FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock Review: Will Blow Your Mind!

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FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock Review

Read our FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock Review for an in-depth look at style, functionality, and customer satisfaction.

When accentuating your office room’s character, few pieces are as impactful as a thoughtfully chosen wall clock. It’s not just a timepiece; it’s a statement of style. In this review, we’ll dive into the FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock, a piece that promises to marry functionality with rustic charm. Whether you’re giving your space a facelift or hunting for that perfect piece to complete your décor, this clock is worth your attention.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Product Name FirsTime & Co. Gray Numeral Windmill Wall Clock
Style Farmhouse, Vintage
Recommended Room Living Room, Home Office
Shape Round
Material Plastic
Size 24 Inches
Color Gray
Shipping Weight $354.79 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Bangladesh
Price $47.74
Availability In Stock
Quantity Limits Up to 30 units
Shipping & Sold By Amazon.com
Return Policy Eligible for Return, Refund, or Replacement within 30 days
Payment Security Secured transaction
Packaging Manufacturer containers might be used to reduce packaging

About FirsTime & Co.

FirsTime & Co. is a brand synonymous with innovative design and impeccable quality. With its American Farmhouse Collection, the brand combines usability and aesthetics to offer pieces that serve purpose while enhancing the visual appeal of living spaces.

  • Established: Year of establishment
  • Product Range: Wall clocks, etc.
  • Design Ethos: A mix of traditional styles with modern functionality

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 24 Inches in Diameter Material: Metal, Glass Battery: Required, not included

Aesthetic Design

The FirsTime & Co. 24-inch Windmill Wall Clock boasts a distinctive American farmhouse style that blends seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary décor.

  • Style: Rustic, industrial
  • Build: High-quality metal, shaped like a windmill
  • Colors: Neutral, to match a variety of color schemes


In terms of functionality, this clock isn’t just a pretty face. It’s built to be a reliable timekeeper.

Time Accuracy: With quartz movement, you can rely on the accuracy of this timepiece. Readability: Large numerals, evident from across the room. Durability: Crafted for longevity, with high-quality materials that endure.

Practical Considerations

When considering a purchase, practicality is key.

Price: Competitive, providing value for the unique design and quality. Installation: Straightforward, with all necessary fixtures included.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Reviews outline customer satisfaction with the clock’s style and function.

  • Average Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Common Praises: ‘Stunning focal point’, ‘Accurate timekeeping’
  • Critiques: Some questions about battery life have been raised.

Decorating Tips

To get the most out of your FirsTime & Co. clock, here are some decorating tips:

  • Placement: Over a mantle or in a central location for maximum visibility.
  • Pairing: Compliment with metallic accents or rustic wood pieces.

Why Choose the First Time & Co. Windmill Wall Clock?

  • Iconic Farmhouse Design: Boasting a windmill silhouette, the FirsTime & Co. 24-inch Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock infuses your office with rustic elegance.
  • Versatile Aesthetic Appeal: Whether your space subscribes to modern minimalism or more traditional decor, this timeless piece complements an array of interior styles.
  • Clear Legibility: Outfitted with large numerals on a 24-inch dial, the clock ensures time is readable from any room corner.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: FirsTime & Co. is known for durable construction, promising a decor investment that stands the test of time.
  • Seamless Integration: It’s not just a clock; it’s a statement piece that anchors your room, drawing attention without dominating the space.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for housewarmings or office upgrades, this clock serves as an exquisite gift that marries functionality with style.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
Large Vintage Design Enhances the room’s aesthetics with an eye-catching vintage touch.
Gray Numeral Windmill Style Offers a chic farmhouse look that complements rustic or country decor themes.
24 Inches in Size Large enough for easy visibility and to make a statement in a room.
Round Shape with Numeral Indicators Classic shape with clear numbers allows for easy time reading from a distance.
Constructed with Plastic Lightweight and easy to hang, while also being sturdy.
Shipping Options Available Can be shipped to various locations including international (e.g., Bangladesh).
Price Point of $47.74 Affordable for most budgets without compromising on style and quality.
Return Policy Eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt for assurance.
Secure Transaction Payment information is protected for customer peace of mind.
Minimal Packaging Ships in manufacturer container to reduce packaging waste.
Availability In stock, ensuring timely delivery and availability for purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile Decor: Its farmhouse design complements various interior styles, from traditional to modern.
  • Readable Display: The large numerals on a 24-inch dial make it easy to read from across the room.
  • Statement Piece: The windmill design offers a unique and attractive focal point for an office or living space.
  • Brand Reputation: FirsTime & Co. is known for its quality craftsmanship and design.
  • Easy Installation: The lightweight plastic construction allows for easy hanging without needing heavy-duty wall mounts.
  • Secure Purchase: Buying through Amazon provides a secure transaction process.


  • Plastic Material: Some may prefer natural materials like wood or metal for a more authentic rustic look.
  • Single Style Option: The specific farmhouse style may not align with all personal tastes and decors.
  • Price Point: Depending on the budget, some may find the clock slightly expensive for its material.

Final Recommendation

The FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock is a charming and functional piece that offers a vintage touch to any room. With its farmhouse style, clear numeral indicators, and substantial size for easy visibility, it balances aesthetic appeal with practicality. This clock is ideal for those who appreciate a rustic look combined with reliable timekeeping.

Customer Reviews

John and Melissa Carter 789 Countryside Vista, Wichita, KS

We recently redecorated our living space and were on the hunt for the perfect wall clock to add a finishing touch. After searching high and low, we came upon the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock and were instantly drawn to its classic farmhouse design.

Upon arrival, the clock was securely packaged, and to our delight, it was even more beautiful in person. The plastic construction is lightweight, making it easy to hang, yet it has a sturdy feel, giving us confidence in its build quality.

Hanging it on our feature wall, the 24-inch size became an instant focal point, gracefully blending with our rustic decor without overpowering the room. The gray finish and numeral design struck a charming balance between old-world allure and contemporary craftsmanship.

This clock isn’t just a pretty face; its functionality shines too. The large numerals are a breeze to read from across the room, which makes it practical for our quick glances to check the time.

Furthermore, the price point made this a savvy addition without breaking the bank, and knowing we could return it if it didn’t meet our expectations (though we never considered it once it was up) gave us peace of mind.

Who Needs the FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock?

Ideal for Home Decor Enthusiasts

  • Individuals passionate about rustic or farmhouse decor
  • Interior designers looking for timeless statement pieces
  • Homeowners aiming to add character to living spaces

Perfect for Office Spaces

  • Businesses wishing to instill a homey feel in their offices
  • Professionals who appreciate vintage aesthetics alongside functionality
  • Workspaces in need of a large, legible time display for convenience

A Great Choice for Gift-Givers

  • Those seeking a unique housewarming gift
  • People looking to give a present that combines style with practical use
  • Anyone wanting to give a memorable and functional gift for special occasions

For Educational and Public Spaces

  • Schools or libraries seeking decor that is both functional and inviting
  • Community centers wanting to enhance the environment with decorative pieces

Functional Art Collectors

  • Collectors and art aficionados who have a penchant for pieces that are both practical and artistic
  • Individuals who enjoy American designed and themed decor items

Tips and Tricks

Proper Installation

  • Ensure the clock is securely mounted on the wall to prevent falling.
  • Use sturdy hooks or nails appropriate for the wall type and clock weight.
  • Place the clock in an area where it is not prone to being bumped or jostled.

Optimal Positioning

  • Keep the clock away from high moisture areas to prevent damage to the materials.
  • Avoid direct sunlight which may fade colors over time.
  • Position the clock where it can be seen easily but away from high traffic areas to minimize the risk of accidental damage.

Regular Cleaning

  • Dust the clock regularly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Occasionally use a slightly damp cloth to clean the surface followed by a dry cloth to avoid water marks.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface of the clock.

Battery Care

  • Change the batteries once a year or when you notice a slowdown in timekeeping.
  • Use high-quality alkaline batteries for better performance and longevity.
  • Remove batteries if the clock will not be used for an extended period to prevent battery leakage and corrosion.

Mechanism Maintenance

  • If the clock starts to lose time, it might be a sign that it requires a mechanical adjustment or professional servicing.
  • Handle the clock gently when adjusting the time to prevent stress on the hands and mechanisms.

Environmental Considerations

  • Avoid placing the clock in areas with extreme temperatures or humidity changes to maintain the integrity of the clock’s materials.


  • If the clock stops or is not keeping the correct time, a simple battery replacement is usually all that is needed.
  • Ensure the hands are not obstructed or touching each other. If they are, gently adjust them.

Long-Term Storage

  • In case the clock needs to be stored, ensure it is wrapped in soft packaging material and stored in a dry and temperature-controlled environment.

By following these tips and tricks, your FirsTime & Co. windmill wall clock will remain a functional and beautiful piece of decor for many years to come.


In wrapping up this comprehensive look into the FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock, it’s evident that this piece is much more than a mere timekeeping device. This wall clock merges aesthetics with functionality, capturing the essence of farmhouse charm and delivering on the promise of quality and visual appeal. The size, design details, and craftsmanship speak to FirsTime & Co.’s commitment to delivering products that become centrepieces in any room.

Whether hung in a cozy office space, complementing the warm ambiance of a living room, or accentuating the decor in a public area, this clock has proven itself to be versatile, reliable, and endearing to those who appreciate the blend of modern and rustic elements. The ease of installation, coupled with its maintenance simplicity, ensures that it remains a steadfast addition to any wall for years to come.

As this review has shown, the FirsTime & Co. 24 Inches Round Numeral Windmill Office Room Wall Clock is much more than just another wall clock. Its thoughtful design, inspired by the classic American farmhouse, offers a style that’s both nostalgic and fresh, making it a perfect fit for various settings and decor preferences. For those looking to enrich their space with a touch of pastoral elegance, this windmill wall clock is a timepiece that is sure to satisfy.

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Q: What is the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock’s size? A: The FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock has a diameter of 24 inches, making it a sizable and noticeable piece of decor for any room.

Q: What style is the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock? A: This clock boasts a farmhouse style, featuring a rustic design that resembles a windmill, which can complement a variety of home decor themes, particularly those with a vintage or country look.

Q: How much does the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock cost? A: The clock is priced at $47.74 on Amazon, not including shipping or import fees if you’re ordering from outside the United States.

Q: What material is the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock made of? A: It is crafted from plastic, designed to give the appearance of a more traditional metal windmill, which allows it to be both lightweight and durable.

Q: Can I have the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock shipped internationally? A: Yes, international shipping is available for the clock, with the listing providing a shipping and import fees deposit estimate for locations such as Bangladesh.

Q: What is the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock’s battery life like? A: While specific battery life isn’t provided, the clock’s battery life is described as good. It’s important to use high-quality batteries to ensure the best performance.

Q: Is the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock available for return? A: The clock is eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt, provided it is returned in its original condition.

Q: How secure is the purchase of the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock online? A: The transaction is secure. Amazon works hard to protect your security and privacy, employing an encryption system for information during transmission and not sharing credit card details with third-party sellers.

Q: Does the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock’s packaging reveal what’s inside? A: The item’s packaging will show what’s inside. It often ships in the manufacturer’s container to reduce packaging. If it’s intended as a gift, you may want to consider shipping it to a different address.

Q: Where can I find the FirsTime & Co. Windmill Wall Clock to add to a wish list or gift list? A: You can find the clock listed on Amazon.com. If there’s an issue adding it to your list, try refreshing the page or checking your internet connection, and attempt again.

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