silent feature and clear numerals make it perfect for a classroom where concentration is key.

Q: Does the clock include a battery?
A: No, the clock does not come with a battery. You will need to purchase a AA battery separately.

Q: What style of decor does this clock suit best?
A: With its minimalist design and stereoscopic numbers, the QPEUIM Wall Clock suits a wide range of decor styles, from modern to traditional.

Q: Is the clock easy to read from a distance?
A: Yes, the clock has large, bold numbers which are easy to read, even from across the room.

Q: Are there different color options available?
A: The listing doesn’t specify color options. The clock appears to have a classic style with a neutral color palette, which should compliment most decor schemes.

Q: How is the clock mounted on the wall?
A: It requires a hook or a nail for hanging. The clock comes with a built-in hook, making it easy to install.

Q: Does the clock come with a warranty or any customer service support?
A: While the specific warranty details aren’t provided, the product description mentions effective customer after-sales service.

Q: Is this wall clock suitable for outdoor use?
A: The QPEUIM Wall Clock is designed for indoor use. There is no information suggesting it is weatherproof for outdoor environments.

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