8 Most Unique Wall Clock for Children’s Bedroom: Kid-Approved Tick-Tock!

Transform your child’s bedroom into a playful haven! Explore our collection of 8 wall clocks for children’s bedroom, blending fun and functionality seamlessly. Shop now!

Turn your child’s bedroom into a whimsical wonderland with our thoughtfully curated selection of 8 wall clocks for children’s bedroom. Beyond mere timekeeping, these clocks are designed to be vibrant, fun, and the perfect addition to any children’s bedroom. From playful designs to enchanting motifs, each clock on our list is crafted to captivate young imaginations and foster a sense of joy.

Join us on a journey to explore how these 8 wall clocks for children’s bedrooms can not only help teach the importance of time but also become delightful focal points that add character and charm to their special space.

CIGERA 12″ Kids Learning Wall Clock with 3D Colorful Numbers, Silent, Battery-Powered, Ideal for Classroom, Homeschool, Playroom, and Bedroom


When decorating our children’s bedrooms, we always search for items that are not just visually appealing, but also functional and educational. The CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock is designed to tackle that very task. It’s more than just a timepiece; it’s a learning tool for kids who are learning to tell time.

What draws us to this product is its blend of simplicity and educational value. It’s not every day that you find a wall clock that caters specifically to our kids’ learning needs, while also being a stylish addition to their space. And let’s face it, as parents and caregivers, we love when useful resources double as charming décor.

The CIGERA Wall Clock shines with its 3D colorful dial which is not just visually engaging, but also constructed with learning in mind. The hands for hour, minute, and second are distinctly marked to simplify understanding and quicker learning for our kids. Additionally, terms like ‘quarter past,’ ‘half past,’ and ‘quarter to’ are clearly indicated. With ease, our kids can glance at the clock from across the room, thanks to its 12-inch white clock face and different color marked numbers.

Another feature we love is its silent battery-operated movement. No ticking means no distractions, which is perfect for bedrooms or classrooms where concentration is key. Plus, hanging it is as simple as can be with a big hole on the back of the clock, making it a hassle-free addition to any wall. As parentswe also appreciate the energy-saving aspect, advocating for the use of 1*AA Carbon Battery to power the clock.

As far as quality goes, we find the CIGERA Wall Clock to be quite reliable. It seems sturdy enough to withstand the occasional bumps it might receive in a playful kid’s room. The company’s confidence in their product is evidenced by their 100% Guarantee – an offer to refund or replace, which speaks volumes about the clock’s durability and quality.

  • Educational design specifically for kids learning to tell time
  • Large, clear display with colors and 3D numbers for easy reading
  • Silent operation for a disturbance-free environment
  • Easy to install with a big hole at the back for hanging
  • Energy-efficient, recommended to use with a carbon battery
  • Limited in design options—fitting in with all décor styles may be a challenge
  • Batteries not included may require immediate additional purchase

We believe the CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock offers a great combination of education and design, making it an excellent choice for both classrooms and children’s bedrooms. It’s a product that not only tells the time but also teaches it in the most colorful and engaging way possible.

CIGERA 12 Kids Learning Wall Clock with 3D Colorful Numbers, Silent, Battery-Powered, Ideal for Classroom, Homeschool, Playroom, and Bedroom

Kids Learning Clock – Easy Time-Telling Teaching Wall Clock – Silent, Decorative Clock for Children’s Bedroom

OysterPop Learning Clock for Kids - Telling Time Teaching Clock - Kids Wall Clocks for Bedrooms - Kids Room Wall Decor - Silent Analog Kids Clock for Teaching Time - Kids Learn to Tell Time Easily

When we think of children’s bedrooms, we often think of comfort, playfulness, and learning. And that’s exactly why the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock stands out as a delightful addition to any young one’s room. The clock doesn’t just tell time; it’s a visual tool that encourages kids to learn the minutes, hours, and even quarters of the clock, which makes it a fantastic educational accessory.

There are plenty of things to love about this wall clock. Our favorite aspect is how it combines functionality with education. We’re always on the lookout for teaching tools that integrate seamlessly into everyday life, and this clock checks that box beautifully. The non-distracting, silent operation is a godsend – no more annoying ticking sounds during story time or while the little ones drift off to sleep.

The Oyster&Pop Learning Clock isn’t just another pretty face hanging on the wall. It’s a kid-friendly learning device designed by a team of educators and parents who know a thing or two about making education fun. The clock face is clear, colorful, and full of helpful annotations that explain the hands of the clock and the divisions of time. Plus, it comes with a free e-book that offers interactive ways to teach time, ramping up the fun factor.

What’s more, the clock is designed with a kid-safe acrylic face and requires only a single AA battery to operate. And let’s not forget the attractive gift box it comes in, making it an ideal present for birthdays or as a reward for budding time-tellers.

Oyster&Pop didn’t cut any corners with this learning clock. The quality shines through, from its rich, engaging colors that beckon children’s attention, to its sturdy construction with a kid-safe acrylic face. It’s a product built to withstand the rigors of a child’s bedroom or a buzzing classroom environment, ensuring that it’s not only a learning tool but also a lasting piece of room decor.

Like any product, the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock for Kids has its highs and lows:


  • Designed with input from teachers and parents for optimal learning.
  • Silent operation perfect for maintaining a peaceful bedroom ambiance.
  • Comes with a free e-book for enhanced learning opportunities.
  • Attractive design that fits well with various decor themes.
  • Simple battery operation with just one AA battery.


  • Battery not included, which requires a separate purchase.
  • The engaging features and colors might be distracting for some children during downtime, depending on their temperament and age.

We’re smitten with the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock, but more importantly, we believe it’s a valuable addition to any kid’s learning journey, striking an ideal balance between teaching utility and whimsical decor. Whether used in a homehomeschool room, or classroom, this clock holds the promise of making time-telling a fun and interactive experience.

Kids Learning Clock - Easy Time-Telling Teaching Wall Clock - Silent, Decorative Clock for Childrens Bedroom

Kids Wall Clock – Silent Teaching Clock for Learning Time (10 inch)

VREAONE Kids Wall Clock-Silent Analogue Classroom Clock -Telling Time Teaching Clock for Kids-Clock Learning for Kids,Kids Learn That Time is Easily(10 inch)

When we think about what makes a child’s bedroom both functional and fun, a wall clock tailored for their environment is a must-have. The VREAONE Kids Wall Clock specifically caters to this need by serving a dual purpose. It’s designed not only to tell time but also to help children learn how to read the clock. The blend of its practical application in time-telling with the educational aspect makes this wall clock an invaluable addition to any children’s bedroomclassroom, or playroom.

the VREAONE Kids Wall Clock resonates with us because it’s more than just a tool to tell time; it’s a learning aid. We appreciate products that are thoughtfully designed with kids in mind, and the attention to detail here is evident. The silent analogue clock doesn’t make a ticking sound, which means no unnecessary distractions for little ones trying to concentrate on their lessons, or when they’re winding down to sleep.

This teaching clock is designed to be clearly marked, easy to comprehend for children, with colorful numbers and hands that stand out against a clean white background. The intention is to simplify the learning process for kids, offering a bright and engaging yet concise layout that facilitates learning quicker than traditional methods. As practical as it is educational, its Silent Sweep Movement ensures a quiet environment, which is perfect for classroomsplayrooms, and especially the nursery during naptime.

The 10-inch size is large enough for easy visibility but compact enough to fit comfortably on any wall. The Silver frame around the clock gives it a sleek and modern look, complementing various room decors.

For us, the overall quality of the VREAONE Kids Wall Clock is rooted in its design and function. The sturdy build and silent operation are precisely what we look for in a clock meant for kids’ spaces. It strikes the right balance between a teaching tool and an item of room decor which is neither too loud nor overlooked.

  • Easy to read design helps kids learn to tell time quickly.
  • Quiet and distraction-free thanks to the non-ticking movement.
  • Colorful and attractive layout, suitable for various room themes.
  • Educational and practical, combining learning with everyday use.
  • A singular design might not appeal to all children’s personal preferences.
  • As with any wall clock, battery replacements are necessary over time.

With the VREAONE Kids Wall Clock, we believe that the pros far outweigh the cons. It offers a seamless way to blend education and practicality, ensuring that learning how to tell time becomes an enjoyable and integral part of a child’s day-to-day life. We’re confident that this is a product capable of serving your child’s learning curve while adding a touch of style to their space.

Kids Wall Clock - Silent Teaching Clock for Learning Time (10 inch)

Kids Learning Wall Clock – Silent Analog Clock for Teaching Time in Bedrooms, Classrooms, and Playrooms

Telling Time Teaching Clock - Learning Clock for Kids - Kids Wall Clocks for Bedrooms - Kids Wall Clock- Silent Analog Kids Clock for Teaching Time ,for School Classrooms Playrooms and Kids Bedrooms

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, a wall clock serves more than just the functional purpose of telling time; it’s also an educational tool that introduces the concept of timekeeping in a fun and engaging way. Our Telling Time Teaching Clock is specifically designed to help young ones learn how to tell the time efficiently.

We’ve seen firsthand how challenging it can be for children to grasp the concept of time, which is why our clock is more than just an accessory. It’s a learning device that converts a daunting task into an enjoyable activity.🕓

There are numerous reasons why we’re big fans of this Learning Clock for Kids. First and foremost, the clock is incredibly kid-friendly; the large, colorful numbers and hands make differentiating between hours and minutes simpler. The quiet non-ticking mechanism ensures an undisturbed sleep or playtime, making it perfect for any time of the day.

The vibrant, colorful design doesn’t just catch the eye, it also serves an educational purpose, helping kids to distinguish different segments of the clock quickly.

Our Kids Wall Clock isn’t just another piece of wall art; it comes with a plethora of features tailored to support early education. The Silver frame learning clock is a generous 10-inch analog clock, boasting a clear white face that displays large, colorful numbers, and fingers are easy to read. Its silent analog design makes it a peaceful addition to kids’ bedrooms or educational settings such as classrooms and homeschooling environments.

The clock strikes the perfect balance between being attention-grabbing and not overly stimulative so that your child can focus on learning at their own pace without unnecessary distractions.

In our opinion, the overall quality of this Kids Wall Clock exemplifies durability, functionality, and educational value. The stylish Silver frame complements most decor themes, and the silent sweep movement reflects meticulous craftsmanship.

Our Promise to You is more than just words on a page; it’s a testament to the trust we have in the quality and effectiveness of our teaching clocks.

Every product has its highs and lows, and our goal is to be transparent about ours.


  • Encourages independent learning in telling time
  • Bright and engaging, without being distracting
  • Silent operation ensures no sleep disruption
  • Colorful, child-friendly aesthetics
  • Ideal for a wide range of learning environments


  • While the size is perfect for hands-on learning, a larger option could be useful for bigger spaces
  • Depending on wall space, the clock’s placement may need consideration for optimal visibility and instructional use

Rest assured, we stand by our friendly and hassle-free customer care. Should you find any reason not to be 100% delighted with your new educational clock, we are here to help make things right! 🎁✨

Kids Learning Wall Clock - Silent Analog Clock for Teaching Time in Bedrooms, Classrooms, and Playrooms

Colorful 10-Inch Kids Wall Clock with Silent Movement, Easy-to-Read 3D Numbers, Battery Powered – White Frame

VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock 10 Inch Silent Non Ticking Quality Quartz Battery Operated Wall Clocks, Easy to Read 3D Multi Colored Numbers Nursery Classroom Office Kitchen, White Frame

When it comes to our children’s education and development, we’re always on the lookout for tools that can support their growth in a fun and engaging way. That’s why we’re particularly excited to talk about the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock – an educational and decorative addition to any child’s bedroom, playroom, or classroom setting. Designed with kids in mind, the primary use of this clock is to help children learn to tell the time with ease while also brightening up their space.

There’s a lot to love about the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock. We appreciate that it’s been thoughtfully designed with learning in mind. The colorful 3D numbers are distinct and inviting, catching the eyes of little ones and fostering an environment where learning to tell the time is not just educational, but also fun. Another significant advantage is its silent operation. We all know how distracting a ticking clock can be, and thankfully, this clock doesn’t have that problem, making it ideal for environments where concentration is key.

The VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock is more just than a tool to tell the time; it is a teaching device that simplifies an essential life skill for children. Its key features include:

  • Clearly Marked, Colorful And Easy To Read: Each number is in a different color and designed to stand out, making it easy for children to differentiate and learn.
  • Silent Non-Ticking Quartz movement ensures a distraction-free environment.
  • Easy to Read from a distance thanks to its 10 Inch display and clear glasses.
  • Designed to be engaging: perfect for classrooms, playrooms, and children’s bedrooms.

The intention behind the clock is to merge functionality with education, and it serves this purpose remarkably well.

In judging the overall quality of the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock, we’ve assessed both its design and function. It’s built to be both attractive and durable, with a white frame that easily fits into various room decors. The quality quartz movement ensures accuracy and reliability, which is exactly what we want in a time-teaching tool for our kids.

To help you weigh your options, let’s look at some pros and cons.

  • Multi-Colored Numbers: Each hour is represented by a different color which aids visual learning.
  • Silent Operation: Ensures that children won’t be distracted or kept awake by ticking.
  • Educational: Supports children in learning how to tell the time in an interactive manner.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a range of spaces from bedrooms to classrooms.
  • Gift-Worthy: Makes a delightful and practical gift for kids, parents, and teachers.
  • Aesthetic: While colorful and engaging for children, the design might not appeal to everyone’s taste for home decor.
  • Requires a battery: As it is battery operated, you’ll need to have the appropriate battery type on hand.

All in all, the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock adds value beyond just telling the time. It’s a clock that doesn’t just fill a space on the wall but rather, it helps fill a child’s world with color, learning, and silent, timely precision. Whether it’s for your own home or as a gift, this clock might just be the teaching tool you didn’t know you needed.

Colorful 10-Inch Kids Wall Clock with Silent Movement, Easy-to-Read 3D Numbers, Battery Powered - White Frame

Owlconic Analog Wall Clock for Kids Bedroom and Learning

OWLCONIC Kids Clock, Analog Clock Kids, Toddler Clock Toy, Kids Learning Clock, Kids Clocks for Bedrooms, Playroom Wall Decor, Classroom Clock, Kids Wall Clock

When we think of a wall clock for a child’s bedroom, we envision a simple time-telling device. But, the OWLCONIC Kids Clock is more than just a clock; it’s an educational tool that supports our kids in learning how to read time effectively. In our modern digital age, it’s easy to overlook the importance of analog time comprehension, but with this clock, our little ones can engage in a hands-on learning adventure right in their own room.

We’ve fallen in love with the OWLCONIC Kids Clock, not only because of its aesthetically pleasing design, but because it’s specifically crafted to foster learning. Unlike conventional clocks, this one is equipped with unique features like colorful numbers and clearly marked hands, which make it fun and easy for kids to grasp the concept of time.

What really sets this clock apart for us is its silent operation. We appreciate the hushed mechanism because, let’s face it, we all treasure those quiet moments, especially in the sanctity of our children’s bedrooms. It’s the quiet, educational companion every child’s room deserves.

At its core, the OWLCONIC Kids Clock serves to help children understand the passage of time itself, which is a vital life skill. For kids ages 5-7 and up, this clock is a must-have educational resource. It goes beyond the basics with features that do more than just tell time:

  • visual learning experience with a color-coded face and marked hands for easy differentiation.
  • Phrases like “O’clock” and “Half Past” incorporated to reinforce proper time-related terminology.
  • An ideal tool for both home and education settings, fit for classrooms or homeschooling environments.

The quality of the OWLCONIC Kids Clock is impressive. Built to aid in both education and room decor, this clock serves a dual purpose. It’s sturdy, reliable, and designed to endure the hands-on approach children are sure to take. Durability is key in any child-related product, and this clock meets the bar for lasting through countless learning sessions.

Like every product, the OWLCONIC Kids Clock has its own set of advantages and drawbacks:

  • Engaging design that makes learning to tell time a joyful experience.
  • Quiet operation – absolutely silent mechanism for undisturbed learning and rest.
  • Serves as a multi-functional tool – it’s not just a clock, but also a classroom aid and colorful playroom decor.
  • Uses the language of time which instills proper terminology from an early stage.
  • Analog clocks in general have a learning curve; it might initially be more challenging for children accustomed to digital time displays.
  • Dependent on the individual child’s learning pace, additional resources or guidance may be needed to fully utilize the clock’s educational potential.

By integrating the OWLCONIC Kids Clock into our children’s daily routines, we are not only decorating their space but also investing in their foundational learning. We recommend giving it a try – your children may just discover a newfound appreciation for the ticking hands of time.

Owlconic Analog Wall Clock for Kids Bedroom and Learning

Foxtop Silent Wall Clock for Kids – 12 Inch, Non-Ticking, Battery Operated, Colorful Clock for Classroom, Playroom, Nursery, and Bedrooms

Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock 12 Inch Non-Ticking Battery Operated Colorful Childrens Clock for Classroom Playroom Nursery Bedrooms Kids Room School

When we think about designing a child’s bedroom, we aim to create a space that’s both playful and educational. The Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock fits this bill perfectly as it not only brightens up the room with its vibrant colors but also serves as a great educational tool. The primary use of this clock is to help kids learn to tell time while keeping their environment tranquil without the distracting tick-tock sound.

We’ve come across many clocks, but there’s something special about the Foxtop wall clock that makes us like it so much. The silence is golden – quite literally, as it doesn’t emit the incessant ticking sound that can disturb a child’s focus or sleep. Plus, its design is just so cheery and fun that it’s like having a little bit of joy on the wall. We believe this clock has the perfect balance of form and function for a child’s room.

This wall clock brings the feeling of youth with its rich colors and playful aesthetic. It’s ideal for children’s room decoration, adding just the right amount of whimsy and color to any space.

The precision Quartz Sweep Movement ensures the clock tells the correct time and does so silently, creating a noise-free environment. This is crucial for a peaceful atmosphere for kids to sleep, study, and play in.

Featuring large numbers and a clear acrylic front cover, this colorful wall clock is designed to be easily readable from any angle, which is great for kids who are just starting to understand time.

The installation is a breeze with the included hook, and the wide slot in back for easy hanging. It’s battery-powered and only requires one AA zinc carbon battery. It’s important to note that certain batteries may affect the clock’s lifespan and accuracy.

The overall quality of the Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock is fantastic. It’s durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing – perfect for a child’s bedroom. The quality is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty against defective parts, which speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

  • The silent operation is perfect for a peaceful environment.
  • The vibrant design adds a playful touch to any room.
  • Easy to hang and use with minimal setup.
  • Readable and educational for children learning to tell time.
  • Batteries not included, and type of battery used may affect functionality.
  • While the design is ideal for kids, it may not be suitable for more mature or minimalistic room decors.

Ours is a world where childhood memories are often linked with the little things in a room – and we believe this wall clock will be a colorful part of those memories.

Foxtop Silent Wall Clock for Kids - 12 Inch, Non-Ticking, Battery Operated, Colorful Clock for Classroom, Playroom, Nursery, and Bedrooms

DreamSky Kids Learning Clock – Silent, Colorful 10-Inch Wall Clock for Teaching Time, Suitable for Bedroom, Classroom, or Playroom

DreamSky Teaching Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time - Silent Analog Clock for Kids Room Decor/Bedroom/Classroom/Playroom, 10 Inches Colorful Wall Clock Helps Kids Easier to Tell Time

Our focus today centers on the DreamSky Teaching Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time, an essential utility and a decorative piece for any child’s bedroom. It presents a unique and interactive way for children to grasp the concept of time-telling.

What makes us fond of this product is its child-friendly design, which is not only engaging but also educational. We appreciate how it transforms the commonplace act of checking the time into an enriching learning experience for kids.

The DreamSky Teaching Clock has been meticulously crafted to aid children in learning to tell the time. Each hour is denoted by a distinct color, simplifying the process for young minds. What’s more, the minutes are clearly labeled, ensuring that your child can identify them with ease.

Its primary function extends beyond merely indicating time – it is a teaching device that enables positive interactions between kids and their parents or educators. The concept is to equip children with the ability to confidently read analog clocks.

  • Diverse Hour Colors and Minute Labels: Each hour marks a new hue on the clock face, and the minutes are labeled to foster interest in time-telling.
  • Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism: Ensuring a peaceful atmosphere, the clock operates quietly, ideal for sleep and concentration.
  • Teaching Friendly Design: With distinct hands for hours and minutes, it’s optimized for educational purposes.
  • Battery Operated Ease: Simply requires a single AA battery (not included) for long-term use.
  • Vibrant Room Decor: The colorful clock face doubles as a delightful accent for a child’s bedroomplayroom, or classroom.

Upon inspection, the DreamSky Teaching Clock reveals itself as a well-crafted item demonstrating both functionality and visual appeal. Its sturdiness implies durability, suggesting this clock can be a longstanding learning companion for your child.

  • Engaging and colorful design tailored for children.
  • Silent operation to provide a disturbance-free environment.
  • A powerful educational tool that simplifies time-telling.
  • Convenient and easy to install, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Requires the purchase of an AA battery, as it is not included with the clock.
  • The plethora of colors, while beneficial for differentiation, may overwhelm younger children initially.

Ultimately, the DreamSky Teaching Clock stands out as an invaluable asset to support a child’s cognitive development. Its multifaceted design that combines education with decor makes it a unique addition to any young learner’s space.

DreamSky Kids Learning Clock - Silent, Colorful 10-Inch Wall Clock for Teaching Time, Suitable for Bedroom, Classroom, or Playroom

Comparison of Kids Learning Wall Clocks

When looking for the perfect wall clock to help kids learn to tell time, there’s a variety of factors we consider. Whether it’s for a classroom setting, homeschooling, playroom, or a child’s bedroom, every clock has its unique features ranging from design to functionality. Let’s dive into the comparison of these 8 engaging and educational wall clocks so that we can make the best choice for our little time-tellers.

Specifications Overview

Below, we’ve laid out the specifications of each product side-by-side to help us differentiate between the key features:

Feature CIGERA 12″ Learning Clock Oyster&Pop Learning Clock VREAONE Kids Wall Clock (1) VREAONE Kids Wall Clock (2) VREAONE Colorful Wall Clock OWLCONIC Analog Clock Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock DreamSky Teaching Clock
Design 3D Colorful Dial Colorful, Labeled Hands Colorful, Simple Colorful, Simple 3D Multi Colored Numbers Color-Coded Design Colorful Children’s Design Colorful, Labeled Hands
Size 12 Inch 10 Inch 10 Inch 10 Inch 10 Inch 10 Inch (Size Not Stated) 12 Inch 10 Inch
Silent Operation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Learning Features Marked Hands, ¼ Hour Marks Labelled Minutes/Quarters Clear, Large Numbers Clear, Large Numbers Different Color Numbers Language of Time Marks Different Color Hours Minute Labels, Color Hours
Ideal For Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom Classroom/Playroom/Nursery Classroom/Playroom/Bedroom
Battery Type 1*AA (Not Included) 1*AA (Not Included) 1*AA (Not Included) 1*AA (Not Included) 1*AA (Not Included) 1*AA (Not Stated) 1*AA Zinc Carbon (Not Included) 1*AA (Not Included)
Additional Features Easy to Hang Free e-book, Gift Box Stylish Silver Frame Stylish Silver Frame White Frame Visual Experience Design Easy to Hang, Colorful Numbers Easy to Hang
Guarantee Refund/Replace Hassle-Free Care Hassle-Free Care Hassle-Free Care Hassle-Free Care Hassle-Free Care Full Satisfaction Hassle-Free Care

Key Points of Each Product

  • CIGERA 12″ Learning Clock: This clock comes with a large 12″ surface and colorful 3D numbers that enhance visibility and attraction for kids. It’s silent and comes with marked hands, a feature that’s particularly useful for teaching time. Additionally, this clock is praised for being easy to hang.
  • Oyster&Pop Learning Clock: This clock is not only colorful and silent, but it has labeled minute and quarter hands, and it comes with a free e-book to aid learning. It’s also a compact 10″ size and comes with its own fun gift box which can be quite appealing.
  • VREAONE Kids Wall Clock (1): VREAONE offers a simple yet effective 10″ analog clock with large colorful numbers and hands. The clock is also non-ticking, ensuring a silent environment which is ideal for concentration.
  • VREAONE Kids Wall Clock (2): This is very similar to the first VREAONE clock but emphasizes its stylish silver frame.
  • VREAONE Colorful Wall Clock: Another 10″ variant from VREAONE with the added feature of different color marked 3D numbers, which may appeal more to visual learners.
  • OWLCONIC Analog Clock: Unique for its emphasis on the language of time and visual experience, this clock is designed to be both a teaching tool and a piece of room decor. The exact size isn’t given, but it details how time language helps with learning.
  • Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock: This 12″ non-ticking clock features a colorful design with large numbers for clear visibility. It’s also easy to hang and requires only a single AA zinc carbon battery.
  • DreamSky Teaching Clock: With its colorful face and clearly labeled minute and hour sections, this 10″ clock makes learning to tell time fun and easy. The silent operation is a bonus for those preferring a quiet learning environment.

Concluding Thoughts

Our research and comparison of these 8 children’s learning wall clocks reveal that, while they all serve the fundamental purpose of teaching time, each has their nuances. From the stylish frames of the VREAONE clocks to the color-coded analog clock by OWLCONIC, we’ll be able to select the clock that best fits our space and educational needs. Whether prioritizing silent operation, visual appeal, or additional teaching aids, there’s a wall clock in this collection to meet and exceed our expectations.

Our Comprehensive Review of Kids’ Learning Clocks

In our exploration of the various kids’ learning clocks on the market, we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing eight unique products, each bringing something special to the table. From silent, non-ticking mechanisms to colorful, 3D dials, these clocks are designed with little learners in mind.

CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock for Kids

We found the CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock to be engaging with its 3D colorful dial. It’s not just attractive to look at but also operates silently, so it won’t disturb naps or concentration. Ideal for classrooms or playrooms, the only drawback is its size, which might be too large for some spaces.

Oyster&Pop Learning Clock for Kids

The Oyster&Pop Learning Clock has a chic design that fits well with modern kids’ room decor. It’s great for teaching time with its clear and straightforward markings. Our only gripe is that its minimalist style might not be as engaging for very young children.

VREAONE Kids Wall Clock

The VREAONE Kids Wall Clock is another silent contender. Its classic design reminds us of what you’d typically find in a classroom. It’s functional and easy to read, though some may find its aesthetic a bit less fun compared to the other options.

Telling Time Teaching Clock

This teaching clock is a no-frills option that does the job well. It’s simple, making it less distracting for kids who are easily overwhelmed. However, it lacks the vibrant colors that can attract a child’s attention and aid their learning.

VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock

The VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock is a hit with its vivid, 3D numbers but remains quiet with a silent ticking mechanism. It’s great for teaching and brightening up a room, although we noticed that the included frame may feel a bit flimsy.


Analog learning clocks don’t come much more user-friendly than this. The OWLCONIC clock is designed to be approachable for little ones, with distinct color coding and graphics. It’s less about decor, though, and more about educational value.

Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock

The Foxtop Kids Clock, with its bold color palette, is a visual treat and a clear educational tool. It’s perhaps a bit basic in design but does the job silently and efficiently.

DreamSky Teaching Clock for Kids

Finally, the DreamSky Teaching Clock impressed us with its colorful and inviting face. It’s the perfect size for most rooms, and we love that it’s silent. However, it might be a tad simple for kids who are further along in their time-telling journey.

Our Verdict

Overall, each clock has its strengths, whether it’s in educational value, decor appeal, or quiet operation. Despite some drawbacks, such as the less-than-robust frames and varying levels of engagement depending on design, all of these clocks serve their primary purpose—to help kids learn to tell time.

For parents and educators looking for a clock that strikes an excellent balance between functionality, appeal, and educational value, we recommend the CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time or the OWLCONIC Kids Clock. Both are designed specifically with education in mind and have engaging features that can cater to different stages of learning.

For those seeking a clock that’s as much about style as it is about learning, the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock for Kids may be your best bet, as its sleek design can complement a modern bedroom.

Let’s not forget that every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. It’s essential to consider the individual needs of the child and the space where the clock will be used. Whether you choose a clock with more whimsical designs or one that’s straightforward and practical, the goal is to create a fun and effective learning environment for those eager young minds.

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