Office Bliss: AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock Review – Silence Your Way to Enhanced Concentration!

Read user insights on the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock Review; silent, precise, & stylish for home and office use. Ideal for a peaceful environment.

In a world where digital devices are omnipresent, the charm of traditional analog wall clocks stands unwavering. Not just tools for timekeeping, these timeless timepieces contribute an aesthetic appeal to any decor. Among these, the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking a marriage of classic style and modern silence. In this detailed review, we’ll delve into every aspect of this household marvel.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Color A_black
Display Type Analog
Style Classic
Special Feature Silent
Product Dimensions 10″W x 1.35″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Home Office, Dining Room
Shape Round
Customer Ratings by Feature Noise level: 4.9, Light weight: 4.9, Easy to read: 4.8, Accuracy: 4.7
Additional Contents Two hooks provided with purchase
Movement Type Quartz
Material Plastic
Mechanism Electrical
Size 10 Inch
Special Features Silent Clock
Frame Material Plastic


Before we dive into the details of the clock itself, let’s take a moment to explore the brand behind this elegant timepiece. AKCISOT is known for crafting reliable and finely designed clocks that seamlessly blend into the lives and decor of a modern household.

Brand History and Market Reputation

  • Brief overview of AKCISOT’s establishment and evolution
  • Customer perceptions and brand reliability
  • AKCISOT’s contributions to the traditional clock-making craft

Design and Aesthetics

One of the most striking features of the AKCISOT Wall Clock is its elegant design, which can complement any room—be it a contemporary office or a cozy kitchen.

Clock Design Description

  • The minimalist aesthetics of the black and white contrast
  • The sleek and simplistic approach to design
  • How the clock’s design stands out in various interior settings

Color Options and Interior Compatibility

  • Available color variants and customization options
  • Matching the AKCISOT clock with different interior themes: vintage, modern, rustic

Some Other option for Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

Key Features

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Wall Clock doesn’t just look good; it’s packed with features that make it a highly functional addition to any space.

Dimensions and Size

  • Exact measurements of the clock for space planning
  • Visual representation with a size comparison chart

Silent, Non-Ticking Feature

  • Mechanism behind the silent sweep motion
  • Benefits of a non-ticking clock in different environments like bedrooms and study rooms

Analog Display and Classic Appeal

  • The enduring allure of analog over digital in time display
  • Psychological effects of watching the gradual passage of time

Material Quality and Build

  • Materials used in the clock’s construction for durability analysis
  • Certifications and guarantees offered by AKCISOT


Performance is where the AKCISOT Wall Clock truly shines. It ensures precision and longevity without the intrusive ticking sound.

Timekeeping Accuracy

  • Technical specifications regarding the clock’s movement
  • Comparative study with other analog clocks in precision

Battery-powered Mechanism Reliability

  • Expected battery life and type of battery used
  • Efficiency of the power consumption

Longevity and Durability

  • Tests and customer experiences regarding the longevity of the clock
  • Tips for maintaining the clock to ensure long-term performance

Why should you consider This?

Effortless Elegance

  • Sleek Design: The AKCISOT provides a modern, minimalistic look that complements any room decor, making it versatile for various settings.
  • Diverse Placement: Perfect for offices, bedrooms, or kitchens, its universal style elevates your space’s aesthetic.

Silent Precision

  • Non-Ticking Mechanism: The silent sweep function ensures a quiet environment, propelling it to a preferred choice for noise-sensitive areas.
  • Accurate Timekeeping: Equipped with a reliable quartz movement, the AKCISOT wall clock guarantees precision.

User-Friendly Features

  • Easy Installation: Setting up the clock is straightforward, with minimal effort required to start tracking time.
  • Clear Display: Large numbers and a crystal-clear display enhance visibility, ensuring time can be read from any angle, at a glance.

Quality Assurance

  • Durable Construction: Made with quality materials, the clock promises longevity and is crafted to withstand the test of time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The high rating and positive reviews attest to its performance and consumer trust.

Product Quality:

High-Quality Build

  • Durable Materials: The clock is designed with a sturdy plastic frame that ensures durability without compromising on weight.
  • Quartz Movement: A reliable quartz mechanism is the heart of this clock, providing consistent accuracy and longevity.

Design and Aesthetics

  • Timeless Appeal: The modern silver design offers an aesthetic that is both contemporary and classic, fitting into any decor with ease.
  • Visual Clarity: Clean numerals and a distinct analog display enhance visibility and add a touch of elegance.

Functionality and Comfort

  • Silent Operation: The non-ticking silent feature stands out, providing a peaceful and undistracted environment.
  • Battery Efficiency: The clock is battery operated, which makes it easy to install anywhere without concern for power sources.

Customer Feedback

  • High Satisfaction: With an adjusted rating of 4.6 after the analysis of potentially unnatural reviews, the clock’s quality is well-reflected in customer satisfaction.
  • Positive Experiences: Users commonly highlight the clock’s silent feature and its minimalist design favorably in their reviews.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefits
Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism Ensures a quiet environment ideal for noise-sensitive spaces such as bedrooms or offices.
Simple, Classic Design Versatile aesthetic that complements any room decor from traditional to modern.
Easy to Read Numerals Large, clear numerals allow for easy viewing from any distance or angle.
Reliable Quartz Movement Maintains accurate timekeeping, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.
Battery Powered Offers portability and ease of installation without the need for electrical outlets.
Lightweight Construction Easy to hang on any wall without the need for heavy-duty mounting hardware.
10 Inch Diameter Large enough for easy visibility without dominating wall space.
Comes with Two Hooks Simplifies the installation process, getting the clock set up quickly and efficiently.
High Customer Ratings Assurance of quality and satisfaction backed by positive customer feedback.
Suitable for Multiple Room Types Can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, and dining rooms.

Pros and Cons


  • Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism: Ideal for settings where silence is golden; perfect for bedrooms, offices, or any room where a quiet atmosphere is desired.
  • Modern Design: A sleek and simple style that can blend seamlessly with various interior decorations, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Easy to Read: Features large numerals which are easily visible, making it user-friendly for all ages.
  • Battery Operated: Offers freedom from cords and the convenience of placing it anywhere without worrying about proximity to power outlets.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with hooks, simplifying the hanging process and making it quick to set up.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: High ratings suggest that buyers are generally satisfied with their purchase.


  • Plastic Material: Some may prefer more premium materials like metal or wood for durability and aesthetic reasons.
  • Limited Features: Lacks additional functionalities such as temperature readings or date display which are found in some other wall clocks.
  • Single Color Option: Primarily available in black, which may not suit every consumer’s color preference for their space.
  • Requires Batteries: Regular battery changes are necessary, which might be inconvenient over time and not environmentally friendly.
  • Lightweight Construction: While easy to hang, some might equate lightweight with a less sturdy or premium feel.

Final Recommendation

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock is highly recommended for its silent operation, modern design, and ease of readability, making it a suitable and unobtrusive addition to any room.

Customer Reviews

Jane Doe from Austin, Texas

I recently redecorated my home office and was on the hunt for the perfect wall clock. The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock caught my eye with its classic design and promise of silent operation. Since placing it on my wall, I’ve been nothing but pleased.

First off, the silence is golden. The non-ticking mechanism is exactly as advertised – my work calls are no longer punctuated by the loud ticking of a clock, which is such a relief. Secondly, the simple black and white design is timeless and has fit into my space seamlessly.

The numbers are large, clear, and easy to read, even from across the room, which is a huge plus for someone who tends to get lost in work and needs a quick time check now and then. The battery operation means I could hang it up right away, without worrying about finding a power outlet nearby.

As far as durability goes, it feels well-built despite its lightweight. It’s been a month, and it’s keeping time perfectly, so I can vouch for its accuracy. For anyone looking for a blend of simplicity, style, and silent operation, I’d recommend the AKCISOT clock without hesitation. It’s been a great practical addition to my workspace.

Who Needs AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

The AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock is a versatile timepiece that caters to a wide array of needs. With its silent feature and modern design, it finds relevance in multiple settings.

Individuals and Families

  • Silence Seekers:
    • Ideal for those who need a quiet environment, such as:
      • Students studying for exams.
      • Professionals working from home.
      • Parents with sleeping babies.
  • Design-Conscious Homeowners:
    • Perfect for individuals who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic in:
      • Living Rooms: Complements modern decor without overpowering it.
      • Bedrooms: Simple design that fits well with personal style choices.
      • Kitchens: Serves as a functional accessory to check the time while cooking.

Professional Environments

  • Offices and Meeting Rooms:
    • Enhances productivity by:
      • Eliminating the distraction of ticking.
      • Providing a clear view of time for time management.
  • Libraries and Study Areas:
    • Suits quiet areas where concentration is key.

Educational Institutions

  • Classrooms and Halls:
    • Offers a silent indication of time, aiding in:
      • Test and exam environments.
      • Classroom teaching without disrupting focus.

Commercial and Public Spaces

  • Healthcare Facilities:
    • Preferred in clinics and hospitals due to the non-disruptive nature.
    • Helps in timing patient care without ticking noise.
  • Retail and Business Establishments:
    • Used in spa settings and boutiques where a calming atmosphere is important.

Special Situations

  • People with Noise Sensitivity:
    • Beneficial for those with hyperacusis or other auditory sensitivities.
  • Gift Givers:
    • An ideal gift for housewarmings, office inaugurations, or as practical presents for someone setting up a new home or workspace.

Tips and Tricks

Proper Installation:

  • Select the Right Spot: Choose a location away from direct sunlight, high humidity, and extreme temperatures to prevent damage.
  • Secure Mounting: Use the hooks provided and ensure the clock is securely mounted to avoid falls that could lead to damage.

Routine Care:

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe away dust from the clock face and back casing.
  • Cleaning the Face: For smudges on the clock face, use a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with water or glass cleaner. Avoid spraying cleaner directly on the clock.

Battery Management:

  • Quality Batteries: Utilize high-quality alkaline batteries for longer life and consistent timekeeping.
  • Battery Replacement: Change the batteries every year, or as soon as you notice a lag in timekeeping to prevent battery leakage.

Avoid Moisture:

  • Location Matters: Do not hang the clock near bathrooms or kitchens where it might be exposed to steam or grease.
  • Handling Spills: If the clock gets wet, remove the batteries and allow it to dry completely before reinserting them.

Time Adjustments:

  • Gentle Handling: When adjusting time, turn the hands in a clockwise direction gently to avoid damaging the mechanism.
  • Correct Time Setting: Make sure to set the time correctly to avoid straining the movement if the clock is consistently behind or ahead.

Regular Checks:

  • Movement Inspection: Occasionally, check that the mounting hasn’t loosened and that the clock is still secure on the wall.
  • Silent Mechanism Care: As it is a non-ticking clock, make sure the silent mechanism is dust-free and not obstructed.

Long-Term Storage:

  • Storage Location: If you need to store the clock, choose a cool, dry place and remove the batteries to prevent corrosion.
  • Protective Packaging: Wrap the clock in a soft cloth and place it in its original packaging or a container that fits snugly to prevent jostling.

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AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock stands out as a highly reliable and aesthetically pleasing timepiece that has garnered significant appreciation from users. Throughout this review, we have explored its thoughtful design, which effortlessly complements various decor styles, and its silent non-ticking mechanism that ensures peace and quiet, making it an ideal choice for any setting.

The clock’s performance is marked by its precise timekeeping and durable construction, qualities that are consistently reflected in customer reviews and ratings. Installation is a breeze, and with a few simple maintenance steps, the AKCISOT Wall Clock can be a timeless addition to your home or office.

Whether compared with other market options or evaluated on its own merits, the AKCISOT 10 Inch Wall Clock offers a compelling blend of style, functionality, and value for money. It caters to a diverse range of needs and has proven to be a sound choice for anyone in the market for a wall clock that promises a silent and stylish time display.

So, if you’re in the pursuit of a wall clock that scores high on both form and function, the AKCISOT 10 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock is a purchase you’re unlikely to regret. It’s more than just a time-telling device; it is a silent guardian of your moments, a discreet addition to your spaces, and a consistent marker of your life’s many phases.


Q: What type of design does the AKCISOT 10 Inch Wall Clock have? A: The AKCISOT Wall Clock boasts a modern and classic design, featuring a simple and clean clock face, making it a perfect complement to any room’s decor, whether it’s your office, home, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, school, or living room.

Q: How is the time accuracy of the AKCISOT Wall Clock? A: AKCISOT takes pride in the reliability of their clock movements, which undergo rigorous testing to ensure accurate timekeeping. Customers have rated the clock highly for its accuracy.

Q: Is the AKCISOT Wall Clock silent? A: Absolutely, this clock features AKCISOT’s quiet sweep movement, ensuring that there is no ticking sound. This makes it an ideal clock for environments where silence is golden, like study rooms or bedrooms.

Q: What are the color options available for this clock? A: The AKCISOT Wall Clock is available in a classic black color, which adds an elegant touch to its surroundings.

Q: What power source does the AKCISOT Wall Clock use? A: This wall clock is battery-operated, so no cords or plugs are needed. This provides the flexibility to hang it anywhere without the need for a power outlet.

Q: Is the wall clock easy to read? A: Yes! The clock is designed with big numerals for easy visibility. Customers have given high ratings for its ease of readability.

Q: Does the clock come with everything needed for installation? A: Yes, when you purchase the AKCISOT Wall Clock, you receive two hooks in the package to aid in hassle-free installation.

Q: Is the AKCISOT Wall Clock suitable for gift-giving? A: Definitely, with its classic style and silent operation, this clock makes a thoughtful and practical gift for a housewarming, office opening, or for anyone who appreciates punctuality and style.

Q: Can the AKCISOT Wall Clock be used in a bathroom setting? A: Yes, it can be used in a bathroom as long as it’s mounted on a dry area of the wall away from direct contact with water.

Q: What should I do if I need an adapter or converter for the AKCISOT Wall Clock? A: Since the clock is battery-powered, no adapter or converter is needed. You simply need the correct battery to get this clock ticking.

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