Explore 8 Most Unusual Large Wall Clocks for Bedroom Bliss: Tick-Tock Fantasy!

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Transform your bedroom into a haven of uniqueness! Explore our collection of 8 unusual large wall clocks for bedroom, adding distinctive charm to your sleep sanctuary. Shop now!

Revitalize your bedroom decor with a touch of eccentricity as we unveil a curated selection of 8 unusual large wall clocks for bedroom. Beyond conventional timekeeping, these extraordinary timepieces serve as captivating art pieces, adding a unique and personal touch to your sleep sanctuary.

From whimsical designs to avant-garde styles, each clock has been chosen to infuse your bedroom with a sense of individuality and creativity. Join us on a journey to explore how these 8 unusual large wall clocks can redefine the concept of time in your bedroom, creating an ambiance that is as visually stimulating as it is relaxing.

Large Metal World Map Wall Clock – 24 Inch, Modern Minimalist, Silent, Battery-Operated Clock for Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Farmhouse

KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock,Metal Minimalist Modern Clock,Round Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Wall Clocks for Living Room/Home/Kitchen/Bedroom/Office/Farmhouse Decor (24 Inch)

When scouring the market for an unusual large wall clock for our bedroom, we stumbled across the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock. At first glance, it’s clear that this isn’t just your ordinary time-telling device; it’s a statement piece meant to accentuate any room it graces, particularly the bedroom. Its primary use goes beyond functionality—it doubles as an artistic display that can infuse a sense of worldly elegance into our personal space.

We’ve developed a genuine appreciation for this metal minimalist modern clock for several reasons. Its unique design, which is a beautiful concoction of natural elements and contemporary industry, instantly caught our eyes and gave us that different visual experience we were craving. Additionally, the fact that it’s a round silent non-ticking battery-operated wall clock, ensures that our peaceful slumber is never interrupted by the incessant ticking of a traditional clock.

This 24-inch clock is designed to do more than just tell time; it’s meant to be a versatile decorative element for any part of the home, from the living room to the office and, of course, the bedroom. With its lightweight design and the included free accessory kit, installing it is a hassle-free process. Moreover, the high-quality quartz movement ensures accurate time without any noise, reinforcing both its purpose as a timepiece and as a decorative element.

With a durable metal frame interplaying with the aesthetic of a world map, this clock is bound to spark conversations and admiration for its bold yet elegant appearance. Its lightweight design also makes it incredibly easy for us to mount it up on the wall.

We really appreciate the clock’s simple installation process. With straightforward instructions and necessary tools included, setting it up became a quick and enjoyable DIY task. The clock runs on a single AA carbon battery (which isn’t included), maintaining the sleek look by not having to plug it into a wall outlet.

This KEQAM wall clock impresses us with its build and performance quality. The metal frame feels sturdy and durable, giving us confidence in its longevity. Plus, the aluminum clock hands move smoothly, silently sweeping across the face of the clock with precision.

  • Unique world map design offers both functionality and style.
  • Silent non-ticking mechanism makes it perfect for bedrooms.
  • Easy to install with all necessary hardware included.
  • Can be used as a gift for various occasions due to its universal appeal.
  • Requires the separate purchase of a AA carbon battery.
  • Might be too large for some spaces, so ensure you measure your wall area before buying.
  • As a decor-centric piece, it may not have additional features found in more tech-focused timepieces.

In our eyes, the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock is a beautiful melding of art and utility. From its silent operation to the stylish global motif, it’s a winning addition for anyone looking to add flair to their bedroom without sacrificing the comforts of calm and quiet.

Large Metal World Map Wall Clock - 24 Inch, Modern Minimalist, Silent, Battery-Operated Clock for Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Farmhouse

Large World Map Metal Wall Clock, Modern Minimalist Design, Silent, Battery-Operated for Home and Office Decor (24 Inch)

KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock,Metal Minimalist Modern Clock, Round Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Wall Clocks for Living Room/Home/Kitchen/Bedroom/Office/School Decor (24 Inch)

When we adorn our bedrooms, it’s not just about utility; it’s about creating an ambiance that resonates with our personal taste and provides a comforting retreat. The KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock is more than just a time-telling device; it’s a statement piece that infuses your bedroom with style and a hint of adventure.

What drew us to the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock was its unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. It’s not every day that you come across a clock that marries the grandeur of a world map with the sleekness of a metal minimalist design. It fits seamlessly with many decor styles, from contemporary to rustic, making it very versatile. Plus, its silence operation is perfect for the bedroom, where the last thing you want is a ticking clock disrupting your peace.

The purpose of the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock is to provide a focal point in a room while keeping the time. But let’s break down the key elements that make this clock stand out:

  • Structure Design and Concept: The clock boasts a unique design that incorporates a world map outline merged with a chic industry vibe, providing a distinctive visual appeal.
  • Size: At 24 inches, this large wall clock is designed to make a significant impact on any room’s decor.
  • Quartz Movement: Using high-quality quartz, the clock promises accuracy and a non-ticking silent operation that ensures no sleep disturbances.
  • Versatile Decor Piece: Its suitability across various rooms, like the living room, dining room, or office, emphasizes its adaptability.
  • Gift Idea: Its unique design makes it an ideal present for various occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a Christmas gift.

The KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock exudes quality through its durable metal frame and precise Quartz movement. Its light-weight design indicates thoughtful engineering for secure mounting without sacrificing durability or visual presence.

To give an honest opinion, let’s weigh up the benefits and potential drawbacks:


  • Unique and attractive design that doubles as art.
  • Silent operation, essential for non-disruptive bedroom use.
  • Large size for easy readability and substantial decor impact.
  • High-quality construction with precision quartz mechanics.


  • Requires a AA carbon battery which is not included.
  • Due to its distinct style, may not match every interior theme.
  • The metal design, while lightweight, may require careful handling during installation.

Without a doubt, the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock brings us functionality wrapped in charisma, ensuring it’s not just a timepiece but a conversation starter and a testimonial to your refined taste.

Large World Map Metal Wall Clock, Modern Minimalist Design, Silent, Battery-Operated for Home and Office Decor (24 Inch)

Large Silent Pendulum Wall Clock, Non-Ticking, Battery Operated, White Wood Square Clock for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, School, Indoor Decor

FLEBLE Large Wall Clocks for Living Room Decor Silent Pendulum Battery Operated Non-Ticking for Bedroom Kitchen Office Home Decorative Square White Wood wall Decor for School Indoor

In our continuous quest to find the most unique and functional home decor, we’ve stumbled upon a truly fascinating piece: the FLEBLE Large Wall Clock. This isn’t your ordinary time-telling device; it’s a multipurpose decor piece tailored for use in a wide array of settings. Though predominantly seen as a bedroom accessory, its elegance and versatility make it equally suitable for the living room, kitchen, office, and even educational environments like schools.

We’re enthralled by this product for a multitude of reasons, but its blending of practicality with aesthetic appeal tops the list. The silent pendulum and non-ticking battery-operated design ensure tranquility in the bedroom or any room it graces. There’s something undeniably soothing about the silent sweep of time, and this clock provides that serenity without compromising on style.

This FLEBLE Wall Clock is more than just a timepiece; it’s a statement of style and innovation. It’s been crafted from 9mm MDF material, oozing a wooden charm with environmentally friendly painting. What’s truly captivating is the absence of a frame or cover, which illustrates its chic and modern design.

Size-wise, it’s 6434cm (25.213.39inch), commanding a significant presence on any wall and instantly becoming the focal point. However, always measure your intended space; the dimensions provided should guide your purchase to ensure it fits where you envision it.

The clock’s quartz movement reinforces its overall purpose by maintaining precise time without any disrupting ticking sounds. Plus, installation is a breeze with a hook on the back for easy hanging.

Our review has found the FLEBLE Large Wall Clock to be a high-quality handicraft that brings both functionality and elegance into any space. The manufacturing materials are chosen with durability and environmental impact in mind, satisfying both our quality and eco-conscious standards.


  • Silent Quartz Movement: Ideal for a peaceful environment.
  • Eco-friendly Material: Made of 9mm MDF with non-toxic paint.
  • Easy Installation: Comes ready to hang with a simple hook.
  • Modern Design: A stylish addition that complements various decors.


  • Battery Not Included: Requires purchase of 2 AA carbon batteries.
  • Size Consideration: May be too large for some spaces; always check dimensions.
  • Alkaline Battery Warning: Using too much alkaline power might affect movement lifespan and accuracy.

Our exploration of the FLEBLE Large Wall Clock reveals that it is not only a functional timepiece but also an artistic addition to any room. It offers both the silent contemplation of time and a touch of modern elegance to your decor. Whether you’re marking happy moments with loved ones or seeking a serene sanctuary, this clock might just be the perfect adornment for your space.

Large Silent Pendulum Wall Clock, Non-Ticking, Battery Operated, White Wood Square Clock for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, School, Indoor Decor

Sorbus Large 24-Inch Wall Clock, Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Style with Roman Numerals, Modern Decorative Clock for Living Room

Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Wall Clock for Living Room, Vintage Industrial Modern Rustic Farmhouse Style, Oversized Roman Numeral Clock, Modern Wall Clock, Ideal Room Decor

When it comes to interior design, we all know that every detail counts. And there’s no better statement piece for your bedroom than the Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Wall Clock. Its primary use is not only to keep you punctual but also to serve as the centerpiece of your bedroom decor. Whether you’re someone who adores the vintage industrial modern look or leans towards rustic farmhouse vibes, this oversized Roman numeral clock seamlessly fits into your aesthetic while being practical.

We’re absolutely fond of this product! It effortlessly combines function and style, proving to be more than just a mere time-telling device. The Sorbus Wall Clock transforms an empty wall into a centerpiece worthy of conversation. Moreover, it maintains a charm that’s often lost in the digital era. Every glance not only tells us the time but also reminds us to appreciate intricate design and craftsmanship.

The Sorbus Wall Clock’s purpose extends beyond telling time – it’s designed to be a focal point in any room. Its classic Roman numeral style and accurate analog display are key features that draw attention, making it not just a clock, but a piece of art. The clock fits diverse decor styles from modern to rustic and everything in between.

Constructed of metal with a powder-coated finish, it exudes quality and durability. Its quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping, and since it’s battery-operated, requiring 1 AA battery (not included), it promises a clean, cord-free look. This makes installation a breeze with its straightforward keyhole style installation on the back. Plus, the clock has a generous 23.62” diameter, large enough to be visible and stylish from any corner of the room.

In digging into the overall quality of the Sorbus Wall Clock, we’re pleased by its solid construction and thoughtful design details. It’s clear that the clock is made with care, intended for indoor use only, and keeping it clean is as simple as a quick wipe with a dry cloth. The clock’s elegant design and reliable functionality speak volumes about its quality.


  • Striking design that works with multiple decor styles
  • Large size makes it a focal point of any room
  • Easy to hang with a single keyhole installation
  • Constructed with durable materials
  • Battery-operated for a tidy appearance without cords


  • Only suitable for indoor use
  • Does not come with the necessary AA battery
  • Could be too large for some spaces, so make sure to measure your wall.

In our experience, the Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Wall Clock has the potential to elevate any bedroom, both in function and style. With its eye-catching design and dependable timekeeping, it’s a product we’re proud to hang on our walls.

Sorbus Large 24-Inch Wall Clock, Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Style with Roman Numerals, Modern Decorative Clock for Living Room

Modern 12-inch Silent Wall Clock by WONZOM – Black and Gold, for Bathroom/Living Room/Kitchen/Office/Bedroom, Glass


When we talk about unusual large wall clocks for the bedroom, we’re often picturing a statement piece that not only tells the time but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room. That’s where the WONZOM 12 Inch Modern Wall Clock comes into play. Adorned with a tasteful blend of black and gold, this timepiece is uniquely designed to be a standout item in your private sanctuary.

We are absolutely enamored with this product for several reasons. Firstly, its elegant aesthetic that incorporates both a modern and a touch of glam without being over the top. It doubles as a piece of art on your bedroom wall. Furthermore, the silent battery-operated mechanism is a godsend for light sleepers who get easily disturbed by the ticking of a clock.

The WONZOM wall clock is designed to serve the dual purpose of keeping you punctual while upgrading your bedroom decor. Its 12-inch diameter ensures visibility without dominating your wall space. Made of HD tempered glass, it’s durable and offers protection against dust and steam – a consideration that’s also applicable for bathrooms. The silent non-ticking feature is particularly beneficial for creating a peaceful environment. Thanks to its sturdy back nail hook design, the installation is straightforward. Additionally, its precise quartz movement guarantees time accuracy. Whether it’s for your bedroom, living room, or even a cafe, this aurora-themed clock injects a bit of magic in any setting.

As far as wall clocks go, the build and design quality of this battery-operated decorative aurora clock is indisputably high. The use of premium glass is a nice touch, as it elevates the overall quality of the clock and provides that luxurious feel. The black and gold color palette is versatile and meshes well with a variety of decor styles.

  1. Eye-catching design – Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room.
  2. Silent operation – Does not make annoying ticking sounds.
  3. Clear and readable – With gold arabic numerals and hands, it’s easy to see the time.
  4. Quality materials – HD tempered glass provides durability.
  5. Easy to install – Comes with a sturdy hook for quick hanging.
  6. Money-back guarantee – The 60-day satisfaction guarantee is a bonus.
  7. At 12 inches, may not be considered “large” for all bedroom sizes.
  8. Requires a battery, which is not included with the purchase.
  9. Glass material could show fingerprints or require careful handling to avoid breakage.

To sum it up, the WONZOM 12 Inch Modern Wall Clock is more than just a functional timepiece; it’s a stylish addition to your bedroom that marries form and function. And, let’s not forget that peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed 100% satisfaction money-back offer!

Modern 12-inch Silent Wall Clock by WONZOM - Black and Gold, for Bathroom/Living Room/Kitchen/Office/Bedroom, Glass

16 Inch Silver Kitchen Wall Clock with Spoon and Fork Design, Ideal for Home Decor and Gifts

CIGERA 16 Inch Large Kitchen Wall Clocks with Spoons and Forks,Great Home Decor and Nice Gifts,Sliver

When it comes to decorating our bedrooms, we often look for items that are not only functional but also add a touch of personality to the space. We’ve found a unique timepiece that does just that – the CIGERA 16 Inch Large Kitchen Wall Clock. Despite its name, this clock is versatile enough to be a striking addition to any bedroom setting.

There is something about the CIGERA wall clock that caught our eye. It’s not your typical timekeeper. This wall clock, with its fork and spoon design, is a statement piece that doubles as both a practical item and a decorative accent. Its creative design charms us, and we think it’ll be a conversation starter for anyone who steps foot into your bedroom.

We all need a clock in our bedroom for practical reasons. However, the CIGERA 16 Inch Large Kitchen Wall Clock is more than just a way to tell time. It’s designed to be a centerpiece of your wall decor. It features big black numbers that are easy to read from a distance, making it functional for both the younger and older eyes.

One key aspect we adore is its non-ticking, silent hands. There’s nothing more annoying than a loud tick-tock when you’re trying to fall asleep or concentrate on work. This clock ensures a peaceful environment, day and night.

It’s crafted with a high-quality quartz clock movement and constructed with metallic material, making it not only accurate but durable over time.

Operated by a single AA battery, and recommending a Carbon battery for energy efficiency, this clock is designed to be energy-saving, ensuring long periods between battery changes.

Ideal for a range of styles, this clock can complement the kitchen, dining hall, or restaurant settings, but we believe its unique design is perfect for adding that unconventional touch to your bedroom décor.

The CIGERA wall clock brings together quality, functionality, and style. It’s clear that attention has been paid to making sure it ticks all the boxes for what makes a great wall clock for any room in the house.

  • Eye-catching design that integrates utensils in a fun and artistic way
  • Large numerals ensure easy readability
  • Silent, non-ticking mechanism for an undisturbed ambiance
  • Durable and reliable quartz movement
  • Energy-saving, with minimal battery replacement needed
  • Although marketed for kitchens, might not suit everyone’s bedroom decor style
  • Requires careful handling due to metallic material construction

As we test and enjoy more unique home décor products like the CIGERA wall clock, we’re reminded of how a simple timepiece can transform the feel of a room. We find this product to be a fantastic choice for anyone looking to inject a bit of whimsy into their bedroom while keeping an eye on the time.

16 Inch Silver Kitchen Wall Clock with Spoon and Fork Design, Ideal for Home Decor and Gifts

28 Inch Black Metal Wall Clock with Quiet Non-Ticking Movement for Living Room, Bedroom, and Small Spaces

JUGV 28.0 INCH Wall Clock for Living Room Decor,Non-Ticking Quiet Metal Petals Dial Glass Big Wall Clocks Black for Bedrooms Kitchen and Small Space Decoration

In our homes, time isn’t just about the relentless ticking away of hours, it’s about style, character, and adding a focal point that ties a room together. The JUGV 28.0 INCH Wall Clock has been our go-to when it comes to enhancing the bedroom with a piece that’s as eye-catching as it is functional.

We’ve always believed that the objects we bring into our living spaces should be reflections of our personal styles and should tell stories about who we are. This JUGV Wall Clock is not your average timepiece—it’s a statement. The oversized design adorned with metal petals and crystal embellishments creates a modern yet timeless aesthetic that captivates at first glance.

Let’s dive into what makes this large wall clock tick—figuratively, of course, because it’s non-ticking and quiet! First, the dimensions: a 27.56-inch display with a 9.45-inch glass dial ensures that the time is easily readable even from across the room.

The clock is handcrafted from durable metal with a high temperature lacquer finish, and it features a MM glass dial that houses 87 pieces of crystal and aluminum needles. This isn’t just a clock; it’s a piece of art, merging both function and form.

Designed to augment a range of spaces, this metal wall clock is perfect not just for bedrooms but also fits beautifully in living rooms, kitchens, and offices. Besides keeping the time, it serves as an excellent gift for a variety of occasions like housewarmings, weddings, or holiday gatherings.

When we first laid hands on this JUGV 28.0 INCH Wall Clock, it was clear that every detail was meticulously crafted. The silent movement of the hands is a testament to its high-quality quartz mechanism. This point, in particular, struck a chord with us because a silent clock is a must-have in any space meant for relaxation like a bedroom.

The battery-operated nature makes it convenient to place anywhere without worrying about wires, and the single AA battery required (not included) is a minor investment for the ambiance it provides.


  • Striking modern design that doubles as a decor piece
  • Silentsweep quartz movement ensures no disruptive ticking
  • Large size makes it a central focus of any room
  • Crafted from high-quality, durable materials
  • Great as a gift for various occasions


  • Might be too large for very small spaces
  • Battery not included, which requires a separate purchase

As we continue to search for items that elevate our living spaces, it’s clear the JUGV 28.0 INCH Wall Clock is a front-runner, turning the simple act of checking the time into an opportunity to admire a piece of functional art.

28 Inch Black Metal Wall Clock with Quiet Non-Ticking Movement for Living Room, Bedroom, and Small Spaces

Vintage Bronze Wall Clock, 18-inch, Silent Battery-Operated, for Living Room, Kitchen, Office, Bathroom, Bedroom

Mofine Wall Clocks for Living Room Decor, Vintage Wall Clock Battery Operated, 18 inch Large Silent Rustic Wall Clocks for Kitchen/Office/Bathroom/Bedroom, Bronze

When it comes to our home décor, we always look for pieces that not just bode well with functionality but also enhance the aesthetic charm of the room. And this is where the Mofine Wall Clocks come into play. Designed especially for living room décor, these vintage wall clocks make for a striking statement piece that boosts the elegance of your space while keeping you punctual.

Let’s be real; we’re a sucker for items that double as a practical necessity and an art piece. The Antique Bronze Carved Frame Vintage Wall Clock is particularly close to our hearts because it adds this unspoken warmth and classic vibe to any room it graces. We can’t help but admire how it flawlessly fits into diverse room settings, be it your bedroom sanctuary or your vibrant living room.

This clock isn’t just about telling the time; it’s a celebration of timeless style and finesse. With its rustic design, the clock embraces the past through its antique bronze finish, while the 18-inch large dial ensures time is visible from across the room. Its silent non-ticking mechanism makes it perfect for bedrooms or study areas where peace is paramount. Furthermore, it’s battery operated which means you won’t be dealing with the hassle of cords and power outlets. Simply pop in the batteries, and you’re good to go.

Let’s talk about quality. This wall clock isn’t just a pretty face; it is also built to last. The attention to detail in the carved frame and the high-quality silent quartz movement scream durability and reliability. It’s the kind of purchase that pays off in the long run – a piece that you’ll admire for years to come.

  • Elegant design enhances home décor.
  • Silent mechanism avoids annoying ticking sounds.
  • Battery operation allows for easy placement.
  • Easy to read due to big bold numerals.
  • A versatile piece that fits multiple room settings.
  • Limited to one style that may not mesh with modern décor.
  • Requires batteries to be replaced periodically.

In the décor world, the Mofine Wall Clocks are more than a tick-tock device; it’s an embellishment that can turn any wall into a gallery of vintage whimsy. We believe our homes deserve accessories that are both functional and fashionable, and this clock promises just that. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom or complete your living room setup, it’s a noteworthy contender in the realm of large and unusual wall clocks.

Vintage Bronze Wall Clock, 18-inch, Silent Battery-Operated, for Living Room, Kitchen, Office, Bathroom, Bedroom

Comparison of Large Decorative Wall Clocks

In our quest to beautify our living spaces, a functional yet aesthetic wall clock can be the perfect addition. We’ve curated a collection of unique and stylish wall clocks, each with their own appeal. Here’s what we’ve discovered about the distinct features of these timepieces, along with a comparison table for quick reference.

KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock (Metal Minimalist Modern)

These wall clocks from KEQAM are essentially two variations of the same beautiful design, featuring a large 24-inch metal frame with a minimalist world map. They boast silent, non-ticking quartz movements for a calm environment and simple installation. These clocks are versatile, fitting well in various room settings, and make fabulous gifts.

FLEBLE Large Wall Clock with Pendulum

The FLEBLE wall clock distinguishes itself with a pendulum design, crafted from environmentally friendly painted MDF. Its unique style makes it an eye-catcher for any room. At 25.2 x 13.39 inches, it’s a statement piece that also uses a silent quartz mechanism.

Sorbus Decorative Large 24-Inch Wall Clock

Sorbus offers us a vintage industrial modern rustic clock, complete with Roman numerals. This oversized wall clock fits a variety of decor styles and serves multiple purposes in home decoration. Lightweight and easy to hang, it requires 1 AA battery and measures approximately 23.62 inches in diameter.

WONZOM 12 Inch Modern Wall Clock

Our WONZOM option is a modern, stylish piece featuring gold Arabic numerals on tempered glass, ideal for kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms. At just 12 inches, this clock is smaller but promises a silent, non-ticking environment and clear visibility.

CIGERA 16 Inch Kitchen Wall Clock with Spoons and Forks

This CIGERA clock is unique with its spoons and forks design. It’s a conversational piece that measures 16 inches in diameter, perfect for kitchens or dining areas. This clock is known for its silent operation and readability from a distance.

JUGV 28 Inch Metal Petals Dial Glass Wall Clock

JUGV offers a handcrafted metal clock with a whopping 27.56-inch size. It’s adorned with 87 pieces of crystals and presents a silent quartz movement. Its modern design will enhance the decor of any personal or professional space.

Mofine 18 Inch Vintage Wall Clock

The Mofine wall clock features an antique bronze carved frame giving it a classic vintage look. At 18 inches, this piece is both functional and decorative with a silent quartz mechanism. It’s an easily readable clock that adds charm to any room.

Below is the comparison table for a quick overview of the significant distinctions of each product.

Feature KEQAM (World Map) FLEBLE Sorbus WONZOM CIGERA JUGV Mofine
Design/Style Metal World Map Wooden Pendulum Vintage Industrial Modern Glass Spoons and Forks Metal Petals Vintage
Silent Mechanism Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size (Diameter/Dimensions) 24 inches 25.2 x 13.39 inches 23.62 inches 12 inches 16 inches 27.56 inches 18 inches
Battery Required 1 AA (not included) 2 AA (not included) 1 AA (not included) 1 AA (not included) 1 AA (not included) 1 AA (not included) Unknown
Suitable Room Placement Multiple Areas Living Room, Bedroom Versatile Living Room, Kitchen Kitchen, Dinning Hall Living Room, Office Living Room, Bedroom
Unique Feature World Map Design Pendulum Oversized Roman Numerals Tempered Glass Creative Utensil Design Handmade with Crystals Antique Bronze Frame
Weight/Installation Lightweight/Easy Installation Lightweight/Easy Hanging Lightweight/Easy Hanging Lightweight/Easy Hang Lightweight/Easy Hang Handmade/Requires Hanging Unknown

In our review, we’ve found that no matter your taste or the theme of your room, there’s a clock here that will meet your needs for both style and functionality. Whether you favor sleek and modern or rustic and vintage, these clocks promise to be silently present, marking the passage of time while complementing your decor.

Conclusion of Our Wall Clock Review Round-Up

After thoroughly examining and comparing eight different wall clocks, each with their unique style and functionality, we’ve come to a few conclusions that we think you’ll find valuable when choosing the perfect timepiece for your space.

KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clocks

We reviewed two variants of the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock, both featuring a minimalist metal design and a sizeable 24-inch display. The silent, non-ticking mechanism is a huge plus for those of us who prefer a quiet environment. These clocks are versatile pieces that double as functional art for spaces like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, or even a school.

Drawback: While their large size is impressive, make sure you have ample wall space to accommodate them.

FLEBLE Large Wall Clock

The FLEBLE Square White Wood wall clock brings an elegant touch to any room with its silent pendulum and decorative squares. It has a distinctive appearance that fits well within a modern décor scheme.

Drawback: Its pendulum feature, albeit silent, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially in a minimalistic setting.

Sorbus Decorative Large Wall Clock

The Sorbus clocks offers a vintage industrial charm with its oversized Roman numerals and rustic farmhouse style. It’s an eye-catching 24-inch clock that can act as a focal point in your room.

Drawback: Due to its rustic style, it may not complement ultra-modern or minimalistic interiors.

WONZOM 12 Inch Modern Wall Clock

This is an aesthetic black and gold clock that’s designed for smaller spaces where its vibrant design can stand out. It’s also versatile enough for various rooms, including the bathroom, thanks to its moisture-resistant glass.

Drawback: If you need a large clock for visibility from a distance, this 12-inch option might not be suitable.

CIGERA 16 Inch Kitchen Wall Clock

The CIGERA wall clock features an innovative design with spoons and forks, instantly making it a conversation starter. It’s a playful addition specifically aimed at kitchen décor.

Drawback: Its theme restricts its placement to the kitchen, making it less versatile than other options.

JUGV 28.0 Inch Wall Clock

JUGV boasts a silent, metal petals dial that’s a standout piece, especially in minimalist or contemporary decor. It’s sized generously at 28 inches ensuring visibility across larger rooms.

Drawback: Its size may be too imposing for smaller rooms or spaces with a lot of wall art.

Mofine Vintage Wall Clock

The Mofine Vintage Wall Clock is an 18-inch bronze beauty with silent operation, perfect for those wanting a mix of vintage and rustic without the ticking noise.

Drawback: The color and style might not be to everyone’s liking, especially if you have a more contemporary taste.

Our Recommendation

For those of us seeking an artistic yet functional addition to our homes, the KEQAM Large World Map Wall Clock is our top pick for its modern aesthetic and sizable presence. However, if you prefer something more quaint and furniture-like, the FLEBLE and Sorbus options are excellent for their distinctive styles.

For the kitchen, the CIGERA clock isn’t just practical, it adds a whimsical touch to your cooking space. And for a smaller, yet striking option, the WONZOM fits perfectly.

In essence, our collective needs and aesthetic preferences are key in choosing the right wall clock. Whether it’s for a personal space, a professional environment, or a gift, there’s a style out there that’s the perfect fit for us. But always remember to consider the size of the clock in relation to your space before making the final decision. Happy clock hunting!

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