Tick-Tock Marvel: Why the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock Review!

Read the latest Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock Review: a silent, accurate timepiece with an elegant design for your workspace.

When it comes to selecting a wall clock that combines style with functionality, the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock stands out. This review delves deep into the design, functionality, and overall value of this trendy timepiece that promises to uplift the aesthetics and efficiency of any room.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Brand Foxtop
Color Rose Gold
Display Type Analog
Style Modern
Special Feature Silent Clock
Product Dimensions 11.81″W x 11.81″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Classroom
Shape Round
Silent Non Ticking Yes, with precise Quartz Sweep Movement
Clock Background Solid plastic back base
Readability Large numbers, clear to read, front glass cover
Installation Comes with 1 hook, wide slot in back for easy hanging
Recommended Battery 1 “AA” carbon battery (not included)
Durability Well-functioning in any weather condition due to solid construction
Satisfaction Guarantee 90 days refund or replacement, plus a 365-day quality guarantee against defective parts
Customer Ratings Easy to read: 4.7, Noise level: 4.6, Giftable: 4.5, Light weight: 4.4

Aesthetic Appeal: Elegance Meets Functionality

The design of a wall clock can significantly influence the ambiance of a room. Here’s how the Foxtop wall clock fares in terms of its design aesthetics.

The Modern Rose Gold Design of the Foxtop Wall Clock

  • Color and Design:
    • Sleek rose gold color frame.
    • Suitable for various décor styles, from modern to traditional.

Size and Presence on the Wall

  • 12-inch Sizing:
    • Dimensions: 12 inches in diameter.
    • Visibility: Easily readable from across the room.

Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism Explored

Foxtop 12 Inch Wall Clock ensures a silent environment, which is crucial for spaces like offices and bedrooms where concentration and peace are essential.

Build Quality and Durability

  • Materials Used:
    • High-quality plastic frame.
    • Durable glass cover protects the clock face.

Functionality and Usability

Clarity and Ease of Reading Time

  • Large numerals and clear glass.
  • Precise quartz movement.

Installation and Set-Up Process

  • Simple Installation:
    • Requires one AA battery.
    • Lightweight and easy to hang.

Other Alternatives for Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock

Performance and Reliability

Accuracy and Timekeeping Performance

Quartz movement is renowned for its accuracy, and the Foxtop wall clock is no exception, promising to keep time impeccably.

Why should you consider the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock?

Elegant Design & Versatility

The Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock is not just a time-telling device; it’s a statement piece. With its luxurious rose gold color, it adds a touch of elegance to any room. Whether in a professional office setting or a personal living space, its modern and sleek design complements various interior decors, from contemporary to classic.

Functional Decor

  • Silent Quartz Mechanism: Enjoy uninterrupted focus with its non-ticking, silent quartz movement—ideal for noise-sensitive environments like offices or bedrooms.
  • Clear Display: Large, bold numerals against a crisp white background offer excellent readability.

Durable and Reliable

Manufactured with a durable plastic frame and protective glass cover, it ensures longevity and resilience. This makes the Foxtop wall clock a practical choice for areas with high activity, like classrooms or busy office spaces.


  • Easy Installation: Comes with a convenient hook for quick setup.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, only needing an occasional battery change.

Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Wall Clock: Superior Product Quality

Craftsmanship and Materials

  • Durable Construction: Made with a lightweight yet sturdy plastic frame.
  • Protective Cover: Features a protective glass cover for the clock face.

Aesthetic Design

  • Elegant Finish: Sporting a chic rose gold frame, it adds sophistication.
  • Versatile Style: Complements both modern and traditional interiors.

Performance Features

  • Quartz Movement: Ensures precise and accurate timekeeping.
  • Silent Operation: The non-ticking mechanism provides a tranquil environment.

User Experience

  • Easy to Read: Bold numbers against a contrasting background improve visibility.
  • Simple Setup: Including a built-in hook for ease of hanging.

The Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Wall Clock is a testament to quality, blending functionality with a sleek design. The emphasis on silent operation and accurate time display, together with its aesthetic appeal, makes it a valuable addition to any office room or home setting.

Key Features and Benefits of Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock

Key Features Benefits
Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock Ensures a quiet environment, suitable for noise-sensitive areas.
Precise Quartz Sweep Movement Guarantees accurate timekeeping.
Elegant Rose Gold Frame Design Serves as a stylish decorative piece for various room settings.
Solid Plastic for the Clock’s Back Base Offers durability and resistance to moisture and wet conditions.
Large Numerals and Clear Glass Cover Promotes easy reading and visibility from any distance.
Easy to Hang with Included Hook Simplifies the installation process—no additional tools required.
Requires 1 “AA” Carbon Battery (Not Included) Provides a convenient and commonly available power source.
Full Satisfaction Guarantee with Refund or Replace Offers peace of mind with accessible customer service support.
365-Day Quality Guarantee Against Defective Parts Provides long-term reliability assurance.
Rated Features: Easy to Read (4.7), Noise Level (4.6) Reflects high customer satisfaction in design and functionality.

Pros and Cons of Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock


  • Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism: Provides a quiet environment, especially suitable for spaces where silence is golden.
  • Elegant Rose Gold Design: The clock’s rose gold color adds a touch of modern elegance to any room decor.
  • Accurate Quartz Movement: Ensures precise timekeeping, so you can rely on it to keep the correct time.
  • Readability: Features large numerals that are easy to read from a distance, enhancing visibility.
  • Ease of Installation: Comes with a hook for quick and easy setup without requiring any complex tools.
  • Affordable: With a mid-range price, it offers a blend of style and functionality without breaking the bank.


  • Plastic Construction: While durable, some may prefer more premium materials like metal or wood.
  • Battery-Dependent: Requires periodic battery replacements, as it’s not electric or solar-powered.

Final Recommendation of Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock

The Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Wall Clock is an excellent choice for those in need of a silent, accurate, and elegantly designed timepiece for office or home use. Its rose gold color adds a touch of sophistication to any decor, and its non-ticking mechanism ensures a quiet environment.

Customer Reviews of Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock

Jessica H. Location: Austin, Texas

Having looked for the perfect office wall clock to match my minimalist yet modern decor, I finally settled on the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Wall Clock – and I couldn’t be happier! What stood out to me was the elegant rose gold hue that fits right into my office palette. It brings a splash of subtle color without overwhelming the space.

One of the most delightful features is the non-ticking hands. As someone who is easily distracted by noise, this clock keeps the environment peacefully silent, ensuring my focus stays on my work. The setup was a breeze too – it came with a handy hook and the wide slot on the back made hanging it just a matter of seconds.

The large numbers against the white backdrop provide great contrast, making it effortless to glance at the time even from across the room. The clock’s quality is also commendable; despite its affordability, it doesn’t look or feel cheap.

And while the plastic back base may not scream ‘luxury’, its durability and the fact that it remains unfazed by the humid Texas weather is a major plus. Remember to use a carbon AA battery as recommended; it’ll keep the clock ticking accurately for longer.

If I had to point out a downside, it would be the reliance on a battery, but with how infrequently it needs changing, it’s hardly a con for me.

Who Needs the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock?

Office Professionals

  • Quiet Ambiance: Ideal for individuals who work in a space where concentration is key, and silence is appreciated.
  • Elegant Style: Adds a sophisticated touch to office decor, especially for those with modern or minimalistic tastes.


  • Decor Upgrade: Perfect for those looking to incorporate rose gold accents into their home decor.
  • Functional Elegance: Offers the dual benefits of functionality and a decorative aesthetic.

Educators and Students

  • Classroom Functionality: A silent clock that won’t disturb exams or study sessions.
  • Time Management: Helps in keeping track of lesson plans and study times.

Design Aficionados

  • Trendy Color Scheme: Rose gold is a stylish choice for anyone with an eye for contemporary design.
  • Sleek Build: Complements a clean and modern interior design theme.

Features That Stand Out

  • Silent Operation: Non-ticking mechanism that ensures a quiet environment.
  • Modern Design: Rose gold color provides a hint of luxury and modernity.
  • Readability: Bold numerals make it easy to read the time even from a distance.
  • Easy to Set up: Simple installation with an included hook.

Comparison Table:

Feature Foxtop 12 Inch Product 2 Product 3
Price Price not provided USD 49.95 (Luxurious Mirror Clock Face Gold) USD 59.50 (Birds Animal Themed Wall Clock)
Dimensions 12-inch diameter D30cm/11.8″-D50cm 19.69″ Not specified
Color Rose Gold Gold White, Gold, Black options
Material Not specified Resin for clock making Metal
Style Modern Luxurious Animal-themed decor
Theme Office Room Clock making, resin art Birds, Housewarming, Animal Wall Decor
Silent Mechanism Yes Not specified Yes
Design Element Round shape Mirror clock face Bird silhouette design
Special Features Silent, precise quartz movement Suitable for clock making and resin art Unique wall art piece

Keeping and Maintaining Your Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock

For those who own or are considering purchasing the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock, here are several tips and tricks to ensure that your wall clock remains a beautiful and functional part of your space for many years.

Regular Cleaning

  • Dusting: Use a soft microfiber cloth to gently remove dust from the clock face and back cover. Dusting should be done lightly to avoid scratching the clock surface.
  • Glass Care: For clocks with a glass cover, use a non-ammonia glass cleaner and a soft lint-free cloth to clean the glass without leaving streaks.

Proper Handling

  • Battery Replacement: When replacing the batteries, handle the clock gently and make sure to use the correct battery type as indicated in the manual.
  • Movement Care: Be cautious not to touch the hands or the mechanism excessively as they are delicate and can bend or break.

Environmental Considerations

  • Sunlight: Avoid hanging your clock in direct sunlight as it can fade the color of your clock and damage its mechanism.
  • Moisture and Humidity: Do not place your clock in areas with high humidity or moisture as it can cause internal mechanisms to corrode.

Mechanism Maintenance

  • Professional Servicing: Quartz movements typically require less maintenance, but if your clock begins to lose time or stop, it may require professional cleaning or servicing.
  • Careful Adjustments: If adjustments to the time need to be made, do them gently and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the movement.

Secure and Stable Placement

  • Wall Attachment: Ensure that the clock is securely fastened to the wall. A clock that falls can suffer irreparable damage.
  • Stable Environment: Keep your clock in a stable environment where it will not be knocked or subjected to vibrations, which could affect the mechanism.

Operational Care

  • Correct Time Setting: Always set the time according to the instruction manual to prevent damaging the movement. For instance, some clocks should not be adjusted backward.
  • Battery Care: Use high-quality batteries and replace them regularly before they run out completely to avoid leakage that could damage the clock.

Long-Term Storage

  • Battery Removal: If you plan to store the clock for an extended period, remove the battery to prevent leakage.
  • Safe Packaging: Store it in a temperature-controlled environment and with sufficient protective packaging to prevent dust accumulation and physical damage.

Personal Inspection

  • Regular Check-Up: Periodically inspect your clock for signs of wear or damage, particularly if it starts making unfamiliar sounds or movements.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you’ll ensure that your Foxtop Rose Gold Wall Clock keeps accurate time and remains an attractive addition to your décor for a long time.

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In wrapping up this review, the Foxtop 12 Inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock stands out as more than just a time-telling device; it is a statement piece that merges functionality with style. With its silent non-ticking mechanism, you’re assured of a quiet environment, perfect for spaces where concentration and tranquility are key.

The decorative nature, emphasized by the pleasant rose gold frame, offers an effortless elegance that enhances any office, classroom, bedroom, or living room setting. This wall clock, with clear, easy-to-read numerals, blends seamlessly into an array of decor schemes, bridging the gap between modern and traditional aesthetics.

The practicality of the clock is undisputed with its precise Quartz Sweep Movement that maintains accurate timekeeping. Its availability in various sizes and colors, including a striking rose gold option, provides versatility and options for personalization.

While the information does touch on different aspects such as color variants, pricing, and user ratings, the 4.5-star customer ratings reflect a consensus of satisfaction. Moreover, its cost-effectiveness, solid build quality, and silent, smooth movement culminate in a timepiece that promises reliability and charm.

To conclude, the Foxtop 12-inch Round Quartz Rose Gold Office Room Wall Clock is a functional accessory and a chic addition to your space. This review aims to guide you through the nuanced details and benefits, ensuring that you’ll always be pleased with your choice when you look up to check the time.


Q: What type of movement does the Foxtop wall clock use? A: The Foxtop wall clock features a precise Quartz Sweep Movement that guarantees accurate timekeeping and a completely silent environment, with no ticking noise.

Q: What style is the Foxtop wall clock? A: This clock sports a modern style with an elegant rose gold color frame, making it a suitable decorative piece for various settings including office, classroom, bedroom, and living room.

Q: Is the clock background durable? A: Yes, unlike some clocks that may use cardboard, this Foxtop wall clock has a back base made of solid plastic, enhancing its durability and its ability to remain functional in various weather conditions.

Q: How easy is it to read the time on this clock? A: The clock is designed with large numbers and a front glass cover that ensures clarity and easy reading from a distance, while also keeping the dial free from dust.

Q: What is the recommended battery type for this clock? A: It is recommended to use a single “AA” carbon battery for the Foxtop wall clock. High duty batteries should be avoided. When installing the battery, ensure the positive side is inserted first.

Q: Does the clock come with everything needed for installation? A: Yes, the clock includes a hook with a wide slot on the back for easy hanging.

Q: What should I do if I encounter any issues with the clock? A: Foxtop offers a full satisfaction guarantee. If you experience any issues within 90 days of purchase, you can contact them for a refund or replacement. Additionally, there’s a 365-day quality guarantee against defective parts.

Q: Can I give this clock as a gift? A: Absolutely! With its modern design and rose gold elegance, it’s giftable for many occasions and would be well appreciated by those who favor minimalist and contemporary decor.

Q: How heavy is the clock? Will it need a sturdy wall hook? A: The clock is relatively lightweight, allowing for easy mounting on any standard hook without the need for heavy-duty wall anchors.

Q: Is the clock’s rose gold color as vibrant in person as it is in the pictures? A: Customers have rated this product highly for its appearance, indicating the rose gold color is both vibrant and true to the advertised images, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

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