Big, Bold, and Beautiful: Exploring the JUJUDA 17 inch Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review – A Comprehensive Guide!

Read our comprehensive JUJUDA 17 inch Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock Review to see how it blends style, functionality, and silent operation for your home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and every detail in it matters—not least of which is the wall clock. A timepiece is not just functional but can also serve as a statement piece that perfectly ties together the decor of a room. Today, we’re reviewing the JUJUDA 17 inch Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock, a popular choice for homeowners looking to combine functionality with modern style.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Display Type Analog
Clock Type Wall Clock
Diameter 17 inches
Shape Octagon
Color Black (also available in other colors)
Frame Material Metal with high-temperature lacquer
Dial Material E1 class MDF
Movement Quartz, Silent Non-Ticking
Power Battery Operated (1 AA carbon battery – not included)
Style Modern, Decorative
Room Type Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Outdoor, Indoor
Special Features Large Numerals, Silent Operation, Modern Design


Essential Details of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Wall Clock

At first glance, the JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Wall Clock impresses with its sleek and modern design.

Key Features:

  • Design & Aesthetics: Sporting a metal octagon design with a classic black and white scheme, this clock is sure to elevate any room decor.
  • Materials: Crafted from durable metal with a high-temperature lacquer finish and an E1 class MDF dial, this clock is both sturdy and environmentally friendly.
  • Dimensions: With a 17-inch face, it’s large enough to be easily read from across the room.

Installation and Operation

Installation Guide:

  1. Locate the hanging point on your wall.
  2. Secure the provided hook in place.
  3. Hang the clock carefully.

Battery Installation:

  • Insert 1 AA carbon battery (not included).

Time Setup:

  • Turn the dial knob to set the correct time.

Functional Review

Timekeeping Accuracy: Featuring an original quartz silent movement, this clock promises precision alongside peace day and night.

Noise Level:

  • The clock boasts a Silent Non-Ticking feature, crucial for maintaining a tranquil kitchen environment.


  • The materials used promise longevity, standing up well to the tests of time and usage.

Styling Your Kitchen with JUJUDA Wall Clock

Decor Tips:

  • Match the clock with monochromatic decor for a modern look or with bold colors for a vibrant energy.

Versatility in Placement

Beyond the Kitchen:

  • This clock is suitable for the living room, office, or even outdoors, provided it is kept away from direct moisture.

Why the JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock is a Must-Have

Modern Design:

  • The JUJUDA Wall Clock features a contemporary octagon shape that maintains a sleek aesthetic.
  • The minimalist black and white color scheme allows it to blend seamlessly with any kitchen decor.

Functional Elegance:

  • The clock boasts large numerals that are easy to read from any part of the room.
  • It includes a Silent Non-Ticking quartz movement for a peaceful kitchen environment.

Versatile Decor:

  • Its design is not just for the kitchen but also matches well with other rooms, providing flexibility in placement.
  • With a 17-inch diameter, it serves as a statement piece while not overpowering a room’s aesthetic.

Durable Materials:

  • The clock is made of high-quality metal with a high-temperature lacquer finish, ensuring longevity.
  • Use of E1 class MDF for the dial promotes durability and environmental sustainability.

Choosing the JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock is opting for a mix of style, functionality, and versatility. It is an investment that ticks all the boxes for what a modern home needs in a timepiece.

JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock: A Review of Product Quality

When it comes to the JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock, what stands out is its commitment to quality in both materials and construction. From the precise silent movement to the high-grade materials, this clock is built to be a long-lasting addition to any kitchen decor.

Unmatched Craftsmanship:

  • Sturdy Build: The metal frame is topped with a high-temperature lacquer finish, designed to prevent wear and tear.
  • Eco-Friendly Dial: Constructed using E1 class MDF, the dial not only promises durability but also a sustainable choice.

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Precision Timekeeping:

  • Quartz Movement: Known for its accuracy, the Quartz mechanism ensures that this clock keeps time impeccably without any ticking noise.

Thoughtful Design:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek and modern, it offers an octagon shape and a versatile black color, making it a stylish statement piece.
  • Legibility: Large numerals enhance readability from across the room.

The JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock reflects an excellent merger of function and form, where durable construction meets aesthetic flexibility, ensuring that this wall clock stands out for its quality execution and design.

Key Features and Benefits of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Key Features Benefits
Large 17-inch Display Easily readable from a distance; suitable for larger rooms
Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Movement Provides a quiet environment without any annoying ticking
Modern Octagonal Shape Adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any decor
High-Temperature Lacquer Metal Frame Ensures durability and resistance against wear and tear
E1 Class MDF Dial Eco-friendly material that ensures sturdiness
Easy to Install Can be quickly and securely mounted on any wall
Versatile Aesthetic Suitable for various rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, outdoor
Black and White Color Scheme Neutral colors that blend well with any decor style
Battery Operated (1xAA) Convenient and easy to maintain without the need for wiring
Large Numerals Enhances visibility and adds a modern touch

Pros and Cons of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Pros of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock:

  • Elegantly Designed: Its modern octagonal shape and color scheme enhance any room’s aesthetic.
  • Silent Quartz Movement: Offers precision without the disruptive ticking sound.
  • Large Numeric Display: At 17 inches, the clock is easily readable, even from a distance.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-temperature lacquer metal frame and E1 class MDF dial for longevity.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various settings, from the kitchen to the living room and more.
  • Battery Operated: Convenient and does not require complex installation or wiring.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Utilizes eco-conscious materials in its design.

Cons of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock:

  • Battery Not Included: Requires additional purchase of 1 AA carbon battery.
  • Limited Outdoor Use: Not suitable for outdoor settings where it could be exposed to moisture.
  • No Additional Features: Lacks advanced features like temperature display or alarm functionss.

Final Recommendation of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock

The JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock is a contemporary and chic choice that offers silent operation, clear visibility, and durable craftsmanship. It’s highly recommended for those who value functionality and style.

Customer Reviews of JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock

Sophisticated and Silent – A Kitchen Revelation
Janet S., Austin, TX
“I recently purchased the JUJUDA 17 inch Wall Clock for my kitchen, and it’s been an absolute game changer. Its modern design really complements my stainless-steel appliances. The large numbers are visible from across the room, and the best part is the silent mechanism — no more ticking!”

A Touch of Modern Elegance
Michael D., Seattle, WA
“I was in search of something that wasn’t just practical but also added to the decor of my home office. The JUJUDA clock caught my eye, and it has not disappointed. It’s easy to install, sturdy and the quality is evident. Highly recommend!”

The Perfect Blend of Style and Utility
Sarah G., Miami, FL
“I adore this clock! I never realized how much a clock could tie a room together until I hung this one in my living room. It’s silent, which is great for when I’m reading or working. Plus, it feels well-crafted and looks like it will stand the test of time.”

Stylish Timekeeper for a Busy Kitchen
Oliver P., Chicago, IL
“Between prepping meals and family gatherings, our kitchen is the busiest spot in the house. This JUJUDA wall clock not only looks fabulous but keeps us on schedule without any annoying ticking sound. It’s definitely a solid buy!”

Chic and Reliable – No More Ticking!
Emma T., San Francisco, CA
“I bought this for our guest bathroom, and our guests actually comment on it! They love how chic it looks, and so do we. The silent feature is a great plus, as it keeps the space calm and relaxing.”

Who Needs JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock?

Homeowners with a Flair for Modern Decor:

  • Individuals who appreciate modern aesthetics.
  • Those looking to add a stylish statement piece to their space.

People with Hearing Sensitivities:

  • Individuals who require a non-ticking, silent clock.
  • Ideal for those who prefer a quiet environment.

Kitchen Enthusiasts:

  • Home chefs who need a visible timepiece while cooking.
  • Anyone who spends significant time in the kitchen and prefers a large display to keep track of time.

Office & Commercial Spaces:

  • Professionals seeking a sleek addition to office decor.
  • Businesses that want to incorporate a functional decor element into their premises.

Eco-Conscious Consumers:

  • Shoppers who prioritize environmentally friendly materials like E1 class MDF.

Those with Vision Impairments:

  • Individuals who benefit from the clock’s large numerals for easy reading.


  • Anyone looking for a practical and elegant housewarming or wedding gift.

The JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock caters to a wide range of users, from modern style lovers to eco-conscious shoppers, making it a versatile choice for a multitude of environments and purposes.

Comparisons with Other Wall Clocks

Feature JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock Other Wall Clocks
Design Modern octagonal shape with a minimalist black and white theme Varies widely, from traditional to contemporary
Movement Silent Quartz Movement Often standard ticking mechanisms
Size Large 17-inch display Varies, often smaller
Material Durable metal frame with high-temperature lacquer and E1 class MDF dial Can range from plastic to metal, rarely eco-friendly
Power Battery operated (1 AA carbon battery) Varies, can be battery-operated or require electrical power
Suitability Versatile for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Some may have limitations based on design and functionality
Additional Features Silent operation, large numerals May include additional features like temperature display or alarms, but can also be more basic
Environmental Consideration Utilizes eco-conscious materials Not consistently prioritized by other brands/products

Tips and Tricks

Installation Care:

  • Ensure you hang the clock securely to prevent falls that could damage the frame or mechanism.
  • Use the appropriate wall anchors for your wall type to maintain stability over time.

Battery Maintenance:

  • Replace batteries with high-quality AA carbon batteries to avoid leakage and ensure consistent performance.
  • Check and change the battery regularly, ideally once a year, even if it hasn’t run out to prevent corrosion.

Cleaning Procedures:

  • Dust the clock regularly with a soft, dry cloth to avoid dust accumulation.
  • For the clock face, use a microfiber cloth and if needed, a little bit of glass cleaner to avoid streaks.

Avoiding Moisture and Sunlight:

  • Do not place the clock in areas with high humidity or direct sunlight to prevent damage to the materials.

Temperature Consideration:

  • Keep the clock in a room with a stable temperature to protect the metal frame and internal mechanism.

Regular Check-ups:

  • Inspect the clock occasionally for any signs of wear or damage, and tighten any loose components.
  • Listen for changes in the clock’s movement, as this can indicate a need for repair or battery change.

By following these maintenance tips, your JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock can remain a beautiful and functional part of your home for years to come.

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In summary, the JUJUDA 17 in Decorative Big Kitchen Room Wall Clock merges the elegance of modern design with the peace of silent functionality, making it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their living space. Through this review, we have observed that its sturdy construction, chic aesthetic, and commitment to environmental friendliness place it high on the list for discerning decorators and homeowners.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, office, or any other room, this timepiece not only tells the time but does so with style and grace. The JUJUDA Wall Clock proves itself to be a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of a reliable, silent, and beautifully designed wall clock. With robust customer reviews and a comparison that shows its competitive edge, the JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock is poised to be a timeless addition to any interior.


Q: What style is the JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock suitable for? A: The JUJUDA Wall Clock is designed with a modern and minimalist approach, making it suitable for contemporary kitchen decor, living rooms, and even office spaces. Its versatile look complements various interior styles.

Q: How is the clock powered? A: This clock is powered by a single AA carbon battery. It’s designed for efficient energy use, which should grant it a long life before the battery needs changing.

Q: Is the clock silent? A: Yes, the JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock features a silent, non-ticking Quartz movement, ideal for creating a quiet environment in your home or workplace.

Q: Can this wall clock be used outdoors? A: While the clock is primarily designed for indoor use, its durable build can allow for use in covered outdoor spaces. However, it’s not weatherproof, so it should be kept away from direct exposure to the elements.

Q: What is the size of the clock? A: As the name suggests, the clock measures 17 inches, giving it a substantial presence suitable for a feature wall or as a key piece of room decor.

Q: What type of material is the clock made of? A: The JUJUDA 17 in Wall Clock boasts a high-temperature lacquer metal frame for resilience and an eco-friendly E1 class MDF dial, reinforcing both its durability and commitment to sustainability.

Q: Are the numerals on the clock easy to read? A: Absolutely, the clock is designed with large, bold numerals that can be easily read from across the room.

Q: Is this clock difficult to install? A: Not at all. The JUJUDA Wall Clock is designed for easy installation. All you need is a suitable anchor for your wall and a battery to get it started. No complex set-up required.

Q: What colors does the JUJUDA Wall Clock come in? A: The clock features a chic black and white color scheme, offering a neutral look that can fit in with a wide range of color palettes in home decor.

Q: Is there a warranty or return policy for the clock? A: The details regarding the warranty or return policy should be directly checked on the product’s Amazon page or by contacting the seller, as these policies can often be updated or vary per seller.

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