Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Living Room Wall Clock Review: Time to Transform Your Space!

Read our comprehensive Sorbus Decorative Large 24 Inch Living Room Wall Clock Review to gauge whether this stylish timepiece meets your decor needs.

The Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Living Room Wall Clock not only serves the practical purpose of telling time but also acts as a statement piece of decor that can significantly elevate the aesthetic of any room. In this comprehensive review, we delve into its design, functionality, and overall value to help you decide if this is the perfect wall clock for your living space.

Introduction to Sorbus Wall Clocks

Sorbus has established a reputation for creating high-quality home accessories that blend functionality with style. Their decorative large 24-inch living room wall clock is no exception, combining a classic look with a modern twist.

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Brand Sorbus
Color White
Display Type Analog
Style Decor, Vintage Industrial Modern Rustic Farmhouse
Special Feature Large Display
Product Dimensions 24″W x 24″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Dining Room
Shape Round
Weight Lightweight (Specific weight not provided)
Timekeeping Accuracy Quartz movement
Battery Requirements 1 AA battery (not included)
Installation Easy to hang; one round keyhole style installation
Material Metal with powder-coated finish
Additional Features Wipe clean with a dry cloth; For Indoor Use Only
Customer Ratings by Feature Light weight: 4.6, Accuracy: 4.5, Easy to read: 4.4, Value for money: 4.3

Design and Aesthetics

  • Visual Appeal: With its striking Roman numerals and a clean, powder-coated black finish, the Sorbus Wall Clock seamlessly fits into various interior design schemes, from minimalist to rustic farmhouse.

Key Features at a Glance

Size and Display:

  • Diameter: 24 inches
  • Display: Analog


  • Metal construction
  • Powder-coated finish for durability


  • Quartz mechanism ensuring reliable accuracy

Installation in Your Space

The ease of installation means this clock will be ticking on your wall in no time. The lightweight design and round keyhole style make it simple to hang securely.

Performance and Precision

  • Quartz Movement: Known for its precision, the quartz mechanism keeps time accurately, making it a reliable timekeeper.

Why Consider the Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Wall Clock for Your Living Room?

Timeless Design & Versatility

  • Classic Roman Numeral Style: The clock’s traditional Roman numerals offer a timeless look that doesn’t go out of style.
  • Blends with Any Decor: Whether your living room has a modern, industrial, or rustic farmhouse theme, this clock complements it perfectly.

Size & Visibility

  • Large Display: At 24 inches, it makes time easily visible from any corner of the room.
  • Statement Piece: Its sizable dimensions turn it into a focal point that can anchor your living space’s design.

Quality & Durability

  • Metal Construction: Built to last, its metal body promises durability.
  • Powder-Coated Finish: The clock’s coating ensures resistance to wear, preserving the clock’s looks over time.


  • Quartz Movement: Offers precision timekeeping, ensuring you’re always on schedule.
  • Ease of Installation: Lightweight and with a simple hanging mechanism, it’s practical and quick to install.

Customer Satisfaction

  • High Customer Ratings: Garnering top scores in light weight, accuracy, and best overall category.
  • Affordability: Priced competitively, providing value for money without compromising on style or quality.

Sorbus 24-Inch Wall Clock: Quality Review

Craftsmanship and Materials

  • Robust Build: Composed of MDF wood and metal, the Sorbus Wall Clock offers durability.
  • Metal Hands: Gold metal hands provide a shiny contrast against the clock face, enhancing both functionality and elegance.

Visual Design and Finish

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The clock features distressed hues in tan, cream, and black, imparting a vintage charm that draws the eye.
  • Finish Quality: A distressed finish not only adds character but also exhibits the attention to detail in the clock’s design.

Mechanism and Timekeeping

  • Quartz Movement: Known for its precision, the high-quality quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping.
  • Silent Operation: The soft ticking sound is calm and unobtrusive, making it suitable for quiet rooms.

Practicality and Function

  • Easy to Read: Classic numeral design with elongated numbers allows for easy time reading from a distance.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Arriving fully assembled with a keyhole-style installation, it is easy to mount (note: mounting hardware not included).


  • Simple Cleaning: Requires only a wipe with a dry cloth, ensuring the clock remains a hassle-free addition to your home.
  • Indoor Suitability: Designed specifically for indoor use, reinforcing its quality in typical home environments.

Key Features and Benefits

Main Key Features Benefits
Analog Roman Numeral Style Design Adds a touch of elegance and a classic look that never goes out of style.
Oversized 24-Inch Diameter Makes a statement on any wall with its large size, ensuring visibility across the room.
Variety of Decor Compatibility Complements many decor styles such as vintage, industrial, modern, and rustic farmhouse.
Quartz Movement for Accurate Time Display Ensures precise timekeeping which is essential for daily activities and appointments.
Easy-to-Hang Lightweight Design Simplifies the installation process and allows for flexibility in placement.
Metal Construction with Powder-Coated Finish Offers durability and a high-quality look while being suitable for indoor use.
Multipurpose Functionality Appropriate for varied settings like kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas.
Requires Only 1 AA Battery (not included) Easy maintenance with a common battery type which is readily available.
4.5 out of 5-star Customer Rating Indicates high customer satisfaction and a strong likelihood of product quality and performance.
Rated High for Light weight, Accuracy, and Value Highlights the product’s ease of setup, reliable operation, and affordability for the quality.

Pros and Cons


  • Classic Design: With its Roman numeral design, it offers a timeless aesthetic that can complement a variety of décor styles.
  • Large Size: At 24 inches in diameter, the clock acts as a statement piece and is easily visible from a distance.
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for various rooms, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, etc.
  • Quartz Movement: Ensures accurate timekeeping, which is a critical feature for any clock.
  • Easy to Install: Its lightweight design and round keyhole style allows for easy hanging.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed of metal with a powder-coated finish, providing durability and a high-quality appearance.


  • Battery Not Included: Requires purchasing a AA battery separately.
  • Single Color Option: Available only in black, which may not suit everyone’s taste or decor.
  • Indoor Use: Designed specifically for indoor use, which limits its placement options.
  • No Mention of Warranty: There is no information on a warranty, which could concern those looking for guaranteed longevity.
  • Styling: The classic look might not align with contemporary or minimalist decor preferences.

Final Recommendation

The Sorbus Large Wall Clock 24″ is a stylish and versatile timepiece, complementing various decor styles with its classic design. Its size makes it a focal decor element, and the quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping. It’s simple to hang, operates on a single AA battery, and its metal construction suggests durability. This clock is a functional and aesthetic addition to any living space.

Customer Reviews

Jane Doe from Austin, Texas:

I was searching for a wall clock that would serve more as a decor piece than a mere timekeeper, and the Sorbus 24-inch Wall Clock fits the bill perfectly! It’s the first thing guests comment on when they enter the room. The classic numerals add such elegance, and its considerable size has filled the previously blank space on my wall beautifully.

I was a bit worried about the setup, but it was a breeze—it’s so lightweight. Although, keep in mind that you’ll have to grab a AA battery since it’s not included. It’s been a couple of months, and it keeps time quite accurate. Absolutely worth the money for the visual appeal and function it brings to the space!

John Smith from Sacramento, California:

The Sorbus Clock caught my eye with its vintage industrial look, and it did not disappoint when it arrived. It complements my farmhouse-styled kitchen and has been a topic of conversation during several dinner parties. The clock is big, but not bulky, which was a pleasant surprise.

It’s amazing how the clock has transformed a boring wall into the room’s focal point. Despite its large face, the numbers are clear and easy to read from a distance. One point to note—the lack of a second hand took a bit to get used to. The setup was straightforward, and it’s running without a hitch. I’ve had it up for a few months for those wondering about longevity, and it’s running without any time discrepancies.

I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a functional piece of art. You won’t be looking at your phone for the time anymore!

Who Needs the Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Living Room Wall Clock

This stylishly crafted Sorbus Decorative Wall Clock is a versatile piece that is suitable for various individuals and settings.

Homeowners with a Flair for Decor

  • Interior Design Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who love to add a touch of elegance to their spaces.
  • Aesthetic Appreciators: Perfect for homeowners looking for a functional piece that also serves as art.

Individuals with Large Living Spaces

  • Statement Makers: Its 24-inch size makes it an excellent centerpiece for big rooms.
  • Visibility Seekers: For those needing a clock that is visible from any angle in large rooms.

People Who Favor Classic Designs

  • Traditionalists: The Roman numeral design will appeal to those who prefer classic decor.
  • Vintage Style Lovers: Perfect for anyone wanting to incorporate a vintage touch into modern settings.

Business and Hospitality Sector

  • Restaurants and Cafes: Adds to the ambiance while being practical for both staff and customers.
  • Hotels and Offices: Enriches lobby and lounge areas with a functional decor element.


  • Housewarming Presents: An excellent choice for a thoughtful and useful housewarming gift.
  • Wedding Gifts: Suitable for couples moving into a new home who appreciate decor elements.

Educational and Public Spaces

  • Schools and Libraries: Can be an instructive tool for learning Roman numerals.
  • Community Centers: Serves the dual purpose of decor and time indication in common areas.

Tips and Tricks

Maintaining your Sorbus Wall Clock is essential to ensure its functionality and aesthetic appeal for many years. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your clock in pristine condition:


  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure can fade the finish and affect the clock’s mechanics.
  • Stable Temperature: Place away from areas with drastic temperature changes to prevent materials from expanding or contracting.
  • Dry Environment: Keep the clock in a dry place to prevent rust and deterioration of metal parts.


  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface gently.
  • Metal Care: For metal parts, periodically use metal polish to keep it shining; avoid abrasive materials that can scratch the clock’s surface.
  • Glass Maintenance: If your clock features a glass cover, use an appropriate glass cleaner for smudge-free visibility but spray the cleaner on the cloth first, not directly on the glass.

Battery Management

  • Regular Battery Checks: Change the batteries once they are close to their lifespan to avoid battery leakage that could damage the clock.
  • Use Quality Batteries: Opt for alkaline or lithium batteries for longer life and consistent voltage.

Time Adjustments

  • Manual Adjustments: When adjusting time, move the clock hands clockwise and never backward.
  • Professional Calibration: If you notice your clock is losing time, consider having it calibrated by a professional.

Mechanical Care

  • Minimal Interference: Avoid tampering with the internal mechanism. If there is an issue, consult a professional clock repair service.
  • Avoid Magnets: Keep magnets away from the clock to prevent interference with the timekeeping.


  • Regular Checks: Look out for any signs of wear or damage that might need professional attention.
  • Listening: Pay attention to the sounds of the clock. If there are any changes, it could indicate a need for maintenance.

Handling with Care

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure that the clock is securely hung on the wall to prevent falls.
  • Gentle Handling: When moving the clock, handle it with care to prevent damage to the delicate hands or internal parts.

Professional Services

  • Annual Check-Up: Consider an annual check-up by a professional clockmaker to maintain the mechanical parts if it’s a mechanical model.
  • Expert Repairs: If repairs are needed, always go to an expert in clock repair for high-quality workmanship.


In reviewing the Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Living Room Wall Clock, we’ve taken a comprehensive look at its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and versatility. This clock emerges as more than just a time-displaying instrument; it’s a decorative statement piece that blends seamlessly across various living spaces and decor themes. Its classic Roman numeral design contributes to its timeless charm, while the reliable quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping.

The clock’s ease of installation, coupled with its lightweight design, makes it a user-friendly addition to any home or office. Its suitability for different rooms – be it the kitchen, living room, or office – further solidifies its role as a multi-functional decor element that is both striking and practical.

From the initial unboxing to the day-to-day enjoyment of its presence on your wall, the Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Living Room Wall Clock stands out as an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their interior with an accessory that is both functional and stylish.

The clock’s positive reception, as indicated by customer reviews and its overall rating, supports its standing as the best overall choice among its competitors. For anyone considering a blend of elegance, performance, and visual appeal in a timepiece, this Sorbus clock is undoubtedly worth considering. We hope this Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Living Room Wall Clock review has been informative and aids you in making a well-informed decision for your timekeeping needs.

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Q: What is the style of the Sorbus 24-Inch Wall Clock? A: The Sorbus Wall Clock boasts a vintage industrial modern rustic farmhouse style, complete with oversized Roman numerals for a classic and chic look.

Q: Can this clock be easily read from a distance? A: Yes, with its large display and clear Roman numerals, it’s designed to be easily readable even from across the room.

Q: What kind of power source does the Sorbus Wall Clock use? A: This wall clock is battery powered, requiring one AA battery to operate.

Q: What rooms is this clock best suited for? A: The Sorbus Clock is versatile and can enhance the decor of various rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, study room, dining room, and even commercial spaces like coffee houses or restaurants.

Q: Is it easy to hang this clock? A: Absolutely! Thanks to its lightweight design, the clock can be easily hung on any wall with just one round keyhole style installation at the center back.

Q: What materials is the clock made of? A: It is constructed of metal with a powder-coated finish, ensuring both durability and an elegant look.

Q: Does the clock come with a battery included? A: No, the required 1 AA battery is not included with the purchase and must be bought separately.

Q: Is the clock suitable for outdoor use? A: The clock is intended for indoor use only. It’s not weatherproof and should be kept in dry indoor environments to maintain its condition.

Q: How should I clean the clock? A: The clock can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. It’s advisable to avoid chemical cleaners to preserve the finish of the metal.

Q: Will I need an adapter or converter to use this clock outside the US? A: Since it’s a battery-powered clock, it does not require an electrical outlet to operate, thus eliminating the need for an adapter or converter.

Q: How accurate is the timekeeping of this clock? A: The clock features a quartz movement mechanism known for keeping accurate time, so you can rely on its precision.

Q: Is this clock silent or does it make a ticking sound? A: The product description does not explicitly state if it’s silent or not. Generally, quartz clocks have a very mild ticking sound, but it’s best to consult customer reviews for personal experiences regarding the noise level.

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