Timeless Elegance in Every Tick: Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review Unveiled!

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Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review

Read our Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review for insights on its silent operation, modern design, and seamless timekeeping. Ideal for any home!

The Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock is a modern, non-ticking, battery-operated wall clock that has been gaining popularity. Its sleek design and silent operation make it a perfect addition to any kitchen, enhancing both functionality and style. In this article, we’ll dive deep into its features, customer feedback, and how it compares to other similar clocks on the market.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Product Name Jomparis 12 Inch Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock
Color Gray
Style Modern Simple
Item Dimensions 12 x 12 x 1.7 inches
Item Weight 1.23 pounds
Material ABS Plastic frame, HD Glass cover for dial
Shape Round
Movement Quartz
Operation Battery Operated
Battery Type 1 AA carbon battery (not included)
Special Features Non-Ticking, Silent Sweep Movement
Usage Suitable for Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room etc.
Product ASIN B07TNK97KW
Manufacturer jomparis


Aesthetic Appeal

Design & Appearance of the Jomparis 12 Inch Wall Clock

This clock presents a minimalistic style with a contemporary cement gray dial and stark white numbers, framed by high-quality ABS.

Feature Description
Color Cement Gray with white numbers
Material Durable ABS plastic frame with HD glass cover
Shape Round

How it Complements Kitchen Decor

  • Neutral Colors: Blends with existing color palettes
  • Modern Look: Enhances both traditional and contemporary kitchens

Functionality and Utility

Non-Ticking Mechanism – Peaceful Kitchens

The Jomparis Wall Clock features a silent, non-ticking quartz movement, important for maintaining a quiet kitchen environment.

Accuracy and Battery Life

Powered by AA batteries, the clock’s quartz mechanism ensures accurate timekeeping, with a brand new battery lasting approximately 1 year.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting Up Your Jomparis Kitchen Clock

  • Secure the hook on the wall (hook included)
  • Insert one AA Carbon Battery
  • Set the time and hang the clock using the back slot

Care Instructions for Longevity

  • Cleaning: Gently wipe with a dry cloth
  • Battery Change: Recommend using carbon batteries for longer life

Features and Specifications

Key Features of Jomparis Kitchen Wall Clock

  • Silent Mechanism
  • Modern Design
  • Easy to Read Numbers

Why Consider the Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock?

The Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Wall Clock is a standout timepiece that effectively combines functionality with a sleek modern design, perfect for any kitchen setting. Here are compelling reasons to make this clock a part of your home:

Unobtrusive Modern Design:

  • Sleek Minimalism: Fits with various kitchen styles from contemporary to classic.
  • Neutral Palette: The gray color blends seamlessly with other kitchen decor elements.

Other Alternatives for Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Silent Operation:

  • Non-Ticking Mechanism: Enjoy a peaceful kitchen environment without the distraction of ticking.
  • Smooth Quartz Movement: Ensures consistent time without the noise.

Easy to Read:

  • Clear Numerals: Large white numbers stand out against the gray background, making it easy to read from a distance.
  • Perfect Size: At 12 inches, it’s large enough to see clearly without taking up too much wall space.

Hassle-Free Use:

  • Battery Operated: Convenience of a single AA battery (not included) means no cords or wiring necessary.
  • Simple Set-Up: Easy to hang with an incorporated back slot; set up and start using in minutes.

Choosing the Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock means selecting a clock that is both a practical timekeeper and a stylish accent to your kitchen’s character. Consider it an update that adds a touch of refined simplicity to your daily life.

Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review: Product Quality

When it comes to quality, the Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock not only meets but often exceeds expectations. Its design and functionality demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

High-Quality Materials:

  • Durable ABS Frame: Offers sturdiness without sacrificing style.
  • HD Glass Cover: Ensures clear visibility and protects the dial.

Precision Timekeeping:

  • Reliable Quartz Movement: Provides accuracy in time display, making sure you’re always on schedule.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

  • Modern Design: The sleek design is not just about looks but also about quality craftsmanship.
  • Attention to Detail: Every aspect, from the color tone to the font of the numerals, is chosen to create a harmonious visual experience.

User-Friendly Experience:

  • Silent Sweep Function: The clock operates silently, showcasing its quality mechanism.
  • Long Battery Life: Designed to function for extended periods, ensuring less frequent battery changes.

The Jomparis Wall Clock stands out as a quality purchase owing to its robust build, reliable functionality, and refined aesthetic. It represents an ideal blend of form and function, making it a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.

Key Features and Benefits of Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Key Features Benefits
Non-Ticking Silent Mechanism – Offers a quiet environment perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, or study rooms
Modern Simple Design – Enhances room aesthetics with its sleek style that blends with any decor
Clear Display – Features large numbers for easy viewing from any distance in the room
Accurate Quartz Movement – Keeps time precisely, ensuring reliability and punctuality
Easy Installation – Comes ready to hang with a built-in back slot for quick setup
Battery Operated – Provides convenience, eliminating the need for power cords
Versatile Use – Suitable for a variety of settings beyond the kitchen, including offices, schools, and living rooms
Quality Materials – Constructed with an ABS plastic frame and HD glass cover for durability

Pros and Cons of Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Pros of the Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock:

  • Completely Silent Operation:

    • Its precise quartz sweep movement guarantees accurate time and a silent environment, perfect for noise-sensitive areas.
  • Modern and Simple Design:

    • Featuring a stylish cement gray dial with large 3D white numbers, this wall clock adds a touch of modern simplicity to any decor.
  • Clear to Read:

    • Large white numbers against the gray dial offer easy visibility from across the room.
  • Quality Construction:

    • The white frame is crafted from high-quality ABS, and the HD glass cover ensures a crystal-clear view while protecting the clock face.
  • Versatile Decor Piece:

    • Suited not only for the kitchen but also for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.
  • Easy Installation:

    • A back slot design with one hook included simplifies the wall mounting process.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:

    • Offers a full refund or replacement within 90 days if not satisfied, plus a 365-day quality guarantee against defective parts.

Cons of the Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock:

  • AA Battery Not Included:

    • Requires purchasing an AA battery separately for operation.
  • Single Color Option:

    • Available only in gray, which may not suit everyone’s taste or interior color scheme.
  • No Additional Features:

    • Lacks extra features such as temperature display or a timer function that some users might look for in a kitchen clock.
  • Plastic Frame:

    • Though high-quality, some users may prefer a more premium material for the frame such as metal or wood.

Final Recommendation

The Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock is a functional, silent, and aesthetically pleasing timepiece ideal for modern decor enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity and silence in their environment. With its ease of installation and satisfactory customer service, it’s a commendable choice for those seeking style and practicality.

Customer Reviews

John Doe, Austin, TX:

“I recently purchased the Jomparis 12 Inch Wall Clock for my kitchen. I must say, it’s a game-changer. The non-ticking feature is exactly what I needed for a quiet morning coffee. The modern design is minimalist and fits perfectly with my home decor. Functionality and style? It’s a big win for me!”

Jane Smith, Seattle, WA:

“Adding this clock to my living room was a brilliant decision. The size is just right, the numbers are clear and easy to read, and it’s quite heavenly to not hear any ticking noise. Customer service was helpful too when I reached out with a query. Highly recommend the Jomparis clock!”

Tom Clarkson, Miami FL:

“As an interior designer, I’m always on the lookout for items that blend functionality with sleek design. The Jomparis Kitchen Clock fits this brief beautifully. I’ve recommended it to multiple clients, and it’s become a favorite. The silent sweep movement is a big selling point!”

Lisa Green, Syracuse, NY:

“I needed a clock for our office break room, and the Jomparis clock caught my eye. The silent mechanism means no distracting ticking sound during much-needed downtimes. Plus, it’s stylish! The frame could feel sturdier, but overall, it’s a solid choice.”

Who Needs Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock

The Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock ticks all the boxes for those who desire a mix of classic aesthetics and modern functionality. Here are the individuals and settings that would greatly benefit from this timepiece:

Homeowners and Renters:

  • Design Enthusiasts: Those with an eye for tasteful decor that adds a vintage rustic or sleek modern touch.
  • Silent Seekers: Individuals needing a quiet clock for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where silence is golden.

Professional Spaces:

  • Office Environments: Perfect for workspaces where noise levels need to be kept low for concentration.
  • Conference Rooms: Offers an unobtrusive presence during meetings.

Educational Institutions:

  • Classrooms: Helps maintain a distraction-free zone for students.
  • Libraries: A silent reminder of time without the disruptive ticking sound.

Commercial Establishments:

  • Retail Shops: Complements the shopping experience with stylish timekeeping.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Assists in tracking time for reservations and opening hours in a pleasant manner.

Health and Wellness Centers:

  • Spas and Clinics: Enhances relaxation spaces with its silent movement and calming presence.

The Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock is an essential accessory for anyone who appreciates a harmonious blend of traditional charm and silent, accurate timekeeping. Whether in domestic or commercial settings, this clock serves purpose and style, hand in hand.

Tips and Tricks

Ensuring that your Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock stands the test of time requires a blend of routine maintenance and best-use practices. Here are some expert tips that can help extend the life and performance of your clock:

Handling and Installation:

  • Secure Mounting: Use the included hook to securely mount your clock to avoid falls that could damage the frame or mechanism.
  • Proper Placement: Hang the clock away from direct sunlight, high humidity, or heat sources to prevent warpage or fading.

Power Source Management:

  • Battery Care: Use only fresh, high-quality AA carbon batteries and replace them yearly, to prevent leaks that can damage the clock’s internal components.
  • Battery Removal: For extended periods of disuse, remove the battery to guard against corrosion.

Cleaning and Dusting:

  • Regular Dusting: Gently dust the face and sides of the clock with a soft, dry cloth to avoid the build-up of particles that may eventually get inside the mechanism.
  • Avoid Moisture: Never use wet cloths or harsh cleaning agents, as moisture can seep into the clockwork and cause damage.

Time Adjustments:

  • Clock Hands Care: Move the clock hands clockwise and avoid turning them backward to set the time, as this can harm the movement mechanism.

General Care:

  • Avoid Impact: Keep it out of high traffic areas where it might get knocked or jostled.
  • Direct Checks: Periodically check the clock hands and numbers to ensure they are firmly attached and haven’t come loose.

By adhering to these care instructions, your Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock will remain a reliable and stylish fixture for many years to come.

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In rounding up the discourse on the Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock, it is clear that this timepiece is more than just a device for keeping punctuality. It stands as a testament to how functional accessories can sculpt the tone of a room, merging minimalistic charm with high utility. Distilling the sentiments expressed in a multitude of reviews, it’s evident that this clock’s silent sweep, elegant design, and precision in timekeeping makes it a favorite among those who value tranquility and style.

Furthermore, the clock’s ease of installation, clear display, and dependable build quality corroborate its value for money and makes it a viable option for various settings – be it in a bustling kitchen or a quiet study. This Jomparis 12 Inch Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review serves to reiterate the clock’s standing as a stellar addition to any space seeking a blend of modern aesthetics and practical time management.


Q: What type of style does the Jomparis 12 Inch Wall Clock offer? A: The Jomparis Wall Clock features a modern and simple style, making it an elegant decor piece for a range of interiors including home, office, school, kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

Q: Does the clock make a ticking sound? A: No, it boasts a non-ticking silent mechanism which ensures a quiet environment without the distracting ticking sound associated with traditional wall clocks.

Q: What kind of batteries does this clock use? A: The clock is battery operated and requires one AA battery, which is not included with the purchase.

Q: How is the clock’s time accuracy? A: The Jomparis Wall Clock is equipped with a precise quartz movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

Q: Can this clock be easily read from a distance? A: Yes, the clock features large numerals which are clearly visible, making it easy to read the time from any distance within the room.

Q: What is the frame of the clock made of? A: The clock’s frame is constructed with ABS plastic, which provides a durable yet lightweight structure.

Q: Is there any assembly required upon delivery? A: The clock comes ready to hang with a built-in slot at the back, so no additional assembly is required other than securing a hook on your wall to hang the clock.

Q: Is the glass cover of the clock easy to clean? A: Yes, the clock has an HD glass cover that can be easily wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. It is advisable to avoid using wet cleaners or chemicals.

Q: How do I set the time on this clock? A: Time settings can be adjusted with the dial on the back of the clock. It’s recommended to move the hands in a clockwise direction to set the correct time.

Q: What color options are available for this clock? A: The clock comes in a neutral gray color, which complements a variety of decor themes and color palettes.

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