AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Small Classic Office Room Wall Clock Review – The Ultimate Office Upgrade!

Read our AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Small Classic Office Room Wall Clock Review for an in-depth look at its silent operation and timeless design.

Are you in search of a wall clock that doesn’t tick-tock its way through your concentration? Cue the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock. It promises tranquility alongside timeless elegance for any office space. In this comprehensive review, we delve deep to uncover whether the AKCISOT Wall Clock can truly offer peace and style in a small, classic design.

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Wall Clock, with its silent sweep movement and refined aesthetic, has caught the attention of many seeking a noiseless solution to stay on schedule. Let’s explore whether this clock is as functional and chic as it claims to be.

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Size 10 Inch
Color A_black
Display Type Analog
Style Classic
Special Feature Silent Clock
Product Dimensions 10″W x 1.35″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Home Office, Dining Room
Shape Round
Availability Currently unavailable (No information on restock date)
Customer Ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars (4,356 ratings, #1 Best Seller in Wall Clocks)
Noise Level 4.9
Light Weight 4.9
Easy to Read 4.8
Accuracy 4.7
Additional Items Included

An AKCISOT wall clock and two hooks

Overview of the AKCISOT Wall Clock

Before we examine the AKCISOT Wall Clock inch by inch, let’s first round up the basic information about this timepiece:

  • Brand: AKCISOT
  • Design: Classic, Small
  • Type: Analog
  • Notable Features:
    • Size: 10 inches
    • Color options: Classic black (Model: A_black)
    • Movement: Silent sweep
    • Power: Battery operated

Discreet yet elegant, this clock seems to be suitable for various settings, from office walls that have heard too much ticking to quiet corners in homes.

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Detailed Features Review

Silent Operation

The hallmark of the AKCISOT 10 Inch Clock is its silent operation. Why is this important?

  • Silence is Golden: In an office, the incessant ticking of a clock can be a subtle but constant distraction. The AKCISOT Wall Clock addresses this with a silent sweep movement that promises uninterrupted focus for work.

The Technology Behind the Silence

  • Sweep Movement: Unlike the traditional tick-tock mechanism, a silent sweep movement moves in a continuous motion, eliminating the sound.

Design and Build Quality

  • Material Quality: Made mostly of durable plastic, the AKCISOT clock is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Color and Style: Classic black makes it versatile for all decor schemes.
  • Dimensions: At just 10 inches in diameter, it fits comfortably in a variety of spaces without dominating the wall.


  • Timekeeping Accuracy: The clock’s quartz mechanism ensures precise time.
  • Installation: Installing the clock is straightforward, thanks to the included mounting hardware.
  • Battery Life: Empowered by a single AA battery, the clock maintains long-lasting performance.

Usability in Various Settings

Office and Home Office: Enhancing productivity with silence

  • Silent Functionality: In high-focus areas, the lack of ticking helps maintain a zone of concentration.

Kitchen and Dining Room: Cooking without the tick-tock

  • Kitchen-Friendly Design: Easy to clean surface, suitable for the occasional kitchen splashes.

Bedroom and Bathroom: Tranquility where it counts the most

  • Discreet Presence: In spaces designed for relaxation, a silent clock is the perfect companion.

Customer Reviews and Ratings Breakdown

  • Customer Satisfaction: Overall high ratings indicate good performance in silence and timekeeping.
  • Noise Level: Praised for its non-existent ticking noise.
  • Design: Positive remarks on the classic style being versatile for different room decors.
  • Accuracy: Users appreciate the precise timekeeping.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation Guide

  1. Select the suitable wall space: Ensure there is enough visibility and wall is free of humidity.
  2. Mounting the clock: Step-by-step process on how to use the included hooks for easy installation.

Maintenance Tips

  • Battery Changes: Keep track of battery change intervals to ensure consistent performance.
  • Cleaning: Recommendations on how to clean the clock face and frame without causing damage.

Why should you consider This?

Uninterrupted Silence

  • Peaceful Environment: The AKCISOT wall clock is praised for its silent sweep movement which eliminates the distracting ticking sound, making it ideal for environments where concentration is key.

Sleek Design

  • Versatile Aesthetic: With its classic black color and minimalistic design, the AKCISOT clock complements any office decor, whether it’s modern or traditional.
  • Easy to Read: Large numbers and clear display allow for quick time-checking without interrupting workflow.

Reliable Functionality

  • Accurate Timekeeping: It’s not just silent but also accurate, crucial for maintaining punctuality during the workday.
  • Long-Lasting: Powered by batteries, this clock is designed for extended use with minimal maintenance.

User Satisfaction

  • High customer ratings (4.6 out of 5 stars) reflect the clock’s dependable performance and the satisfaction of numerous buyers.

Product Quality:

Sturdy Construction

  • Material Durability: Crafted from materials designed for longevity, ensuring it stands the test of time.
  • Battery Life: Users report excellent battery efficiency, suggesting infrequent replacements.

Silent Movement

  • Sweep Mechanism: Emphasizes the silent movement technology responsible for a noise-free environment.
  • Office Suitability: Perfect for spaces where concentration is paramount; this clock adds function without disturbance.

Design and Aesthetics

  • Classic Appeal: Boasts a timeless look with its A_black color, seamlessly fitting into professional settings.
  • Easy Reading: Bold numerals and clear face cut down on time spent straining to read the time.

Accuracy and Reliability

  • Dependable Timekeeping: Maintains precise time, a necessity in any business environment.
  • Customer Endorsements: High ratings in accuracy reflect the clock’s reliable performance.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
Size: 10 Inch – Suitable for a variety of rooms without overpowering the space
Color: A_black – Neutral color that complements any room decor
Display Type: Analog – Classic and easy-to-read display
Style: Classic – Timeless design that fits with both modern and traditional aesthetics
Special Feature: Silent Clock – No ticking sound ensures a quiet environment for concentration
Product Dimensions: 10″W x 1.35″H – Compact size that fits easily on any wall
Power Source: Battery Powered – Convenience of not requiring a power outlet
Room Type: Suitable for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Home Office, Dining Room – Versatile for use in almost any room setting
Shape: Round – Classic shape that is pleasing to the eye

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to read: The clock features large bolded numbers against a white background, enhancing visibility.
  • Accurate timekeeping: Equipped with a good quality sweep movement for precise time.
  • Silent operation: The quiet quartz wall clock movement offers a noise-free environment, perfect for areas where silence is needed.
  • Simple design: A minimalist black and white design with a red second hand adds a modern touch to any room.
  • Installation: Includes two hooks for simple and quick installation.
  • Customer service: Provides effective after-sales customer service to address any issues.


  • Size discrepancy: The actual width may be slightly less than advertised, which could be a consideration for space planning.
  • Batteries not included: You will need to purchase AA batteries separately, as they are not provided with the clock.

Final Recommendation

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock is a highly recommended choice for anyone in need of a reliable, non-ticking clock that combines functionality with a simple, classic design suitable for various room settings.

Customer Reviews

Jane D., Austin, TX:

“I’ve always been picky about wall clocks, and I’m thrilled to have found the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Wall Clock. In my home office here in bustling Austin, it’s become the peacekeeper. The silent feature is a game-changer – there’s no ticking to distract me during my deep work sessions or when I curl up with a good book. The big numerals stand out clearly, so even when I’m buried in paperwork, a quick glance gives me the time without a fuss. And let’s talk about that classic design; it’s like the little black dress of wall clocks – sleek, stylish, and fits in everywhere! It’s lightweight, easy to hang, and the battery operation means I’m not fussing with cords. Put simply, it’s timekeeping made stylish and silent.”

Michael T., Seattle, WA:

“From the rainy heart of Seattle, my review for the AKCISOT wall clock can be summed up in one word: seamless. Its quiet sweep movement brings tranquility to my bedroom; I appreciate the undisturbed sleep. I’m a minimalist at heart, and the clean design with no loud ticking checks all the boxes. The clock is dead accurate, a testament to AKCISOT’s commitment to quality. Hanging it was a breeze with the hooks provided, easy as Sunday morning. For anyone who values silence, simplicity, and precision, this clock is a must-have. It’s great not having to compromise on design for functionality. Even at its affordable price, this clock is a standout for me.”

Who Needs the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock?

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock is a versatile timepiece that offers both functionality and style. Its non-ticking feature and simple classic design make it suitable for various individuals and settings.

Professionals and Students

  • Office Workers:

    • Enjoy a distraction-free environment with the silent mechanism.
    • Keep track of time during meetings or work sessions with the easy-to-read numbers.
  • Students:

    • Use in study areas or dorm rooms for a quiet study atmosphere.
    • Large, bold numbers help to quickly check the time during study sessions.

Home Use

  • In the Kitchen:

    • Handy while cooking to keep an eye on time without the annoying tick.
    • The 10-inch size is perfect for quick glances without taking up too much space.
  • In the Bedroom:

    • Ideal for light sleepers sensitive to noise thanks to its silent sweep motion.
    • Simple to read at a glance if waking up in the middle of the night.

Special Environments

  • Libraries and Reading Areas:

    • The non-ticking clock promotes a peaceful reading environment.
  • Healthcare Facilities:

    • Suitable for patient rooms or consultation areas where silence is golden.
  • Yoga Studios and Spas:

    • Enhances a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere with its quiet operation.

Design and Decor Lovers

  • Minimalists:
    • The clock’s simple black and white design fits the minimalist aesthetic perfectly.
  • Classic Design Enthusiasts:
    • A timeless piece that complements any decor style.

Practical Gift Givers

  • Housewarming Gifts:
    • A practical and thoughtful gift that is both functional and stylish.
  • Business Gifts:
    • An excellent corporate gift that is practical for any office setting.

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock serves as a multi-functional piece that not only tells time but does so in the most unobtrusive manner, making it an excellent option for practically anyone who appreciates practicality melded with simplicity.

Tips and Tricks

To ensure your AKCISOT wall clock remains a reliable timekeeper and retains its aesthetic appeal for many years, follow these maintenance tips and tricks:

Installation and Placement

  • Proper Mounting: Utilize the hooks provided for secure installation to prevent falls which could damage the clock mechanism.
  • Choosing the Right Location:
    • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure may fade the black and white color scheme.
    • Humidity and Temperature: Place the clock in an area with stable temperature and low humidity to protect the mechanism and appearance.

Battery Care

  • Regular Battery Replacement:
    • Check Annually: Make it a habit to check and replace the battery annually, even if it hasn’t run out, to prevent battery leakage that could damage the clock.
    • Use Quality Batteries: Invest in high-quality alkaline batteries for longer life and consistent performance.

Cleaning and Dusting

  • Regular Dusting:
    • Soft Cloth: Wipe the face and body of the clock with a soft, dry cloth to avoid scratching the surface.
    • Gentle Cleaning: For more thorough cleaning, use a slightly dampened cloth with water or glass cleaner, but avoid letting moisture get inside the clock.

Quieting Operation

  • Silencing Whispers: On the rare occasion you notice a slight noise:
    • Check the Battery: A low battery can sometimes cause the mechanism to emit noise; a fresh battery can return it to silence.
    • Level the Clock: Ensure the clock is hanging perfectly vertical to prevent any potential for added noise.

Mechanism Maintenance

  • Gentle Handling: When setting time, move the hands in a slow and gentle manner to avoid stressing the clock’s movement.

Functional Monitoring

  • Accuracy Checks:
    • Regularly Check Time Accuracy: Compare the time with an accurate source to ensure the clock maintains its accuracy.
    • Adjustments: If you notice time discrepancies, a simple adjustment or battery change usually rectifies the issue.

Longevity Tips

  • Protected Environment:
    • Keep Away From Vibrations: Don’t hang the clock on walls where heavy traffic, loud machinery, or frequent door slams could cause vibrations.
    • Avoid Chemical Exposure: Keep the clock away from harsh chemicals or solvent exposure during household cleaning.

With these tips, you can enjoy the uninterrupted service and elegant presence of the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock as a timeless component of your office or home decor.

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The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Wall Clock emerges as a stellar option for those in search of a silent, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing timepiece for various settings, be it an office, home, or educational environment. This review has delved into the functional elegance of the clock’s design, the reliability of its non-ticking mechanism, and the ease of its readability, all packaged in a classic black and white motif that complements any decor.

We’ve also explored the practicalities that make the AKCISOT Wall Clock stand out – from its silent operation that fosters a distraction-free environment to its refined yet simple design that aids in seamless integration into daily life. Additionally, maintenance tips have been provided to aid in extending the longevity of the clock, ensuring that it remains a dependable part of your routine for years to come.

With positive customer feedback and a competitive edge in its quality and design, the AKCISOT Wall Clock proves to be more than just a tool to keep track of time; it’s an addition to your space that promises silence, precision, and style. Whether for professional use or personal preference, this wall clock is sure to meet the demands of those who prioritize function and form.

This AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Analog Small Classic Office Room Wall Clock Review affirms that if you’re in the market for a wall clock that promises to deliver quiet operation, minimalist charm, and reliable functionality, the AKCISOT Wall Clock is a choice worth considering.


Q: What size is the AKCISOT Wall Clock? A: The clock is 10 inches in diameter, which makes it a great size for visibility across a room without being too large for smaller walls.

Q: Is the AKCISOT Wall Clock noisy? A: No, it features a silent non-ticking sweep movement. You won’t hear any annoying ticking sounds, making it ideal for quiet spaces like office rooms, bedrooms, and libraries.

Q: What style is the clock? A: The AKCISOT Wall Clock has a classic style with a modern touch, showcasing a simple clean clock face and big numerals for easy reading. Its design allows it to blend neatly into almost any room décor.

Q: What power source does the clock use? A: The clock is battery-operated, requiring only a single AA battery to function, which makes it convenient and portable.

Q: Is the AKCISOT Wall Clock easy to read? A: Yes, it is designed with big numerals and clear display which provides great readability. This feature is particularly helpful for individuals with visual impairments or when viewing from a distance.

Q: Can this clock be used in the bathroom? A: The AKCISOT Wall Clock can be used in the bathroom. However, ensure that it is placed in a dry area as it’s not specified to be waterproof.

Q: What comes in the box with this clock? A: Upon purchase, you will receive the AKCISOT Wall Clock and two hooks for easy mounting.

Q: Does the clock come with a warranty? A: The product listing doesn’t specify a warranty. However, AKCISOT tends to test their clock movements thoroughly before sale, indicating a level of quality assurance.

Q: What if I need to use this clock in a country outside the US? A: The clock is battery-operated so it can be used internationally. There’s no need for an adapter or voltage compatibility check, which you would require for items with electrical plugs.

Q: Is the clock currently available for purchase? A: At the moment, the clock is listed as unavailable on the Amazon page. Unfortunately, there is no information on when it might be back in stock.

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