Kitchen Makeover Alert! Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review

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Read our in-depth Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review to see how it blends style with silent functionality for your space.

Wall clocks are more than just time-telling devices; they are an essential piece of home decor that can complement the look and feel of any room. In this detailed review, we will closely examine the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock, a piece that combines functionality with style.

Product Specifications of Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Feature Specification
Product Name Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock
Dimensions 12 x 12 inches
Shape Square
Display Type Analog
Material Wood, Plastic
Clock Mechanism Quartz
Artwork Watercolor Abstract Painting Marble
Number Type Arabic Numerals
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Batteries Required Yes (1 AA battery not included)
Usage Suitable for living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office
Ticking Silent Non Ticking
Price (refer to the product’s Amazon page for current pricing details)
Additional Features Easy to Read, Easy to Hang, Lightweight


Overview of the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock

The Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock stands out with its blend of functionality and style, ideal for those who appreciate quiet and modern aesthetics in home decor.

Features and Specifications

Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism

The clock features a silent non-ticking mechanism, ensuring that you can enjoy the quiet in any room it’s placed.

Size and Dimensions

Its 12-inch size is perfect for visibility across the room.

Design and Aesthetics

This model boasts a Watercolor Abstract Painting Marble design, which accentuates contemporary homes.

Quality and Durability

Made with engineered wood, it promises durability without compromising on style.

Installation and Setup

The clock is easily mounted on the wall with a nail or hook.

Performance Review

After intensive testing, the Britimes Wall Clock’s accuracy in timekeeping is confirmed to be consistently reliable.

Why Should You Consider the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock?

When selecting the perfect wall clock for your space, the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock is a standout choice for several compelling reasons:

  • Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism: The clock’s silent feature means no more annoying ticking sound, providing a tranquil environment in your kitchen or any room.
  • Perfect Size: At 12 inches, it’s the ideal size for easy readability without overpowering a room’s aesthetic.
  • Stylish Design: With its contemporary Watercolor Abstract Painting Marble artwork, this clock serves as a statement piece that can elevate the decor of any room.
  • Versatile Decor Piece: This wall clock’s design is versatile, making it perfect for a range of rooms, from the kitchen to the office.
  • Easy to Install: Installation is a breeze, which means your wall clock will be up and running in no time.

In essence, the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock marries form and function beautifully, ensuring that it’s not just a time-telling device but an integral part of your home decor.

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Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review Product Quality

When evaluating the product quality of the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock, several features come to the forefront:

Material and Build

  • Engineered Wood Frame: The wall clock boasts a durable engineered wood construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.
  • Artistic Design: With a high-quality print of the Watercolor Abstract Painting Marble, it adds an artistic touch that doesn’t fade over time.

Clock Mechanism

  • Quartz Movement: A reliable quartz mechanism powers the clock, known for its precision in timekeeping.
  • Silent Operation: The non-ticking silent feature reinforces the clock’s high-quality construction, providing a noiseless environment.

Aesthetic and Functional Longevity

  • Versatile Display: An analog display type complements both modern and traditional decor.
  • Endurance: The clock proves to be functional over extended periods, maintaining its silent operation and accurate timekeeping without faltering.

Additional Features

  • Easy Maintenance: The clock’s design and materials require minimal upkeep, retaining its look and functionality with ease.

The Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock excels in both its aesthetic appeal and its operational excellence, making it a high-quality choice for home decor and time management.

Main Key Features and Benefits of Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Key Features Benefits
Silent Non Ticking – Ensures a peaceful environment free from annoying ticking.
Watercolor Abstract Design – Serves as a stylish piece of art, enhancing room aesthetics.
Square Shape, 12 Inch Size – Easy visibility for time-checking, perfect for any room size.
Quartz Movement – Offers precise and accurate timekeeping.
Easy To Hang – Simple setup with minimal installation efforts.
Versatile Usage – Suitable for various settings including living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office.
Lightweight Design – Facilitates easy handling and hanging without the need for heavy-duty wall fixtures.

Pros and Cons of Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock


  • Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism: Ensures a noise-free environment which is perfect for settings where silence is golden.
  • Aesthetic Design: The Watercolor Abstract Painting Marble adds a splash of artwork, making it a dual-purpose decor piece.
  • Versatile Placement: Suitable for a variety of rooms, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office spaces.
  • Quartz Movement: Offers reliable and accurate timekeeping.
  • Easy Installation: Can be quickly and securely mounted on the wall.
  • Good Visibility: The 12-inch size and clear numbers make it easy to read from a distance.
  • Positive User Feedback: Many users on Amazon have rated it highly, indicating a satisfactory customer experience.


  • Limited Color Options: Some consumers may desire more variety in color to match different interior designs.
  • Battery Operated: Requires the occasional replacement of batteries, which could be a minor inconvenience.

Final Recommendation of Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

In conclusion, the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock is a remarkable choice for anyone seeking a blend of functionality, style, and silence. With its sleek design, silent mechanism, and precise quartz movement, it is an excellent addition to any modern home or office. The easy installation and good visibility make it practical, while the artistic Watercolor Abstract Painting design offers an aesthetic appeal. Despite its limitation in color variety and the need for battery replacements, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. This wall clock stands as a solid investment for timekeeping and decor needs.

Customer Reviews of Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Sarah L., Austin, TX
“I have finally found the perfect clock for my home office! It’s silent, so no distracting ticking sounds during my workday. Plus, the abstract design is just beautiful and receives compliments from everyone who sees it.”

Mike D., Seattle, WA
“This clock is a game-changer for my studio apartment. It’s functional and adds an artful touch to my small space. Plus, being a light sleeper, I love that it doesn’t tick loudly.”

Tamara R., Orlando, FL
“I bought this for my kitchen, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so easy to clean, always looks new and keeps time perfectly. The fact that it doesn’t tick is a bonus in a room where we entertain a lot.”

Greg P., Chicago, IL
“Bought this for my daughter who loves abstract art. It’s vibrant without being overpowering and silent, which is perfect for her study sessions. Balances beauty and function perfectly.”

Helen F., San Francisco, CA
“I wanted a non-ticking clock for my bedside table; this one’s perfect! It’s quiet, accurate, and the artwork is soothing. Waking up to this serene piece is a joy every morning.”

Who Needs Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Ideal for Various Users


  • Interior Design Enthusiasts: Those who appreciate a touch of modern art in their home decor.
  • Silence Seekers: Individuals who prefer a noise-free environment, especially in quiet areas of the home.
  • Functionality Admirers: People who value a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical use in home furnishings.


  • Office Setups: Perfect for offices, ensuring a silent atmosphere for concentrated work.
  • Designers and Artists: Adds inspiration to creative spaces with its artistic face design.

Special Situations Demand

Educational Institutions

  • Schools and Libraries: Where silence is golden, this clock is an asset in creating the right learning atmosphere.

Health and Wellness Spaces

  • Clinics and Therapy Rooms: Creates a calm waiting area or consultation room without the distracting ticking sound.
  • Yoga Studios and Spas: Contributes to a tranquil ambiance for relaxation and meditation.

Diverse Room Suitability

  • Kitchen: A practical addition to keep track of cooking times without the tick-tock in the background.
  • Bedroom: Ideal for light sleepers who are sensitive to noise.
  • Living Rooms: Enhances the room decor while providing a silent time-telling utility.

The Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock meets the needs of a wide array of individuals and settings where silence is as important as staying informed of the time.

Tips and Tricks

Proper Installation

  • Wall Mounting: Ensure that the wall clock is securely mounted on the wall with an appropriate hook to prevent falls.
  • Location: Select a spot away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent damage to the clock’s material and mechanism.

Regular Care

  • Dusting: Lightly dust the clock with a soft cloth or a feather duster regularly to keep dirt and dust from accumulating.
  • Handling: When adjusting the time or changing batteries, handle the clock delicately to avoid damaging the hands.

Battery Management

  • Quality Batteries: Use high-quality AA batteries for longer life and to prevent leakage.
  • Timely Replacement: Change the batteries at least once a year to ensure uninterrupted service and to avoid corrosion from battery leaks.

Environment Control

  • Temperature: Keep the clock in a temperature-controlled environment as extreme temperatures can affect battery life and clock operation.
  • Humidity: Avoid placing the clock in overly humid areas to prevent internal damage to the clock mechanisms.

Cleaning Technique

  • Cleaning Solution: For the clock face, use a mild glass cleaner or a damp cloth without solvents.
  • Avoid Water: Don’t use an excess amount of water or any liquid cleaner that can seep into the clockwork.

Longevity Practices

  • Adequate Care: Take the clock to a professional for maintenance if there are any concerns regarding its operation.
  • Safe Transportation: If moving the clock, ensure it’s packed securely with sufficient padding to avoid any internal or external damage.

By following these tips and tricks, the Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock will remain a reliable and elegant timepiece for many years.

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In summing up this Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review, it’s clear that this timepiece stands out as a multifunctional decor essential. It’s not just a clock; it’s a statement of style and a testament to the joys of quiet living. Its silent mechanism ensures peace and tranquility, complementing any room without the constant reminder of time ticking away. The blend of functionality, with its precise timekeeping, and aesthetics, with its sophisticated Watercolor Abstract Painting Marble design, makes it ideal for those who value both form and function in their living or workspace.

This clock caters to a diverse range of needs, from the artist seeking inspiration, the professional craving concentration, to the homeowner looking for a tranquil chic addition to their decor. With proper care and maintenance, as outlined in the tips and tricks section, this clock can remain a timeless treasure within any setting.

The Britimes Square Silent Non Ticking 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock has received praised from customers for its silent feature, sophisticated design, and consistent performance. This clock not only meets expectations but also surpasses them, offering an unrivaled blend of serenity, reliability, and style. Consider this clock not just as an accessory but as an investment into the ambiance and functionality of your personal space.


What material is the Britimes Square Wall Clock made of?

The clock is designed with a blend of wood for a sturdy back and plastic for the clock hands, ensuring durability while maintaining a stylish look.

How do I set up the wall clock after purchase?

Setting up the clock is straightforward. Install a AA battery, set the correct time using the dial on the back, and hang it on a wall hook or nail.

Is the clock mechanism completely silent?

Yes, the Britimes Square Wall Clock features a silent non-ticking mechanism that will not produce any sound, making it ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

Can this clock be used in bathrooms with high humidity?

While the clock is suitable for various rooms, it’s best to avoid excessively humid areas to protect the clock’s mechanism and extend its longevity.

What type of battery does the clock require?

The clock needs one AA battery, which is not included with the purchase. Opt for a high-quality alkaline battery for the best performance.

Does the clock have a glass cover?

This particular model does not mention a glass cover in its specifications. It’s designed for easy readability and an unobstructed view of its unique watercolor abstract artwork.

Can this clock be used for educational purposes?

Absolutely, its clear, easy-to-read numbers make it perfect for classrooms or any educational setting where a silent timepiece is necessary.

Is this clock suitable for outdoor use?

The Britimes clock is intended for indoor use. Outdoor elements could potentially damage the mechanism and artwork.

Will this clock fit well in a small room?

With its 12-inch size and square shape, this clock is versatile enough to complement both small and large rooms without overwhelmingthe the space.

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