Revolutionize Your Space: The KEQAM 24-inch Large Modern Wall Clock Review – Timeless Elegance with a Twist!

“Read our KEQAM 24-inch Large Modern Wall Clock Review to find out how this elegant and silent timepiece can enhance your home’s ambiance.”

Discover the blend of elegance and precision with our in-depth KEQAM 24-inch Large Modern Wall Clock Review. This modern timepiece is not just a mere accessory; it’s a statement piece that complements your interior décor, bringing a touch of sophistication to any room.

Timekeeping can be as much about style as it is about functionality, and the KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock proves just that. Designed to be a focal point of any room, this clock combines the traditional with the modern, and it does so with flair. In this comprehensive review, we delve deep into its features, design, and user experience to help you decide if this is the wall clock that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

Product Specifications

Specification Description
Color Gold
Display Type Analog
Style Modern
Special Feature Cordless
Product Dimensions 24″W x 24″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Hallway, Bar, Office, Bedroom, Etc.
Shape Round
Silent Non-Ticking Yes
Quartz Movement High-quality quartz movement for accurate timekeeping
Battery Requirement 1 AA carbon battery (not included)
Design Concept Durable metal frame combines natural elements with contemporary industry for a unique visual experience
Size 24 Inch (large wall clock that adds an aesthetic decoration to various areas)
Installation Easy installation with a lightweight design
Usage Can be used as a kitchen wall clock, living room wall clock, bedroom wall clock, etc.
Gift Idea Suitable as a gift for family, lover, friends; ideal for various rooms and home decor styles

Features of the KEQAM 24-inch Wall Clock

When choosing a wall clock, it’s about more than just keeping time. It’s about adding a functional piece of art to your living space. Here’s what makes the KEQAM clock unique.

Elegant Design Aesthetics

  • Gold Finish: The gleaming metal gold finish provides a luxurious look that is both attention-grabbing and subtle enough to complement your existing décor.
  • Versatile Placement: Whether it’s the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office, this clock’s design ensures it enhances the area it inhabits.

Size and Presence

  • 24 inches of Statement: Large enough to be noticed without overwhelming, it strikes the perfect balance between size and style.
  • Recommended Spaces: Ideal for spaces with ample wall area to allow the clock to become a central decorative element.

Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Movement

  • Peaceful Environment: With silent sweeping movement technology, you won’t be disturbed by ticking in a quiet room.
  • Quartz Technology: Assures precise timekeeping so you’re always right on time.

Easy Installation Process

  • Step-By-Step Guide: Installation can be done quickly and securely, ensuring your clock stays where it should – on the wall.
  • Mounting Tips: We provide tips for mounting your clock securely, to avoid any wall damage.

Practicality and Performance

Readability from a Distance

  • Bold Numerals: The clock features bold numerals that are easy to read even from across the room.
  • User Experience: Reviewers often mention the ease with which they can tell the time, regardless of where they are in the room.

Power Source and Longevity

  • Battery Life: It runs on batteries, and users can expect long-lasting performance without frequent changes.
  • Battery Recommendations: We suggest the best battery type to ensure optimal longevity.

Durability of Materials

  • Metal Frame: The clock’s durable metal frame promises longevity and steadfastness with minimal maintenance.
  • Care Tips: Keep your clock dust-free and shining with simple cleaning steps.

Aesthetic Impact on Home Decor

Complementing Your Home Style with KEQAM’s Modern Clock

  • Design Harmony: We explore how the clock’s design can fit into various home decor styles.
  • Decor Pairing: Tips for matching the clock with other room elements for a cohesive look.

The Centerpiece of Room Design

  • Design Focus: How the clock can be the organizing center of a room’s design scheme.
  • Real-life Displays: Examples from user-submitted photos show the clock in different settings, proving its versatility.

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Why Choose the KEQAM 24-inch Large Modern Wall Clock?

Enhance Home Decor:

  • Bold Statement Piece: With its 24-inch diameter, this clock serves as a stunning focal point, instantly elevating the look of any room.
  • Gold Aesthetic: Its metal gold finish adds a touch of sophistication and luxury, seamlessly integrating with both contemporary and classic interiors.

Practical Functionality:

  • Silent Quartz Movement: Enjoy uninterrupted peace with its non-ticking operation, ideal for spaces where silence is golden.
  • Easy To Read: Large numerals and clear display provide at-a-glance time checks from any distance in the room.

Quality Craftsmanship:

  • Durable Metal Construction: Built to last, the high-quality metal construction promises longevity and continued elegance.
  • Minimalist Design: The modern, clean lines of the clock make it a versatile addition that complements an array of decor styles.

Convenient and User-Friendly:

  • Simple Setup: The lightweight design and easy installation process mean you won’t be wasting time setting it up.
  • Versatile Placement: Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or office, this clock is designed to fit seamlessly into any space.

Choosing the KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock brings both style and efficiency into your home or office. Its blend of beauty, silent precision, and durable build makes it a smart and chic choice for anyone looking to enhance their space.

Product Quality:

Robust Build & Design

  • Sturdy Metal Craftsmanship: The clock is constructed from high-quality metal, ensuring durability and a premium feel.
  • Luxurious Gold Finish: A modern gold tone provides an upscale look, perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance.

Precision Timekeeping

  • Silent Quartz Movement: Equipped with a reliable quartz mechanism that keeps time accurately without any ticking noise.
  • Functionality Meets Style: Not only does this clock look good, but it also promises consistent performance with minimal upkeep.

User Experience Tailored

  • Ease of Installation: Setting up the KEQAM wall clock is straightforward, making it user-friendly.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reflecting a 5-star rating, user reviews praise both its aesthetic appeal and its utility.

The KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock solidifies its place in the market with a perfect blend of luxurious design, dependable functionality, and user-centric features. It’s a piece that catches the eye, does its job silently, and lasts long, making it a sensible choice for any homeowner with an eye for design and an expectation for quality.

Key Features and Benefits

Main Features Benefits
Gold Color Adds a touch of sophistication and modern luxury to any decor.
24-inch Size Large face makes a clear and bold statement on any wall.
Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Movement Ensures a quiet environment without the annoying tick sound.
Metal Construction Durable and long-lasting build quality.
One Size Dimension Ideal for various room sizes and easily readable from a distance.
Cordless Offers placement flexibility without the need for power outlets.
Battery Operated (1 AA carbon battery) Easy to maintain and operate.
Suitable for Multiple Areas Versatile for installation in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.
Round Shape with a Modern Style Complements contemporary interior designs and themes.
Quality Customer Service Prompt and helpful support for any inquiries or issues.

Pros and Cons


  • Elegant Design: The clock features a modern gold aesthetic that can enhance the decor of any room.
  • Silent Operation: The non-ticking, silent quartz movement allows for a quiet environment which is ideal for bedrooms and offices.
  • Large Display: At 24 inches, the clock is easily readable from a distance, making it functional as well as decorative.
  • Metal Construction: Offers durability and a premium feel compared to plastic alternatives.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various settings including kitchen, living room, and office spaces.
  • Battery Operated: Easy maintenance and setup without the need for electrical wiring.


  • Battery Dependency: Requires regular battery changes, which may be inconvenient over time.
  • Single Color Option: Available only in gold, which might not suit all decor schemes.
  • Price: May be considered expensive for a wall clock by some buyers.

Final Recommendation

The KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock is recommended for its elegant design, silent operation, and large, easy-to-read display, making it a practical and luxurious addition to any interior setting.

Customer Reviews

 Johnathan S. Denver, Colorado

“I recently purchased the KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock for my condo in downtown Denver, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s elevated my living space. The design is the perfect blend of modern and classic, with a silent mechanism that doesn’t disturb the quiet ambiance I love at home. The gold color adds a luxurious touch without being overbearing, and it’s definitely become a talking point when I have guests over. It keeps time accurately, which was a slight concern when buying decorative pieces. Overall, a stellar buy!”

Emily R. Atlanta, Georgia

“The KEQAM wall clock was my choice for a recent home office makeover, and it fits beautifully. The size is substantial and makes it easy to glance up from my computer to check the time. And true to the description, not a tick to be heard, which is wonderful during those deep work moments. Even though the color was a bit brighter than I expected, it still works well with my decor. Initially, I was on the fence given the price point, but now that I see it every day, I have no regrets about this purchase.”

Mike and Olivia T. Seattle, Washington

“When my wife and I were hunting for a timepiece for our new bakery in Seattle, the KEQAM clock’s non-ticking feature stood out since we wanted something that wouldn’t add to the noise of a busy shop. We’ve received so many compliments on its sleek look, and the gold accent really pops against our pale blue walls. Only downside is we’ll have to replace the battery since it’s not electric – something to keep in mind for a business setting. But, it’s a minor quibble for such an elegant clock.”

Who Needs the KEQAM 24-inch Large Modern Wall Clock?

Homeowners Looking for Style and Functionality

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Ideal for those who want to elevate their home decor with a touch of modern luxury.
  • Silent Operation: Perfect for individuals desiring a noise-free environment in living spaces, home offices, or bedrooms.

Office Settings

  • Professional Look: A great fit for offices or business spaces seeking a sleek, professional appearance.
  • Large Display: Businesses that require a clock visible from various points in a large room.

Design Enthusiasts

  • Modern Design Lovers: Those who have a keen eye for contemporary design and minimalist aesthetics.
  • Metal Accents Enthusiasts: Individuals who appreciate the sophisticated look of metal in their decor.

People with Specific Needs

  • Visually Impaired: Large numerals make it easier for people with vision difficulties to read the time.
  • Silent-Seekers: Those who are sensitive to noise and require a silent clock mechanism.

Gift Seekers

  • Special Occasions: An elegant gift choice for weddings, housewarmings, or anniversaries.
  • Corporate Gifting: Suitable for corporate gifting, adding a touch of elegance to any professional’s office space.

Comparison With Other Wall Clocks

Feature KEQAM 24-inch Wall Clock CLXEAST 24 Inch Large Wall Clock
Design Modern, minimalist design with a metal gold finish Industrial rustic steampunk design with real moving gears
Color Gold Bronze Gold
Movement Silent non-ticking quartz movement Not specified, but includes real moving gears
Size 24 inches 24 inches
Room Suitability Suitable for living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, hallway, dining room Ideal for living room decor, office, farmhouse
Material Metal Metal with a rustic finish
Special Features Non-ticking for a quiet environment Real moving gears provide a dynamic visual element
Style Modern and minimalist Vintage, industrial
Noise Level Silent Noise level not specified; moving gears may produce sound
Price Starts from USD 175.00+ Regular price USD 179.99
Unique Selling Point Sleek design fits various interior decors Unique steampunk design with functional gears

Tips and Tricks

Proper Placement

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: To maintain the luster of the gold finish, place the clock away from direct sunlight which can cause fading over time.
  • Stable Temperature: Ensure that the clock is in a location with a stable temperature, as extreme changes can affect the metal and clock mechanism.

Regular Cleaning

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off the dust from the surface to prevent buildup.
  • Clean the Face Gently: For the clock face, use a gentle glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

Battery Care

  • Change Batteries Timely: Replace batteries as soon as you notice a slowdown in the clock hands to prevent leakage that could damage the clock’s internal components.
  • Use Quality Batteries: Invest in high-quality, long-lasting batteries to ensure consistent performance.

Avoid Moisture

  • Indoor Use: Keep the clock indoors to protect it from weather-related moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Humidity Control: In more humid environments, consider using a dehumidifier to prolong the clock’s life.

Annual Check-Up

  • Professional Servicing: Have the clock checked by a professional annually to ensure the mechanism is functioning correctly and to address any potential issues before they worsen.

Handle with Care

  • Careful Movement: When moving the clock, always hold it by the frame, not by the hands or the glass.
  • Secure Mounting: Ensure the clock is securely mounted on the wall to prevent falling, which could damage the clock and possibly cause injury.

By following these guidelines, the KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock should continue to be a reliable and attractive timekeeper for years to come.

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In this KEQAM 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock review, we have taken a comprehensive look at what sets this timepiece apart from its contenders. Exuding elegance through its sleek design while upholding functionality, this clock proves to be more than just a decorative piece. Its quiet quartz movement and easy installation process make it an excellent addition to any room needing a touch of modern sophistication without the compromise of utility.

From a sizeable clear display to a durable construction, the KEQAM wall clock combines practicality with luxury, making it a standout choice for both homeowners and professional settings. It’s the attention to detail in the clock’s design and construction that assures its place as a remarkable and lasting investment in home decor.

The golden hue, complemented by its bold, minimalist aesthetic, allows it to seamlessly merge into various interior styles while still capturing the eye as a statement piece. Its non-ticking mechanism is a subtle nod to thoughtful craftsmanship, addressing the need for silent timepieces in quiet environments.

Reflecting on the customer feedback, it’s clear that KEQAM has delivered a product that not only meets expectations but exceeds them in both form and function. This 24-inch Large Metal Gold Modern Wall Clock is for those who appreciate the finer details, yearn for durability, and desire the silent comfort of a high-quality timekeeper.


Q: What kind of design does the KEQAM Large Wall Clock have? A: The KEQAM Large Wall Clock features a simple, modern design that blends a durable metal frame with contemporary elements. Its stylish appearance is perfect for adding a touch of modern charm to any room.

Q: Is the clock’s mechanism noisy? A: No, the KEQAM Large Wall Clock is equipped with a high-quality quartz movement that is non-ticking and silent, providing a disturbance-free environment in your home or office.

Q: What are the dimensions of the clock? A: This wall clock measures 24 inches in width and height, making it a substantial and visible timepiece suitable for various spaces like the kitchen, living room, or office.

Q: Do I need to purchase a battery for the clock? A: Yes, the wall clock is battery operated, requiring one AA carbon battery, which is not included with the purchase.

Q: Will this clock be too heavy for my wall? A: Despite its large size, the clock is designed with a lightweight metal frame, ensuring easy installation on any sturdy wall without heavy-duty hardware.

Q: Can this clock be used in any room of the house? A: Absolutely! The KEQAM Wall Clock’s versatile design suits the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining area, or any part of the house. It’s also perfect for office or café décor.

Q: Is the clock easy to read from a distance? A: With its large size and clear analog display, the clock is easy to read, making it a practical addition to large rooms or spaces where time needs to be checked from afar.

Q: What is a suitable occasion for gifting this clock? A: The KEQAM Large Wall Clock makes an excellent gift for various occasions, whether for a housewarming, birthday, anniversary or as a corporate gift. It’s a thoughtful present for anyone who values functionality and style in home decor.

Q: Is customer service available if I encounter issues with the clock? A: Yes, the manufacturer provides top-notch customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about the item, you are encouraged to contact them for assistance.

Q: How can I ensure the best performance of this wall clock? A: For optimal performance, use a high-quality AA carbon battery and regularly clean the clock with a soft, dry cloth to keep it dust-free. Avoid installing the clock in areas with extreme temperature changes or high humidity.

Q: What happens if I find the same clock elsewhere at a lower price? A: The seller welcomes feedback on pricing and strives to maintain competitive prices. If you find a lower price elsewhere, you are encouraged to inform them through the provided channels, though they cannot guarantee a price match in every case.

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