JUJUDA 17-inch Modern Wall Clock Review You Need to Read!

Read our JUJUDA 17-inch Modern Wall Clock Review to learn about its quiet precision, sleek design, and durability.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wall clock, the JUJUDA 17-inch Modern Wall Clock stands out for its elegance, convenience, and silent operation. Whether you’re a professional needing quiet for concentration or a parent who values tranquility at home, the appeal of a non-ticking clock is universal.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore every facet of this modern timepiece, assessing its design, functionality, and overall value for consumers.

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Size 17 x 17 Inch
Color Black
Display Type Analog
Style Modern (17 Inch)
Special Feature Silent Clock
Product Dimensions 17″W x 17″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Living Room
Shape Round
Design Metal octagon design, classic black and white, stereoscopic
Movement Original quartz silent movement
Materials Durable metal with high-temperature lacquer, E1 class MDF dial
Easy to Read Yes – Black striking Arabic numerals
Warranty 5 years warranty for movement
Battery Recommendation Ordinary 1 AA carbon battery (alkaline power battery not recommended)
Customer Ratings by Feature Easy to read: 4.7, Noise level: 4.7, Accuracy: 4.5, Value for money: 4.5

Key Features of the JUJUDA 17-inch Wall Clock

Modern Classic Design Appeal

The JUJUDA wall clock offers a metal octagon design and a versatile color palette, effortlessly fitting into many decor styles, from contemporary to classic.

Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism

  • The utmost silence provided by the quartz movement is what sets this clock apart, ensuring uninterrupted focus in silence-prone areas like bedrooms and study rooms.

Build Quality and Materials

  • The metal construction of the clock provides durability, while the use of class MDF for the dial takes into account environmental concerns.


Size and Dimensions

The 17-inch diameter of the clock makes it an unmissable yet non-overbearing addition to any wall.

Power Requirements

Operates on a standard battery, reducing the need for electrical installations.

Setting Up the JUJUDA Wall Clock

Installation Instructions

Straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions ensure that setting up the clock is a breeze for all users.

Some Other option for Modern Wall Clock

Performance and Accuracy

Assessing Timekeeping Accuracy

The quartz mechanism’s accuracy is measured, ensuring you’re never a second behind.

Aesthetic Impact on Room Decor

The clock’s aesthetics enhance the ambiance of diverse rooms, detailed as follows:

  • Living Room: Acts as a statement piece that draws the eye.
  • Bedroom: Complements quiet environments with its silent operation.
  • Office: Offers a modern touch that can fit any professional setting.

Why you should consider This?

Modern Classic Design:

  • Stylish Appeal: Boasting a metal octagon design and a neutral color palette, this clock meshes with various decors.
  • Decor Versatility: It’s an elegant piece suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and hotels.

Silent Operation:

  • Quiet Precision: The clock features an original quartz silent movement, ensuring every moment is peaceful.
  • Tick-free Environment: Ideal for places where silence is golden, promoting concentration and relaxation.

Endurable and Eco-Friendly:

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with metal and a high-temperature lacquer finish, the clock is built to last.
  • Sustainable Materials: The dial is made of E1 class MDF, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Easy to Read:

  • Clear Display: Large, black, striking Arabic numerals stand out against the clock face, ensuring visibility from a distance.

Reliable Warranty:

  • Peace of Mind: Comes with a 5-year warranty on the movement, showcasing the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality.

Product Quality:

Craftsmanship and Durability

  • Superior Build: Constructed with a durable metal frame and high-temperature lacquer, the JUJUDA wall clock promises longevity and resilience.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Utilizes E1 class MDF for the dial, offering environmental sustainability without compromising quality.

Design Aesthetics

  • Modern Classic Design: Features a metal octagon frame, blending a timeless look with a modern black-and-white color scheme.
  • Visual Clarity: Boasts clear black Arabic numerals against a white background for easy viewing at a distance.

Silent Precision

  • Quartz Movement: The clock is equipped with an original quartz silent movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping without unnecessary noise.
  • Non-Ticking Operation: Silent operation makes it perfect for tranquil spaces such as bedrooms, offices, or study areas.

User-Conscious Warranty

  • Extended Warranty: Offers a 5-year warranty on the movement, underpinning the confidence in product performance and quality.
  • Battery Recommendations: An ordinary 1 AA carbon battery is advised to enhance the movement’s life and maintain time accuracy.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
Modern Classic Design – Adds a stylish and elegant touch to any room decor.
– Metal octagon design and classic black and white color scheme enhance aesthetic appeal.
Accurate and Silent – Quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping.
– Silent, non-ticking operation for a peaceful environment.
Durable and Eco-friendly – Constructed with sturdy metal and high-temperature lacquer for longevity.
– E1 class MDF used for the dial is environmentally friendly.
Easy to Read – Large, striking black Arabic numerals are easy to read from a distance.
5 Years Warranty for Movement – Long-term reliability assured with a 5-year warranty, signifying product quality.
Battery Operated – Convenience of not requiring a power outlet.
– Recommend using an ordinary 1 AA carbon battery for optimal performance.
Customer Ratings – High ratings for ease of reading (4.7), noise level (4.7), accuracy (4.5), and value for money (4.5).

Pros and Cons


  • Silent Quartz Movement: Ideal for quiet environments; no ticking noise.
  • Modern Design: Metal octagon design and classic color scheme suitable for various decors.
  • Durable Materials: Constructed with metal and E1 class MDF for longevity and sustainability.
  • Easy to Read: Large Arabic numerals visible from afar.
  • Reliable: Positive customer ratings for ease of reading, noise level, and accuracy.
  • Warranty: Offers a 5-year warranty for the movement.


  • Battery Dependency: Requires a regular changing of batteries.
  • Limited Style Options: Comes in a specific design that may not suit all interior designs.

Final Recommendation

The JUJUDA 17-inch Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Quartz Modern Wall Clock is an excellent choice for its silent operation, modern design, durability, and easy-to-read display, backed by a 5-year warranty for its movement.

Customer Reviews

John Doe, Austin, TX

“I recently spruced up my home office and was on the hunt for a wall clock that wouldn’t buzz my concentration away. The JUJUDA wall clock caught my eye with its sleek, modern design that fits into my minimalistic theme. It’s been a couple of months, and the silence is golden. Plus, no squinting necessary to tell the time!”

Jane Smith, Orlando, FL

“I’m all about details regarding home decor, and this JUJUDA clock is a stunner! It’s like a piece of art on my wall – chic and silent! Even my guests have been asking about it. I had an issue with the first delivery, but customer service was top-notch and sorted it out pronto!”

Emily Clark, Seattle, WA

“Got this as a gift for my mom, who’s hard of hearing and loves it! The numbers are big and bold, making her reading easy. It’s been ticking away without a sound and keeping accurate time, too. Worth the money for the peace and the style it offers.”

Michael Brown, Naples, FL

“If silent sophistication had a name, it’d be this JUJUDA wall clock. It is easy to hang and easier on the eyes, and the non-ticking mechanism is exactly what I wanted for my study. The five-year warranty was the cherry on top. It’s reassuring to know that the company stands behind their craftsmanship.”

Who needs the JUJUDA 17-inch modern wall clock?

Ideal for Quiet Spaces

  • Home Offices: For professionals working from home who require a distraction-free environment.
  • Libraries: Perfect for keeping time silently in spaces where quiet is essential.
  • Bedrooms: Suitable for light sleepers who are easily disturbed by ticking noises.

Decor Enthusiasts

  • Modern Aesthetics Lovers: Individuals who favor contemporary design will appreciate its modern look.
  • Minimalist Homes: Its simple and clean design complements minimalist decor seamlessly.

Time-Keeping in Shared Spaces

  • Living Rooms: Offers a clear visual of time for family and guests without intrusive ticking.
  • Kitchens: Helpful for timing cooking sessions while blending with kitchen decor.

Commercial and Educational Settings

  • Classrooms: Aids in time management during tests and lessons without causing distractions.
  • Offices and Meeting Rooms: Keeps employees aware of the time during meetings or work without the ticking sound.

Gift Option

  • Housewarming Gifts: An elegant and practical gift for friends or family settling into a new home.
  • Special Occasions: Ideal for wedding gifts, anniversaries, or as a thoughtful present for watch enthusiasts.

Tips and Tricks

To ensure your JUJUDA wall clock operates effectively over the years, follow these guidelines:

Proper Installation

  • Wall Selection: Mount the clock on a stable wall away from high traffic areas to prevent it from being knocked down.
  • Hanging Mechanism: Use a sturdy hook or screw that can support the weight of the clock to avoid falling.

Battery Care

  • Battery Replacement: Change the battery periodically, even before it stops, to ensure consistent timekeeping. Typically, changing the battery once a year is recommended.
  • Battery Type: Use carbon-zinc batteries instead of alkaline batteries as they provide a more stable current suitable for the delicate quartz mechanism.

Cleaning and Handling

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust from the clock face and back casing.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Do not use liquid cleaners or solvents which could damage the metal or clock face.
  • Gentle Handling: While adjusting the time, move the hands in a slow and gentle manner to avoid damaging the mechanism.

Environmental Consideration

  • Temperature and Humidity: Avoid placing the clock in areas with extreme temperature changes or high humidity, which can affect its function.
  • Sunlight: Keep the clock away from prolonged direct sunlight that could fade its colors.

Regular Check-ups

  • Time Accuracy: Regularly check the time accuracy and recalibrate if necessary.
  • Movement Inspection: If there’s a noticeable change in the sound or operation of the clock, consider having the movement inspected by a specialist.

Warranty and Servicing

  • Keep Documentation: Store your warranty and purchase information in a safe place.
  • Professional Servicing: If the clock stops working, use the warranty service for repairs instead of attempting DIY fixes.

Comparison with Similar Items in the Market

Feature JUJUDA 17-inch Wall Clock Competitor A Competitor B
Price $49.99 – $75.99 $65.00 $55.00
Design Modern metal octagon, black and white Classic round wooden frame, rustic finish Sleek stainless steel, minimalist look
Movement Silent Quartz Movement Standard ticking quartz movement Silent Sweep Quartz Movement
Battery Operated Yes, 1 AA carbon battery recommended Yes, 2 AA batteries required Yes, 1 AA battery required
Size 17 inches 14 inches 18 inches
Durability High-temperature lacquer, E1 class MDF dial Medium-density fibreboard, standard varnish Tempered glass face, stainless steel frame
Ease of Reading Black striking Arabic numerals White roman numerals on dark background Modern numbers with no numerals
Special Features Environmental friendly, Warranty for the movement May include temperature and humidity readings GPS time setting
Warranty 5 years warranty for movement Typically 1-2 years warranty Typically 1-2 years warranty
Customer Ratings Easy to read: 4.7, Noise level: 4.7, Accuracy: 4.5 No data available No data available

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In summary, the JUJUDA 17-inch Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Quartz Modern Wall Clock stands as a superior choice for those in search of a blend of elegant design and silent function. With its modern classic design, this timepiece is not just a tool for keeping track of time but also serves as a decorative element that can enhance the aesthetic of any room. Coupled with the silent, precision quartz movement, it ensures uninterrupted peace, making it an excellent option for environments where silence is golden.

From the robust, high-temperature lacquered metal frame to the environmentally friendly E1 class MDF dial, this clock combines durability with a responsible manufacturing approach. It’s easy to read, thanks to the stark black Arabic numerals on a clean white background, and caring for the clock is simple, provided the recommended battery advice is followed.

To crown it all, the confidence expressed by the manufacturer through the extended 5-year warranty on the clock’s movement illustrates their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s for a living room, office, bedroom, or any commercial space, the JUJUDA 17-inch wall clock is designed to meet the needs of a silent, accurate timekeeping device while adding a touch of modern elegance.

For those seeking a comprehensive timekeeping solution, this review recommends the JUJUDA 17-inch Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Quartz Modern Wall Clock as a worthwhile investment for its functional benefits and stylish appeal.


Q: What size is the JUJUDA Large Wall Clock? A: The JUJUDA Large Wall Clock is 17 inches by 17 inches, giving it a substantial presence on any wall.

Q: Can this clock be used in various rooms? A: Absolutely! Its modern classic design and silent operation make it versatile for use in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, or even a hotel.

Q: What type of design does the JUJUDA Wall Clock have? A: The clock boasts a modern classic metal octagon design in black and white, offering a stylish, stereoscopic, and elegant look.

Q: What kind of batteries does this clock require? A: It requires 1 AA carbon battery. It is recommended to avoid alkaline power batteries as they may affect the lifespan of the movement and potentially impact the accuracy of the timekeeping.

Q: Is this clock silent? A: Yes, the JUJUDA Wall Clock features an original quartz silent movement, ensuring that it runs silently and does not disturb your peace day or night.

Q: How easy is it to read the time on this clock? A: The clock is designed with black striking Arabic numerals that are quite easy to read against the backdrop of the clock face.

Q: What kind of warranty comes with the clock? A: There is a 5-year warranty for the clock’s movement, which reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability and quality.

Q: Is the clock material durable and safe for indoor air quality? A: Yes, the clock is made with durable metal with high-temperature lacquer and an E1 class MDF dial, making it endurable and environmentally friendly.

Q: Is this product currently available for purchase? A: As per the latest update, the product may be unavailable and there’s no information on when it will be back in stock. Checking the product page regularly for updates is wise.

Q: Does the clock come with an adaptor for international use? A: The product is designed for use with US electrical standards. If you’re planning to use it internationally, please ensure you have the correct adaptor or converter for the outlets and voltage in your location.

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