La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch Wall Clock Review: Precision Meets Style

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Read our La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch Wall Clock Review for an in-depth look at functionality, design, and user feedback on this accurate timepiece.

In a world punctuated by the relentless passage of time, the demand for precision and style in timekeeping instruments remains paramount. Among the myriad choices available, the La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 14-inch wall Clock stands out as a paragon of this synthesis. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the myriad aspects that make this wall clock not just a timepiece but a statement.

The Legacy of La Crosse Technology

La Crosse Technology has been synonymous with innovation and accuracy in timekeeping. Rooted in tradition yet keen on innovation, their products are a testament to the craftsmanship that the brand has honed over decades.

Why Choose La Crosse Technology?

  • Dedication to precision
  • Aesthetic versatility
  • Innovative features
  • User-friendly products

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Product Name La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS UltrAtomic Clock
Size 14 Inch Diameter
Price $47.45
Shipping to Bangladesh $208.34 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit
Total Cost $255.79 (with shipping and fees to Bangladesh)
Battery Type 2 x C-size batteries, with the option to add another pair
Time Zone Default Pacific Time Zone
Signal Reception Dual antenna for improved reception
Design Update Recent updates indicated by customer reviews
Audible Ticking Noted by customers, may not be suited for bedrooms
Return Policy Returnable until Jan 31, 2024
In Stock Status Yes
Available Quantity More than 25 Available
Customer Rating High satisfaction (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Key Features And Benefits Of The La Crosse Technology 404-1235ua-Ss 14 Inch Wall Clock.

The 404-1235UA-SS model epitomizes the brand’s commitment to excellence. Here are the distinguishing features that make this wall clock a stand-out product:

Key Features


UltrAtomic Timekeeping

– Ensures precise synchronization with the U.S. atomic clock.

Robust Electro-Mechanical Drive

– Time movement is reliable even when battery voltage drops.

Large Dial

– Easy visibility in various settings without overwhelming the space.

C Battery Operated

– Longer life and better performance than clocks using AA batteries.

Optional Extra Batteries

– Ability to add more batteries for extended operational time.

Simple Setup

– Quick to start; automatically sets to PT zone with easy adjustment.

Dual Antennas

– Improved signal reception for consistent accuracy.

Stainless Steel Design

– Durable and stylish to fit into modern decor.

Customer Feedback on Aesthetics

– Design suits those who prefer functional simplicity.

Performance in Various Locations

– Good functionality even in challenging signal areas like islands.

Updated Design Features

– Resolved previous design issues for better fit and installation.

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Unboxing the La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS

Upon unboxing, the clock asserts its presence with a minimalist design that captivates. The unboxing experience itself sets the stage for user satisfaction.

  • First Impressions Matter: Sleek design coupled with robust packaging.
  • Setup Simplicity: Clear instructions promote a hassle-free installation.
  • The Clock Face: Bold, easily readable numbers.
  • The Frame: Understated yet luxurious stainless steel.

Design and Aesthetics: More Than Just Keeping Time

This clock is a blend of function and form. It introduces a touch of modern elegance to any room while remaining versatile enough to complement various design aesthetics.

  • Sleek stainless steel finish
  • A timeless design that fits both contemporary and traditional decors
  • The perfect size of 14 inches in diameter for readability and adaptability to space

Setup and Installation: A Clockwork Precision

The La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS Wall Clock removes the guesswork from installation. Here’s how:

  1. Insert the battery.
  2. Select the time zone.
  3. Hang the clock at a spot conducive to signal reception and aesthetic visibility.

For sustained performance:

  • Replace batteries as suggested.
  • Place in an environment away from extreme temperatures and moisture.

Functionality and Performance: On The Dot

An atomic wall clock like this not only promises but delivers impeccable accuracy. Its performance is backed by user reviews praising the clock’s punctuality and reliability.

  • Does not falter even in locations known for difficult receptions
  • Maintains timekeeping without the need for manual adjustments.

La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS Wall Clock: Unmatched Product Quality

Premier Construction

  • Sturdy Build: Crafted with high-grade materials, ensuring longevity.
  • Stainless Steel Frame: Offers both durability and a modern aesthetic appeal.

Precision Timekeeping

  • UltrAtomic Movement: Known for the utmost accuracy in time adjustment.
  • Dual Antennas: Enhance reception, ensuring consistent time accuracy.

Design and Display

  • Sleek Interface: Easy-to-read display that meshes well with various decor styles.
  • 14-inch Diameter: Striking size that is both functional and decoratively significant.

Reliable Performance

  • Enhanced Reception: Can receive signals in areas other atomic clocks cannot.
  • Versatility: Proven effective in various settings, from schools to hospitals, highlighting its robust functionality.

Pros and Cons: User Insights


  • Accurate Atomic Movement: Utilizes the most accurate atomic movement for precision timekeeping.
  • Enhanced Reception with Dual Antennas: Designed for improved signal reception, which is especially beneficial in locations where other atomic clocks may not receive a signal.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Offers a modern look and durable finish that can complement any room.
  • Battery Operated: It uses C batteries, which are easy to replace, and the clock can work for extended periods on a new set of batteries.
  • Automated Time Adjustment: Like traditional atomic clocks, it automatically sets and adjusts the time, including Daylight Saving Time.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: High ratings on multiple platforms indicate that customers are generally satisfied with the product.
  • Suitable for Various Settings: Excellent for use in schools, hospitals, and other institutions where accurate time is necessary.


  • Indoor Use Only: The clock’s atomic signal reception may be less effective outdoors or in environments with high interference.
  • Size: At 14 inches, it may be too large for small spaces.
  • Battery Replacement: While not frequently needed, battery replacement is an additional maintenance step.
  • Potential for Signal Issues: Despite the enhanced reception, some users may still experience issues receiving the atomic time signal depending on their location and environment.

Comparative Analysis: La Crosse vs. Competitors

When matched against its competitors, the La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS holds its ground with features often absent in other models.

Competitive Edge Table:

Feature La Crosse 404-1235UA-SS Competitor A Competitor B
Atomic Timekeeping Yes Yes No
Dual Antennas Yes No No
Stainless Steel Yes No Yes
Price Competitive Higher Lower

Why Choose the La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS Wall Clock?

Optimal Timekeeping Accuracy

  • UltrAtomic Time: Ensures precise time using atomic timekeeping technology.
  • Stainless Steel Design: Combines durability with modern aesthetics.

Convenience and Reliability

  • Works in Varied Locations: Proven functionality even in regions where other atomic clocks, such as Hawaii, may fail.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High positive feedback with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating based on global customer reviews.

Elegant and Versatile Aesthetic

  • Suits Any Decor: The sleek, stainless steel finish offers a neutral yet sophisticated look that can complement different decor styles.
  • Visibility: At 14 inches, it is easily readable from a distance without dominating the room.

Considered Investment

  • Brand Reputation: La Crosse Technology is known for innovative and reliable timekeeping solutions.
  • Positive Reviews: A significant percentage of reviews are 5-star, indicating a happy customer base.

Tips and Tricks for This Clock for Keeping and Maintaining for Many Years

When owning a La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock, it’s important to know how to maintain it properly to ensure that it keeps time accurately for many years. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping and maintaining your clock:

Proper Installation

  • Choose the Right Location: Avoid placing the clock in direct sunlight, high humidity, or in a location with extreme temperatures. An interior wall is usually ideal.
  • wall Stability: Ensure the wall where you mount the clock is stable and free from vibrations that could affect the clock’s mechanics.

Battery Management

  • Use High-Quality Batteries: Invest in good-quality C batteries for longer life and consistent performance.
  • Regular Battery Replacement: Change batteries annually to prevent leakage and damage to the clock’s internal components.
  • Proper Disposal: Always dispose of old batteries properly, following local regulations.

Cleaning and Care

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to dust the clock face and casing gently.
  • Handle with Care: When cleaning or changing batteries, handle the clock gently to avoid disturbing the hands or internal mechanisms.
  • Avoid Chemical Cleaners: Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners on the clock to prevent damage to the stainless steel finish.

Atomic Time Signal Reception

  • Nighttime Reception: The atomic time signal reception is usually strongest at night, so avoid setting the time during the day.
  • Signal Interference: Keep the clock away from electronic interference sources such as computers, televisions, and radios.

Climate Considerations

  • Indoor Environment: The clock is designed for indoor use, so avoid any outdoor exposure.
  • Stable Temperature: Extreme temperature changes can affect clock performance; maintain a stable indoor temperature.

Regular Inspection

  • Check Operation: If your clock is not displaying the correct time, it may not receive the atomic clock signal. In this case, refer to the manual for resetting instructions.
  • Mechanical Maintenance: If the clock seems to function improperly, consult a professional clock repair shop for servicing rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

Reference Manual

  • Keep the Manual Handy: Store the clock’s manual safely for quick troubleshooting and advice on additional features.
  • Manufacturer’s Support: If you have settings or operation challenges, contact La Crosse Technology’s support for guidance.

Who Needs This?

The La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS Wall Clock is designed for individuals and industries where precision and reliability are paramount. Here, we explore various settings and types of users who would benefit significantly from this clock.

Educational Institutions

  • Teachers and Administrators: To maintain precise schedules for classes, exams, and school events.
  • Students: For accurate time management during tests and daily schedules.

Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospitals and Clinics: Accurate timekeeping is crucial for patient care schedules, medication administration, and medical staff shift changes.
  • Laboratories: Precision timing may be required for various tests and experiments.

Professional Settings

  • Corporate Offices: Meetings, deadlines, and documentation often adhere to strict time constraints.
  • Legal and Financial Firms: Timing is essential for transactions, contract signings, and legal procedures.

Transportation Hubs

  • Airports and Train Stations: Precise timing helps maintain departure and arrival schedules.

Hospitality Industry

  • Hotels and Event Venues: Accurate time helps book, schedule, and organize events efficiently.

Personal Use

  • Homeowners: They appreciate punctuality and are keen on maintaining an exact schedule.

Features Beneficial to All Users

  • Ultimate Time Accuracy: With atomic timekeeping.
  • Enhanced Reception: Dual antennas ensure it works even in locations where other atomic clocks don’t.
  • Visibility: A 14-inch diameter offers readability from a distance.
  • Stylish Design: Stainless steel suits a wide range of decor styles.

Customer Reviews

Michael from Honolulu, Hawaii – “Living on the Hawaiian islands, finding an atomic clock that works is challenging. I’m thrilled to say the La Crosse Technology clock goes beyond expectations. It’s spot-on with timekeeping and flaunts resilient craftsmanship. A definite game-changer for us here!”

Steve from San Francisco, California – “My household has mixed feelings about this clock. I’m fascinated by the function-over-form design and how the clock sports a powerful drive mechanism, unlike others that struggle with weak batteries. The installation was a breeze, even with the Pacific coastal challenges. The ticking is noticeable but not an issue outside the bedroom. It’s a worthy pick for time-conscious folks like me.”

Red More

Final Recommendation

The La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch Wall Clock offers exceptional timekeeping accuracy and a sleek design, making it a superb choice for anyone needing a reliable atomic wall clock. However, consider its indoor use limitation and size before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.

Conclusion: La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS Wall Clock – Timekeeping Reimagined

The La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch Wall Clock transcends the basic functionality of time display to bring a combination of precision, sophistication, and convenience into your living or working space. With its sleek stainless steel design, this wall clock complements any interior and resonates with La Crosse Technology’s dedication to crafting timepieces with superior accuracy and innovative features.

Whether it’s the UltrAtomic timekeeping function that self-corrects to the exact time or the dual antennas ensuring a strong signal even in challenging environments, the 404-1235UA-SS model stands as a testament to La Crosse Technology’s relentless pursuit of perfection in timekeeping. Suitable for residential and professional settings, this wall clock offers a blend of style that meets functionality at every tick.

Making an informed choice in selecting a wall clock means considering many factors, from aesthetics to performance. This review delves into every aspect that could influence your decision, ensuring that the La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 14-inch wall Clock is not just purchased but experienced in full glory.

The La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS is not just a timepiece. It is a statement of class, a nod to punctuality, and a commitment to the seamless blend of form and function. This wall clock is an impeccable choice for anyone looking to elevate their environment with a touch of elegance and the assurance of atomic accuracy.

FAQs: Answering Your Queries

Q: Will this clockwork in areas with weak signal reception, like remote islands? A: This wall clock is designed to work even in areas where other atomic clocks may have difficulty, such as remote islands. Users have reported successful reception in such locations.

Q: Can the ticking sound of the clock be intrusive? A: The clock does have an audible ticking sound that some may find noticeable. It’s not excessively loud but might not be suitable for places where silence is preferred, like bedrooms.

Q: Is the setup process complicated? A: Setting up this clock is straightforward. It comes with default settings that are optimal for most users, and the initial startup involves inserting batteries and allowing the clock to receive the signal, which can take a few minutes.

Q: Have improvements been made to the design to address past customer concerns? A: It seems there have been updates to the design. According to recent reviews, issues such as the battery compartment and the clock not sitting flush against the wall have been resolved in later models.

Q: What type of batteries does the clock use, and what is the battery life? A: The clock uses two C-size batteries, which provide double the voltage compared to a single AA battery. This means the clock will run longer and maintain accurate time even as the battery voltage drops. Adding another pair of batteries for extended life is also an option.

Q: How does the clock adjust to daylight saving time changes? A: The clock is designed to automatically update for daylight saving time changes, given that it receives the atomic time signal correctly.

Q: Is it suitable for all indoor environments? A: While the clock is made for indoor use, places with extensive electronic equipment might experience some interference with the atomic signal. In such cases, locating the clock away from these devices can help.

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