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wall clock for kids room

Transform your kids’ rooms into magical spaces! Discover our collection of 8 wall clock for kids room, adding whimsy and fun to every moment. Shop now.

Step into a world of imagination and playfulness as we present a handpicked selection of 8 wall clock for kids room designed specifically to adorn the rooms of the little ones. These aren’t just timepieces; they are gateways to a realm of creativity and joy. Each clock on our list is carefully crafted to captivate young minds, featuring vibrant colors, whimsical designs, and themes that spark the imagination.

Join us on a journey to discover how these 8 wall clocks can effortlessly blend functionality with fun, transforming your kids’ rooms into magical spaces where timekeeping becomes an enchanting adventure.

CIGERA 12-Inch Silent Kids Wall Clock with Colorful 3D Numbers, for Learning Time, Ideal for Classroom, Homeschool, Playroom, and Bedroom Decor

CIGERA 12 Wall Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time with 3D Colorful Dial, Silent Battery Operated Movement, Great Wall Decor for Classroom, Homeschool, Playroom and Kids Bedroom

When we think about the CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock for Kids, the primary use that comes to mind is its incredible ability to help children learn to tell time with ease. This isn’t just another piece of wall decor; it’s a functional educational tool tailored specifically for our little ones’ bedrooms, homeschool settings, playrooms, or even classrooms.

We have a special place in our hearts for products that combine functionality with education, and the CIGERA Wall Clock fits this perfectly. Its 3D colorful dial isn’t only visually appealing to a child’s eye but also practically designed to aid in the learning process. What we especially appreciate is how it creates a learning environment that’s quiet and unobtrusive, thanks to its silent battery operated movement.

This clock is much more than just a time-telling device; it’s a learning companion for our kids. Its special design comes with marked hour, minute, and second hands to help youngsters differentiate between them quickly. Additionally, the quarter past, half past, and quarter to are also marked, which reinforces the concept of time with every glance.

The 12 Inch white clock face is designed to be easy to read even from a distance, with different color marked 3D numbers and clear glass. We find this feature particularly helpful for classrooms or playrooms where kids may be scattered at various distances from the clock. Additionally, its silent operation means kids can focus without any ticking distraction, making it perfect for both rest and study environments.

In terms of overall quality, this CIGERA Wall Clock strikes us as being well-made. The materials feel sturdy, lending confidence that it can withstand the energetic atmosphere of a kids’ room or classroom. Plus, hanging it is a breeze with the big hole at the back of the clock, adding to its convenience factor.

  • Educational: Aides in teaching kids how to tell time effectively.
  • Visibility: Large size and clear, colorful markings make it easy to read.
  • Silent Operation: Non-ticking mechanism ensures a distraction-free environment.
  • Home Decor: Attractive design that doubles as wall decor.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to hang and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.
  • Battery Not Included: Requires purchase of a 1*AA Carbon Battery separately.
  • Durability: While sturdy, kids’ rooms are high-traffic areas, so the longevity is to be truly tested.

The CIGERA Wall Clock isn’t just a keeper of time; it’s a tool that shapes our kids’ understanding of time itself. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we feel reassured in recommending this product to other parents and educators looking for a reliable, educational, and attractive time-teaching solution.

CIGERA 12-Inch Silent Kids Wall Clock with Colorful 3D Numbers, for Learning Time, Ideal for Classroom, Homeschool, Playroom, and Bedroom Decor

Kids Learning Clock – Easy Time-Telling Wall Clock for Bedrooms – Quiet, Educational Decor

OysterPop Learning Clock for Kids - Telling Time Teaching Clock - Kids Wall Clocks for Bedrooms - Kids Room Wall Decor - Silent Analog Kids Clock for Teaching Time - Kids Learn to Tell Time Easily

When we think of a kids’ room, what comes to mind is a space filled with colors, imagination, and elements that foster learning and creativity. One such essential item is the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock. Its primary use is not only to tell the time but also to teach children how to do so in a fun and engaging manner. After all, learning should be as enjoyable as play time, and with this clock, we achieve just that – a seamless blend of education and decoration.

We’re really fond of products that hit the sweet spot between practicality and aesthetics, and the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock does just that. What catches our eye is how it turns a mundane task into an interactive learning experience. We like that it’s been designed with kids in mind, using vibrant colors and clear, easy-to-read labels that invite curiosity and prompt learning. Plus, the silence of its non-ticking mechanism means it can hang on the bedroom wall without causing any distraction.

The Oyster&Pop Learning Clock stands out with its purpose-driven design. Archered towards aiding children in grasping the concept of time, it features labeled minute hands and quarters, which demystify the often-confusing task of reading an analog clock.

  • Designed by Teachers and Parents: This ensures that the clock’s design is educational and child-friendly.
  • Silent Analog Mechanism: Ensures there’s no distracting ticking sound.
  • Kid Safe Acrylic Face: Durability meets safety, making it ideal for a child’s environment.
  • Colorful and Engaging Design: The wall clock doubles as a charming piece of decor for any kids’ room.
  • Includes a Free E-book: To supplement the learning experience with additional resources.
  • Comes in a Fun Gift Box: Making it a perfect gift for birthdays or other special occasions.

In terms of quality, the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock has impressed us thoroughly. From the thoughtfulness of its silent operation to the sturdiness of its acrylic face designed to withstand a child’s curious hands, it reflects quality. The clock operates with a single AA battery (not included), which is a minor inconvenience compared to the overall durability and functionality of the clock.

  • Effective learning tool for teaching time.
  • Silent and nondisruptive in a kids’ sleeping or learning space.
  • Durable with a kid-safe build.
  • Visually appealing, serving as excellent room decor.
  • Teacher and parent-approved design.
  • Requires the purchase of a battery separately (1 AA battery).
  • May be considered pricier compared to regular clocks (not a disadvantage given its educational value).

In our experience, the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock for Kids is more than just a clock; it’s a teaching device, a silent guardian of time, and a piece of art that brightens up the kids’ room. Our promise to you is back by our confidence in its ability to delight both you and your little ones. If you’re not 100% happy, the friendly customer care team at Oyster&Pop are ready to assist, ensuring your satisfaction with this charming addition to your child’s learning journey.

Kids Learning Clock - Easy Time-Telling Wall Clock for Bedrooms - Quiet, Educational Decor

Kids Learning Wall Clock – Silent 10-inch Analog Clock for Teaching Time

VREAONE Kids Wall Clock-Silent Analogue Classroom Clock -Telling Time Teaching Clock for Kids-Clock Learning for Kids,Kids Learn That Time is Easily(10 inch)

When we outfit the rooms of our little ones, we look for items that combine functionality with an educational twist – that’s where the VREAONE Kids Wall Clock truly shines. It’s the perfect tool for teaching children how to tell time, thanks to its silent analog design that doesn’t disrupt learning with ticking noises.

We’re always on the lookout for products that can make learning fun and engaging for kids. What draws us to this Silent Analogue Classroom Clock is its ability to simplify time-telling. The colorful and easy-to-read elements not only help keep a child’s attention but also enhance their understanding of hours and minutes without overwhelming them.

The VREAONE Kids Wall Clock wasn’t just designed to sit pretty on the wall; it’s a teaching tool at its core. It features a 10-inch analog display with a clear white face and large colorful numbers and fingers to distinguish between hours, minutes, and seconds in the most straightforward manner. Additionally, the Silver frame learning clock is versatile for use in various settings such as classrooms, playrooms, and children’s bedrooms, making it more than just a mere accessory – it’s an integral part of a child’s learning environment.

In terms of quality, this educational clock covers all bases. With its stylish continuous sweep movement, it’s silent – a must-have for any learning or sleeping areas, and it’s constructed to be durable and easy to read. The attention to detail in the design proves that this isn’t just any clock; it’s a thoughtfully crafted item that respects the needs of both children learning time and adults who appreciate quiet and aesthetics.

We believe in giving a balanced view, so let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • The clock is silent, ensuring no distractions from ticking sounds.
  • It boasts a colorful, engaging design that is perfect for children learning to tell time.
  • The size and clarity of the clock make it suitable for classroom settings as well as home use.
  • It serves as a decorative piece while being a practical learning tool.


  • While the design is aimed at children, some might find the colors too childish as they grow, limiting the clock’s lifespan in a child’s room.
  • Depending on the wall color, the Silver frame might not be as universally adaptable in terms of matching room decor.

Ultimately, we’re confident this VREAONE Kids Wall Clock will delight any young learner and ease the journey into telling time with confidence and clarity. Without a doubt, it makes a fantastic gift for kids, parents, and teachers alike. Our promise to you stands firm – if you’re not 100% delighted with this learning clock, customer care is ready to assist.

Kids Learning Wall Clock - Silent 10-inch Analog Clock for Teaching Time

Kids Learning Clock – Silent Wall Clock for Teaching Time in Bedrooms and Classrooms

Telling Time Teaching Clock - Learning Clock for Kids - Kids Wall Clocks for Bedrooms - Kids Wall Clock- Silent Analog Kids Clock for Teaching Time ,for School Classrooms Playrooms and Kids Bedrooms

When decorating a kids’ room, it’s crucial to include elements that are not only visually appealing but also educational. That’s why we are so fond of this Telling Time Teaching Clock. Its primary use is to help children learn how to tell time—an essential skill that establishes a foundation for lifelong learning and everyday tasks.

We adore products that blend function with fun, and this Learning Clock for Kids checks all the right boxes. What’s not to love about a clock that’s silent, engaging, and serves as an educational tool for little ones? It keeps time without the annoying ticking sound, making it ideal for places where concentration and a peaceful atmosphere are pivotal, like playrooms and kids’ bedrooms.

This Kids Wall Clock boasts a sleek Silver frame and a 10 inch analog display that’s just the right size for young eyes. It’s designed with a clear white facelarge colorful numbers, and hands that are easy to distinguish. These features are purpose-built to hold a child’s attention and help them grasp the concept of time with ease.

The clock not only serves as a functional timekeeper but also doubles as a vibrant room decor piece. With its combination of bright colors and engaging design, it turns learning into a visually stimulating experience. It’s suitably versatile to fit into a variety of settings, be it a homeschool room, classroom, or a quiet corner in the playroom.

We are committed to recommending products that are not just visually attractive but also of high caliber. This Silent Analog Kids Clock promises long-lasting durability, smooth operation, and it’s fashioned from materials that are safe for a child-friendly environment. When a product promises quality and delivers on it, that’s a win-win in our books.

  • Clearly marked and easy to read, facilitating quick learning.
  • Colorful design that’s engaging but not distracting.
  • Perfect for classroomsplayrooms, and children’s bedrooms due to its educational and decorative value.
  • Silent with a smooth, continuous movement.
  • Makes a fantastic gift for kids, parents, and teachers alike.
  • Some may prefer a digital clock for their child’s learning journey.
  • The style may not suit every room’s aesthetics.

At the end of the day, we believe in the value of products that make learning seamless and fun. Our educational clock certainly lives up to that, and with our promise of friendly and hassle-free customer care, you can be confident that this addition to your child’s room is as reliable as it is delightful. Should you find yourselves less than 100% satisfied, remember that we’re just a message away, ready to ensure your purchase brings nothing but joy.

Kids Learning Clock - Silent Wall Clock for Teaching Time in Bedrooms and Classrooms

VREAONE 10 Inch Silent Kids Wall Clock with Colorful 3D Numbers and White Frame

VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock 10 Inch Silent Non Ticking Quality Quartz Battery Operated Wall Clocks, Easy to Read 3D Multi Colored Numbers Nursery Classroom Office Kitchen, White Frame

When we look for the perfect wall clock for a child’s room, we seek a combination of functionality and an aid to learning. That’s exactly what the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock offers. It’s designed to be an educational tool that helps children learn to tell time while also serving as a vibrant decorative addition to any nurseryclassroom, or playroom.

We are particularly fond of products that pull double duty, and this wall clock does just that. Besides being a timekeeping device, it acts as an educational instrument. The clock’s design is crafted to attract and maintain a child’s attention with its colorful and easy-to-read numbers. Plus, the silence of the non-ticking mechanism means no distractions or annoying ticking sounds in the calm sanctuary of a kid’s space.

Crafted with children’s learning in mind, the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock stands out with features that are geared towards clarity and ease of understanding. Every aspect of this clock, from its colorful 3D numbers to the 10-inch dial size, is chosen to support the children in grasping the basics of time telling. Unlike other clocks that tick loudly, this one is silent, ensuring that kids can concentrate on learning without disturbance. Not just for individual rooms, this timepiece is suitable for classrooms and playrooms, where collective learning happens. Moreover, the clock’s white frame blends effortlessly with diverse room decors, thereby illustrating that practicality and good looks can go hand in hand.

In terms of build and design, the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock doesn’t disappoint. It runs on a reliable Quartz movement, ensuring accuracy and durability. This clock is more than just a tool; it’s a long-lasting timepiece that can withstand the curious hands of children. The quality of materials used promises a product that can keep pace with a child’s growth and learning journey.

  • Colorful design that captivates and educates children.
  • Silent non-ticking clock mechanism promotes a peaceful environment.
  • Easy to read with 3D numbers, beneficial for young learners.
  • Appropriate for a variety of settings including nurseriesclassrooms, and homeschools.
  • Makes a thoughtful gift for children, parents, and teachers alike.
  • May not suit those looking for a less vibrant or more traditional clock design.
  • As with any product that uses glass, there’s a potential risk of breakage if not handled with care.

We take pride in offerings like the VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock because we believe functional decor should also educate and inspire. With its colorful allure, silent operation, and educational purpose, this clock is a treasure for any child’s room. And should you have any reservations, their promise of hassle-free customer care ensures your satisfaction is a priority. This isn’t just a clock; it’s an engaging learning experience for every little time-teller.

VREAONE 10 Inch Silent Kids Wall Clock with Colorful 3D Numbers and White Frame

Owlconic Children’s Learning Wall Clock


When we think about the OWLCONIC Kids Clock, it’s clear that its primary use is to serve as a fun and educational tool for kids learning to tell time. Yes, it’s more than just a clock hanging in the bedroom; it’s a gateway to understanding the passage of time, which is a crucial skill for children to master.

We’re thrilled with this product for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s a clock that doubles as an engaging and effective teaching tool. The colorful design is enticing, and it uses clear, simple language that guides children through the process of reading an analog clock. It’s perfect for ages 5-7 and up, making it a versatile addition to any kids’ bedroom or classroom.

The purpose of the OWLCONIC Kids Clock goes beyond keeping time; it’s there to provide a visual experience that simplifies the learning process. The clock features:

  • A vibrant and colorful face with numbers that captivate children’s attention.
  • Distinctly marked hands that represent hours and minutes for easy identification.
  • The actual language of time is used on the clock, integrating phrases like “O’clock” and “Half Past” into the learning process.
  • Its silent operation means no tick-tock sounds to disrupt concentration or sleep.
  • The clock is an educational toy as well as a piece of decor for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, or classrooms.

It’s not just a clock—it’s a conversation starter for time-related learning.

We’re impressed with the OWLCONIC Kids Clock’s quality. It blends aesthetic appeal with educational value and is designed to withstand the high energy of a kids’ environment. Plus, its quietness emphasizes the thoughtfulness put into its creation, keeping the focus on learning without any distracting noises.

Like every product, this clock has its highs and lows. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • Engaging learning tool: It makes learning to tell time an adventure rather than a chore.
  • Quiet operation: Ensures that the clock doesn’t disturb sleep or concentration.
  • Sturdy and stylish: Fits perfectly into kids’ bedroom or classroom decor.
  • Language of time: Incorporates phrases that are used in everyday conversation, enhancing comprehension.
  • Age range: While it’s great for children ages 5-7 and up, younger children might need another few years before they can fully benefit from its features.

In essence, the OWLCONIC Kids Clock is a delightful blend of education and design, serving both as a toy that teaches and a silent guardian of time. It’s perfect for parents and teachers who want to give their kids or students a head start in learning an essential life skill. Whether for a bedroom, a playroom, or a classroom, it seems ticking all the right boxes. Time to ADD TO CART!

Owlconic Childrens Learning Wall Clock

Foxtop Silent Colorful Kids Wall Clock 12 Inch – Battery Operated, Non-Ticking for Classroom, Playroom, Nursery, Bedrooms

Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock 12 Inch Non-Ticking Battery Operated Colorful Childrens Clock for Classroom Playroom Nursery Bedrooms Kids Room School

In our quest to create the perfect environment for our kids, we often overlook one elemental piece—the wall clock. Not just any timepiece, but a Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock that brings a dash of whimsy into their personal space. The Foxtop clock finds its primary home on the walls of classroom playrooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and really any room where kids spend their time. It’s a vibrant accessory that does more than just tell the time; it ignites imagination and enlivens the room.

We’re absolutely smitten with the Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock! Here’s why: it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and fun. For starters, the rich colors and lovely design are just looking for a wall to brighten. Plus, the non-ticking mechanism means that our little ones can sleep, study, or play without the constant reminder of time ticking away. And, the easy to read numbers ensure that even kids who are just starting to tell time can do so with a quick glance.

Let’s delve into what makes the Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock tick—figuratively, since it’s whisper-quiet in operation. Purpose-built for youthful spaces, its vivid design aids in kids’ learning to tell time. But it’s not all about looks; this clock is bolstered by a precise Quartz Sweep Movement for accurate timekeeping and an absolutely silent environment—music to any parent’s ears.

The large numbers and a clear acrylic front cover promise easy visibility, making it a breeze for kids to check the time from anywhere in the room. Adding to its user-friendly design, it comes with a hook and features a wide slot in back for easy hanging. As for power? Just pop in a single AA zinc carbon battery, and you’re set—keeping things simple and fuss-free.

With quality as a cornerstone, the Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock doesn’t just aim to please but to stand the test of playful hands and curious eyes. It’s built to last, and the manufacturers are so confident in their product that they offer a full satisfaction guarantee and a 365-day quality guarantee against defective parts.

As with any product, there are upsides and potential downsides. Here’s what we think:

  • Lovely design that fits in well with kids’ room decor
  • Non-ticking mechanism ensures silence
  • Easy to read, which is great for early learners
  • Simple to set up with the included hook and wide slot for hanging
  • Battery operated, which allows for easy installation without the need for wiring
  • Comes with a 90-day refund or replacement policy, and a 365-day quality guarantee
  • Requires a battery change (although infrequent)
  • Doesn’t include the required AA zinc carbon battery, so you’ll need to purchase that separately

In our eyes, the Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock is a bright and silent champion of time-telling, designed with the joy and comfort of kids in mind.

Foxtop Silent Colorful Kids Wall Clock 12 Inch - Battery Operated, Non-Ticking for Classroom, Playroom, Nursery, Bedrooms

DreamSky Kids Learning Clock – Quiet 10 Inch Colorful Wall Clock for Easy Time-Telling, Ideal for Bedroom, Classroom, or Playroom Decor

DreamSky Teaching Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time - Silent Analog Clock for Kids Room Decor/Bedroom/Classroom/Playroom, 10 Inches Colorful Wall Clock Helps Kids Easier to Tell Time

When it comes to the DreamSky Teaching Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time, our primary use for this clock is to encourage and assist in teaching kids the essential skill of time telling. Time is a fundamental concept, and this clock makes the learning process both fun and interactive for children. Whether it’s in a bedroomplayroom, or a classroom setting, this colorful wall clock serves as an educational tool that helps children grasp the basics of analog time.

We’ve got a soft spot for products that blend learning with fun, and the DreamSky Teaching Clock hits the nail on the head. It’s an excellent analog clock that doubles as a teaching aid. What’s not to love about a silent, colorful tick-tocking in the background that also stimulates a child’s learning? The design is aimed not just to dress up a room’s decor but to provide a visual and functional learning advantage.

The DreamSky Teaching Clock is more than just another wall ornamentation — it’s a tool that aims to simplify the way our little ones learn to tell time. With each passing minute, it paves the path to an understanding that will serve them for a lifetime.

  • Educational Aid: Every hour comes in a different color, with minutes clearly labeled. This visual aid is ideal for both home education and classroom learning.
  • Silent Operation: Designed to be non-ticking, it ensures that kids can focus on lessons (and sleep!) without the distraction of noise.
  • Decorative Element: Its vibrant colors turn it into a lovely room decor piece that brightens up any space dedicated to children.
  • Battery Operated: No cords or plugs needed. Just a single AA battery (not included) will keep it running for a long duration.

The DreamSky Teaching Clock proves to be of high quality— durable, reliable, and user-friendly. It’s lightweight and easy to hang, and the silent mechanism means it doesn’t compromise the tranquility of any room. Moreover, the clock’s colorful face is crafted to withstand the curiosity of eager, learning hands.

No product is without its merits and drawbacks, so let’s break down the plus points and the slight setbacks of this delightful timepiece:


  • Aids with time-telling skills
  • Silent, non-ticking mechanism
  • Colorful design appealing to kids
  • Simple, battery-operated setup


  • Battery not included
  • May be considered basic for older children

From our perspective, the DreamSky Teaching Clock is a warmly recommended addition to any space dedicated to nurturing the growth and learning of young minds. It’s a product that pairs traditional time-telling with a contemporary, child-friendly design. And even though it may not have all the bells and whistles, it carries out its intended purpose with simplicity and style.

DreamSky Kids Learning Clock - Quiet 10 Inch Colorful Wall Clock for Easy Time-Telling, Ideal for Bedroom, Classroom, or Playroom Decor

Comparison Review of Kids Wall Clocks

When it comes to teaching children how to tell time, a well-designed educational wall clock can be both an effective teaching tool and a delightful addition to a child’s room decor. We’ve taken a look at eight unique kids wall clocks, each boasting features that promote easy learning and brighten up any learning space. Our review dives into how each clock caters to the needs of young learners with colorful and clear designs, silent operations, and more. Here’s how they compare:

Design & Educational Features

All clocks we reviewed share the common goal of making time-telling easy and fun for kids. The clocks from CIGERA, Oyster&Pop, VREAONE, OWLCONIC, and DreamSky prominently feature distinct, labeled hands for hours, minutes, and seconds, along with additional educational markings like “quarter past” and “half past.”

Silence is Golden

For us, a silent clock mechanism is non-negotiable. Each product promises a non-ticking, silent operation—perfect for maintaining a peaceful environment for rest, study, and play.

Size & Visibility

Size does matter when it comes to visibility from a distance. The CIGERA, Foxtop, and DreamSky models boast a larger 12-inch display, whereas the others are 10 inches in diameter, which is still sufficient for easy reading but may lack the presence of their larger counterparts in a more sizeable room.

Ease of Use & Durability

Hanging these clocks should be a breeze, given their integrated hanging solutions—typically a wide slot or a large hole on the back. And when it comes to longevity, we look for assurances like customer satisfaction guarantees or durable materials like acrylic faces over glass.

Aesthetic & Decor

Each clock offers a unique colorful palette and design that can complement various room decors. Whether it’s the 3D numbers on the CIGERA and VREAONE models or the rich, youthful colors of the Foxtop clock, there’s a style to match every child’s room.

The Visual Comparison

Let’s lay out these features side by side for clarity:

Brand Clock Size Design & Features Silent Operation Easy to Hang Customer Guarantee Aesthetic
CIGERA 12 inch 3D Colorful Dial, Educational Markings Yes Yes Yes Colorful, Suits Various Decors
Oyster&Pop 10 inch Labeled hands, Free e-book Yes Yes Yes Colorful, Fun Gift Box
VREAONE (Analog) 10 inch Large Colorful Numbers and Hands Yes Yes Bright Silver Frame
VREAONE (Colorful) 10 inch 3D Multi Colored Numbers, White Frame Yes Yes Yes Playful Colors
OWLCONIC Unknown Language of Time, Colorful Numbers Yes Yes Yes Educational Interactive Design
Foxtop 12 inch Colorful, Easy to Read Yes Yes Yes Youthful, Vibrant
DreamSky 10 inch Color Coded Hours, Labeled Minutes Yes Yes Yes Colorful, Cheerful

While each clock has its unique selling points, they all fulfill the primary criteria for a great learning clock for kids: clear visibility, educational features, silent mechanics, ease of installation, and a guarantee of quality. Depending on the exact needs of your child’s learning environment and personal taste in room decor, there’s a wall clock in this lineup to suit just about everyone.

Conclusion of Our Review on Kids’ Learning Clocks

After taking a thoughtful look at a plethora of kids’ learning clocks, we’ve come to appreciate the nuances and features each one brings to the table. We must say, choosing a clock that helps little ones grasp the concept of time is no small decision. It’s about finding a balance between educational value and a design that appeals to children.

The Lineup

CIGERA 12″ Wall Clock for Kids

This clock boasts a vivid 3D colorful dial that tickled our fancy. Not only is it silent and distraction-free, but it also makes for a delightful wall decor piece in any learning environment. However, the complex design might be a bit much for kids who are easily overwhelmed by too many details.

Oyster&Pop Learning Clock for Kids

What caught our eye here was the simplicity of design coupled with the purposeful educational features. It’s a great starter clock that’s quiet and won’t disrupt the peace. On the downside, it might not be robust enough for the most spirited of playrooms.

VREAONE Kids Wall Clock

Another silent operator, this clock is minimalistic and straightforward, making it a decent choice for the classroom setting. Yet, it could improve on size visibility for larger rooms.

Telling Time Teaching Clock

A clock that embraces the essentials of time-telling without overcomplicating matters. It’s one of our top picks for its educational clarity but might fall behind in the style stakes for those desiring something a bit more eye-catching.

VREAONE Colorful Kids Wall Clock

This clock brightened our day with its array of hues. It’s straightforward to read and silent, which makes it a hit for both bedrooms and classrooms. That being said, its playful color scheme might not jive with every decor setting.


We have a soft spot for the Owlconic’s unique design, which is both instructional and adorable. It’s an analog clock that doubles as a toy, a fine blend of learning and play. However, we must consider that its novelty might wane for older children.

Foxtop Silent Kids Wall Clock

Here’s a clock that doesn’t make a peep and entertains with its colorful design. Suitable for various environments, it’s a safe bet for those looking for a blend of fun and function. But again, those seeking a clock that doubles as a teaching tool might find it lacking in educational features.

DreamSky Teaching Clock for Kids

DreamSky presents a vibrant alternative that’s geared toward making the learning process easier. It’s sizeable, which is a boon for visibility, but it might be too bright for some tastes, and the style might not suit all preferences.

Addressing Drawbacks and Making Recommendations

We must note that while all these clocks serve their primary purpose, not all come with the robust, educational backing necessary for hands-on learning. Some clocks prioritize aesthetics and could include more detailed markers for minutes and hours to aid in deeper comprehension.

Our Recommendation

For families or educators seeking an engaging, educational clock that children can grow with, we would lean towards the Oyster&Pop Learning Clock for its focused teaching approach. It strikes us as an ideal starting point for youngsters who are just beginning their journey with time.

For classrooms where learning to tell time is part of the curriculum, we suggest the Telling Time Teaching Clock for its clear, educational design that doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary frills.

In the end, it all comes down to understanding the needs and learning stages of the kiddos who will be using these clocks. Keep their individual preferences and learning styles in mind, and you can’t go too far wrong with any of these choices. Happy time-telling!

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