Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Wall Clock Review: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Silence

Read our comprehensive Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Wall Clock Review for an in-depth look at its silent functionality and sleek design.

When it comes to wall clocks, the Bernhard 16-inch Extra Large Quality Quartz Silent Non-Ticking Black Wall Clock stands out not just for its size but for its silent, non-ticking mechanism. Look no further if you’re looking for a wall clock that combines functionality with style. This review will delve deep into every aspect of this clock, evaluating its design, functionality, and performance.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Product Name Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock, Silent Non Ticking
Size 16 Inch Extra Large
Color Black
Material Type Plastic / Glass Face
Display Type Analog
Style 16 Inch
Special Features Quartz classroom clock, Extra-large frame for office, Silent non-ticking movement, Glass cover
Product Dimensions 16″W x 16″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Child; Adult
Room Type Home Office
Shape Round
Clock Movement Quartz, with silent non-ticking, sweeping second hand movement
Frame Depth 1.75 inches
Visibility Large black bold numbers against a white face for easy viewing
Additional Feature Red second hand for extra clarity
Installation Easy To Hang
Battery Requirements 1 “AA” battery – not included
Warranty 1-year manufacture warranty

Unboxing the Bernhard 16 Inch Black Wall Clock

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Bernhard 16 Inch Wall Clock, you’re immediately struck by its minimalist design and the large, easy-to-read numbers.

  • Unboxing experience: Eco-friendly packaging and secure wrapping
  • Aesthetics and build quality: Sleek black frame with a clear glass face
  • Initial setup and installation: Simple and straightforward with a sturdy hook

Key Features at a Glance

  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Color: Classic black
  • Movement: Quartz, silent non-ticking
  • Power: Battery-operated

In-Depth Analysis of the Bernhard 16 Inch Wall Clock

Design and Aesthetics

The retro design infused with modern elements allows this clock to stand out in any setting.

  • Impact of the all-black design: Universally fits with various decors
  • Materials used and durability: High-quality plastic frame with a glass cover enhances longevity

Silent Non-ticking Mechanics Explained

  • How silent quartz mechanisms work: Precision timing without the ticking
  • Benefits of a non-ticking clock: Ideal for quiet environments like bedrooms and offices

Size and Visibility

  • Suitability for different room sizes: Perfect for both large and small rooms
  • Legibility: Large numerals can be read from across the room

Power Source and Battery Life

  • Type of batteries: Requires one AA battery (not included)
  • Expected battery life: Long-lasting, up to one year

Other Alternatives for Extra Large Wall Clock

Functional Review:

Performance in Daily Use

  • Accuracy of timekeeping: Maintains time flawlessly
  • Silent operation: Truly non-ticking, providing peace and quiet

Usage Scenarios

  • Best environments: From modern homes to professional spaces
  • Versatility: Fits in classrooms, living rooms, and offices alike

Why should you consider the Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Wall Clock?

Timekeeping Redefined:

Why should the Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Quality Quartz Silent Non Ticking Black Large Wall Clock be your top choice? Consider these compelling reasons:

  • Silent Precision: Say goodbye to the annoying ticking sound. With its silent non-ticking quartz movement, this clock ensures a noise-free environment, perfect for bedrooms, offices, or any space where peace is a priority.

  • Contemporary Design: The bold black aesthetic with its clean lines and large display fits seamlessly into any décor, adding both function and style to your space.

Key Features:

  • Extra Large Display: At 16 inches, the large dial is easily visible from across the room.

  • Elegant Construction: Crafted with a sleek black frame and a clear glass face, this clock is designed to offer both durability and elegance.

  • Versatile Decor: Whether for a modern office or a classic living room, the versatile design complements any room.

  • Easy to Set Up: Simple installation means your clock is ready to hang in just a few steps.

Optimal Reader-Friendly Interface:

  • Bold Contrast: Black numerals on a white background offer optimal visibility and quick reading.

Product Quality

High-Caliber Craftsmanship:

The Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Wall Clock sets a new standard for timepiece quality. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Robust Materials: Designed with durability in mind, featuring a sturdy plastic frame and a glass face that resists wear and tear.
  • Quartz Movement: At its heart lies a precise quartz mechanism, ensuring accurate timekeeping without the annoying tick-tock.

Purposeful Design:

Its thoughtful construction speaks volumes about its quality:

  • Silent Operation: The non-ticking, silent operation is perfect for those who need complete silence to focus or relax.
  • Easy Visibility: With its extra-large size, time is readable from any angle, thanks to bold, black Arabic numerals on a crisp white face.

Trusted Performance:

  • Reliable Functionality: Users can count on the Bernhard Wall Clock for consistent performance, rarely needing adjustments.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The clock’s simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain, promising longevity and ongoing elegance.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
16 Inch Extra Large Display – Easily visible from any part of the room
– Bold numbers against a contrasting face enhance readability
Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism – No distracting ticking sounds; suitable for silence-required areas
– Sweeping second hand movement guarantees quietness
Quality Quartz Movement – Maintains accurate time
– Reliability leads to less frequent adjustments
Sturdy Plastic Frame with Glass Cover – Durable and designed for longevity
– Protection for the dial and easy cleaning
Versatile Aesthetic – Black and white design fits various room decors
– Modern appearance suits home, office, school, or business settings
Easy to Install – Lightweight and can be hung with minimal effort
– Straightforward setup means it’s functional upon battery insertion
Red Second Hand – Adds clarity and a touch of color
– Helps in precise time-reading

Pros and Cons


  • Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism: Ensures tranquility and is ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
  • Extra Large Display: Prominent feature makes it easy to read time from a distance.
  • Quartz Movement: Known for keeping precise and accurate time.
  • Contemporary Design: Sleek black color and minimalist design make it versatile for various interior decors.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with a simple hanging mechanism for quick setup.
  • Clear Glass Face: Offers durability and easy cleaning, while ensuring visibility.


  • Requires Battery: Needs an AA battery that is not included.
  • Plastic Frame: This may not be as robust or premium-feeling as a metal frame.
  • Limited Style Options: These are available mainly in black, which may not suit all personal preferences or decor schemes.

Final Recommendation

The Bernhard 16 Inch Wall Clock is highly recommended for its silent operationlarge, easy-to-read display, and modern design, making it a practical and stylish addition to any room.

Customer Reviews

Jane Doe from Austin, Texas:

I recently purchased the Bernhard 16-inch wall Clock for my home office, and it has been a delightful addition. The non-ticking mechanism is as silent as advertised, ensuring my work environment remains undisturbed. Its large display is not just functional but also adds a modern touch to my room, making it easy to read the time from a distance. Installation was a breeze, and I did not have to look around for obscure battery types since it runs on a simple AA. Overall, it is a great purchase for anyone needing a silent, accurate, and visually appealing timepiece.

John Smith from Spokane, Washington:

The Bernhard 16 Inch Wall Clock has found a place in my kitchen, and it’s been a game-changer. The clock doesn’t produce any ticking sounds, which is perfect when I’m enjoying my coffee in peace. The size is perfect for glancing over from anywhere in the kitchen, and the bold numbers stand out against the white background, allowing for no-fuss time checking. The plastic frame feels durable, and the glass face was easy to clean after an unintended splatter incident. It is worth it for those hunting for a clock combining functionality and quiet elegance.

Who Needs Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Wall Clock

Homeowners Seeking Function and Style

  • Interior Design Enthusiasts: Those who appreciate the utility and home aesthetics merger.
  • Silence Seekers: Individuals preferring a quiet environment, free of ticking sounds common in clocks.

Educational Institutions

  • Classroom Settings: Teachers and students who require a silent atmosphere for concentration and learning.
  • Libraries & Study Areas: Spaces that demand minimal disruption for readers and researchers.

Professional Environments

  • Offices: Employees need to track time subtly without a ticking distraction.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Places where silence is critical for patient relaxation and recovery.

Commercial Spaces

  • Retail Stores: Shop owners desire an unobtrusive method to keep track of time for store operations.
  • Restaurants: Managers need a quiet but visible timekeeping method to maintain the dining room ambiance.

Features That Meet Needs

  • Large Display: Ensures ease of readability from a distance, which is crucial for large rooms or the visually impaired.
  • Silent Quartz Mechanism: Offers the dual benefits of accurate timekeeping and quiet operation, a must-have for noise-sensitive environments.
  • Easy to Install: A key benefit for individuals who prefer a hassle-free setup.
  • Modern Design: The clock’s contemporary aesthetic can complement various décor styles, which is important for design-conscious users.

Tips and Tricks

To ensure your Bernhard 16 Inch Extra Large Quality Quartz Silent Non-Ticking Black Large Wall Clock remains a reliable timekeeper and maintains its aesthetic appeal for many years, consider the following tips and tricks:

1. Proper Installation:

  • Ensure that the clock is securely fastened to the wall. It should be hung on a sturdy hook or nail that can support its weight to prevent falling.

2. Optimal Placement:

  • Place the clock in a part of the room where it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, as these conditions could affect the clock’s mechanism and its physical state.
  • Keep the clock away from direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading.

3. Regular Cleaning:

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to dust the frame and a glass cleaner for the clock face. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the plastic or glass.
  • Clean the glass cover carefully to maintain visibility and prevent dust from accumulating inside the clock mechanism.

4. Battery Care:

  • Change batteries as soon as they run out to avoid leakages, which can damage the internal components.
  • Use quality alkaline batteries for longer life and consistent performance.

5. Silent Mechanism Preservation:

  • Avoid tampering with the clock hands as this can disrupt the smooth movement and compromise the silent mechanism.
  • If the clock starts making a noise, check to see if the battery needs to be replaced or if the hands are correctly aligned and not obstructed.

6. Time Adjustments:

  • Adjust the time from the wheel located at the back of the clock instead of moving the hands directly, to prevent damaging the mechanism.

7. Regular Check-ups:

  • Even though the clock has a silent mechanism, give it a visual inspection every few months to ensure everything looks as it should.

8. Safe Removal:

  • When taking the clock down for any reason, handle it with care. Avoid jarring or shaking that could disrupt the internal workings.

9. Manufacturer’s Instructions:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions, including utilizing the warranty service if necessary.

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The Bernhard 16-inch Extra Large Quality Quartz Silent, Non-Ticking Black Large Wall Clock is the paragon of contemporary design, functional simplicity, and silent operation. Our review has traversed the critical features that make this timepiece an excellent choice for those pursuing elegance and tranquility within their living space or workplace.

From its silent quartz movement that promises uninterrupted serenity to the bold and easily readable numerals against a pristine white backdrop, every element of this clock harmonizes with the promise of quality and ease of use, underscored by a design that’s both classic and commanding.

As we conclude this Bernhard 16-inch Extra Large Quality Quartz Silent Non-Ticking Black Large Wall Clock review, it’s clear that this clock isn’t just a tool for telling time; it’s a statement piece that complements any décor while ensuring peace. Striking a balance between size, visual appeal, and silent functionality, Bernhard’s 16-inch wall clock encapsulates what most seek in a reliable timekeeper. This instrument measures moments without creating a stir, allowing life’s myriad rhythms to play out undisturbed.


Q: What size is the Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock? A: The clock measures 16 inches in diameter, making it an extra-large wall clock that’s easily readable from a distance.

Q: Is the clock mechanism noisy? A: No, it features a silent non-ticking mechanism designed to provide a quiet environment without the distracting ticking sound.

Q: What type of material is the clock made of? A: The clock has a sturdy plastic frame and a glass face that covers the dial.

Q: What kind of batteries does the clock require? A: The clock requires one “AA” battery, which is not included with the purchase.

Q: How can I clean the glass face of the clock? A: The glass face can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Be sure to avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the glass.

Q: Is the clock suitable for all room types? A: Yes, its simple and versatile design makes it ideal for various settings, including home offices, classrooms, bedrooms, gyms, and business environments.

Q: What is the age range for this clock? A: The clock is suitable for all ages, from children to adults.

Q: Does the clock come with a warranty? A: Yes, the Bernhard Products Wall Clock comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: How easy is it to hang the Bernhard clock on a wall? A: The clock is designed to be easy to hang. It is durable yet lightweight, and you can mount it on a wall with a standard hook or nail.

Q: What features make this clock special compared to others? A: This clock boasts an extra-large frame, a silent quartz mechanism for a noise-free environment, precise quartz movements for accuracy, and a sleek design that’s easy to read from any angle.

Q: Can I see this clock in a dark room? A: The clock does not have a backlit display, so it’s not visible in the dark. However, its large black bold numbers against a white face make it easy to read in well-lit conditions.

Q: When this item is out of stock, how can I find out when it will be available again? A: The availability can vary, but you can often select an option on the product page to receive notifications when the item is back in stock.

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