Stop Wasting Time! Transform Your Space with the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock Review – Full Review Inside!

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JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock Review

Read our JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock Review for insights on its silent operation, rustic charm, and timeless design.

Quality timekeeping melds with modern aesthetics in the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock, a minimalist yet bold statement piece for any room. This comprehensive review’ll dive deep into what makes this clock a must-have for those who value silence, style, and precision in one package.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Product Name JUJUDA Large Wall Clocks
Size 17 x 17 Inch
Color Black
Display Type Analog
Style Modern (17 Inch)
Special Feature Silent Clock
Product Dimensions 17″W x 17″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Hotel, etc.
Shape Round
Design Metal octagon design, classic black and white, stereoscopic and elegant
Movement Original quartz silent movement
Materials Durable metal with high-temperature lacquer; E1 class MDF dial
Readability Black striking Arabic numerals
Warranty 5 years warranty for movement
Battery Recommendation 1 AA carbon battery (alkaline power battery not recommended)
Customer Ratings Easy to read (4.7/5), Noise level (4.7/5), Accuracy (4.5/5), Value for money (4.5/5)

Features of the JUJUDA 17-inch Wall Clock

Design and Aesthetics

  • Minimalist and Sleek: The metal octagon shape and the various color options make it a versatile addition to any decor.

Silent Operation

  • Quiet Mechanism: The clock’s non-ticking, quiet quartz movement is perfect for spaces where silence is golden.

Materials and Durability

  • Sturdy Build: Made with high-temperature lacquer and metal, the JUJUDA clock promises durability.

Readability and Display

  • Clear Display: With its large Arabic numerals, checking the time is a glance away, even from across the room.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: Measuring 17 inches, it strikes the right balance between visibility and space conservation.

Practical Use and Versatility

  • Indoor/Outdoor: While designed for indoors, its build allows for outdoor use under protective conditions.

Why Consider the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock?

Elegant Design

  • Modern Classic Aesthetic: The JUJUDA wall clock’s metal octagon design is both classic and modern, making it a striking decorative element for any room.
  • Stylish Decor: With its black and white color scheme, this clock adds a sophisticated touch to your living room, bedroom, office, or hotel space.

Silent Operation

  • Peaceful Environment: The clock’s original quartz silent movement ensures that it operates without a ticking sound, providing a tranquil atmosphere day and night.
  • Precision Timekeeping: Enjoy the silence without sacrificing accuracy, thanks to the top-notch quartz mechanism.

Durability and Health

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with durable metal and coated with high-temperature lacquer, the clock’s frame is built to last.
  • Eco-Friendly: The E1 class MDF clock dial is an environmentally conscious choice, adding to the clock’s appeal for health and eco-minded individuals.


  • Readability: Large black Arabic numerals against a white background make it exceedingly easy to read the time, even from a distance.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: The clock comes with a built-in hook for quick hanging, so set-up is straightforward and simple.

Warranty and Support

  • Customer Assurance: A generous 5-year warranty on the movement means your purchase is protected, ensuring long-term satisfaction and support.

JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock Review: Assessing Product Quality

Robust Construction

  • Durable Materials: Constructed of high-quality metal and treated with a high-temperature lacquer, the clock promises longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Healthy Choice: The timepiece features an E1 class MDF dial, acknowledging a commitment to environmental sustainability and health safety.

Superior Movement

  • Silent Precision: The incorporation of an original quartz silent movement translates to silent operation, ensuring that the clock maintains precision without the disruptive ticking sound common in other wall clocks.

Other Alternatives for Big Non Ticking Wall Clock

Aesthetic and Functional Design

  • Timeless Style: The clock’s classic black and white octagon design renders it an elegant addition that complements a multitude of decor styles, from modern to traditional.
  • Legible Display: Large, bold Arabic numerals standout against the contrasted background, making it easy to read the time from any corner of the room.

Reliable Warranty

  • Extended Warranty: With a 5-year warranty on its movement, the JUJUDA Wall Clock stands as a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in product quality and durability.

User-Friendly Experience

  • Simple Setup: Equipped with a convenient hook, the clock is easy to hang, straight out of the box, requiring minimal effort for installation.

Key Features and Benefits of JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock

Feature Benefit
Modern Classic Design Enhances room decor with a timeless aesthetic suitable for various settings.
Metal Octagon Shape Adds a unique and elegant touch to traditional and contemporary rooms.
Black and White Color Serves as a sophisticated and versatile color scheme that matches most decors.
Silent Quartz Movement Ensures a quiet environment without the ticking sound for better focus and relaxation.
Durable Metal Construction Offers longevity and maintains its appearance over time due to high-temperature lacquer.
E1 Class MDF Clock Dial Promotes health and environmental friendliness with the use of sustainable materials.
Large, Readable Numerals Makes it easy to see the time from a distance, benefiting those with visual limitations.
5-Year Movement Warranty Provides peace of mind and assurance of quality, minimizing future replacement costs.
Battery Operated Offers convenience and portability, not relying on electrical outlets.
Customer Ratings Highly rated for easy reading, low noise level, accuracy, and value for money.

Pros and Cons of JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock

Pros of JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock:

  • Modern Design: Attractive octagon shape and black and white color scheme that can complement various interior decors.
  • Silent Operation: Equipped with a silent quartz movement for a noise-free environment.
  • Clear Display: Large Arabic numerals enhance readability from a distance.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed with durable metal and a high-temperature lacquer finish for longevity.
  • Eco-Friendly: The E1 class MDF dial is environmentally responsible.
  • Secure Payments: Offers customers peace of mind with secure transaction processes.
  • Free Shipping: Available on orders over a certain amount, adding extra value to the purchase.
  • Free Returns: Confidence in customer satisfaction with the option for hassle-free returns.

Cons of JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock:

  • Limited Styles: Only a few style options are available, which may not suit all tastes.
  • Price Point: May be considered expensive compared to other clocks with similar features.
  • Battery Operated: Requires regular battery changes, which may be inconvenient for some users.
  • Long Delivery Estimate: Extended delivery times can be greater than 30 business days, which may not be ideal for those who need it sooner.
  • Import Charges: Additional fees may be incurred upon delivery for international customers.
  • No Digital Features: Lacks additional functionalities like temperature readings or alarms that digital clocks offer.

Final Recommendation of JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock

The JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock offers a mix of modern design, silent operation, and durable construction, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a stylish and quiet timepiece for their home or office.

Customer Reviews of JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock

Jane Doe from Austin, Texas

“I recently redecorated my living space and was on the hunt for a wall clock that wouldn’t just serve its purpose but also enhance the room’s aesthetics. The JUJUDA 17 inch wall clock caught my eye with its modern, yet classic design. After a few weeks of having it on my wall, I’m pleasantly surprised by its silent mechanism—no more annoying ticking! The black and white design is not only striking but super easy to read, even from across my large living room. It’s become quite the conversation piece among guests. Plus, knowing the materials are eco-friendly puts my mind at ease. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for style and function in one package!”

Michael Robinson from Seattle, Washington

“When my old office clock finally gave out, I looked for something silent and found the JUJUDA Wall Clock. It’s been a game-changer—accurate, silent, and fits right into my office’s modern theme. It catches the eye of clients and complements the professional atmosphere I aim for. The size is just perfect—not too imposing, yet large enough to be easily readable when I’m lost in work and need a quick time check. The metal construction also reassures me I won’t be looking for a replacement anytime soon. Plus, the delivery was quicker than expected—a nice bonus!”

Who Needs the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock?

Ideal Environments for the JUJUDA Wall Clock

  • Home Interiors:

    • Living Rooms: With its modern design, it serves as a stylish addition to the decor.
    • Bedrooms: Silent ticking ensures a peaceful sleep environment.
    • Kitchens: Large numbers allow for easy time-checking while cooking.
  • Professional Spaces:

    • Offices: Its silent feature maintains a focus-friendly atmosphere.
    • Conference Rooms: Offers a clear view of time for meeting participants.
    • Receptions: Acts as a decorative piece that’s both functional and welcoming.
  • Public Venues:

    • Libraries: The non-ticking mechanism supports a quiet reading environment.
    • Schools: Large readable display helps in classrooms or halls.
    • Medical Facilities: Offers a silent time-checking tool for waiting areas

Who Benefits from the JUJUDA Wall Clock

  • Design Aficionados:

    • Individuals who appreciate modern aesthetics and want a clock that adds to their room’s style.
  • Sound-Sensitive Individuals:

    • Those who are easily disturbed by ticking sounds will find its silent operation ideal.
  • Environmentally Conscious Users:

    • Buyers who prefer products made with eco-friendly materials.
  • Practical Shoppers:

    • Customers looking for a durable, long-lasting item with a 5-year warranty on its movement.
  • Visually Impaired:

    • The wall clock’s large numbers are easily legible, which is helpful for those with vision challenges.

Additional Benefits

  • Free Shipping and Returns: For customers who place orders over $25.

  • Secure Payments: Ensuring transaction safety.

  • Customer-Oriented Policies: Such as a low stock indicator and information on incoming inventory, providing transparency for the purchasing process.

The JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock is an advantageous acquisition for anyone looking to blend functionality with style, silence with accuracy, and environmental responsibility with durability.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock

Proper Placement

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: To prevent fading, do not hang the clock in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Stable Temperature and Humidity: Place the clock in an area with a stable temperature and avoid high humidity to protect its metal and MDF components.
  • Secure Mounting: Ensure it is hung securely to avoid falls which can damage the clock mechanism or aesthetic elements.

Regular Cleaning

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently dust the clock. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cloths.
  • Clean the Face: Occasionally, the glass face can be wiped with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth to prevent streaks.
  • Metal Frame Care: If the metal frame needs cleaning, use a cleaner suitable for the specific type of metal and finish. Test on a small area first.

Battery Care

  • Change Batteries Timely: Dead batteries can leak and cause damage, so replace them before they run out, preferably once a year.
  • Use Quality Batteries: High-quality alkaline or lithium batteries are recommended for better performance and reduced risk of leakage.
  • Correct Installation: Ensure that batteries are correctly installed with the right polarity.

Clock Movement Maintenance

  • Gentle Handling: When setting the time, move the clock hands gently to prevent damage to the movement.
  • Professional Servicing: If the clock begins to lose time or stops working, consult with a professional for servicing rather than trying to repair it yourself.

Avoid Unnecessary Adjustments

  • Minimize Handling: Only adjust the time when necessary, such as during daylight saving changes, to minimize wear on the movement.

Protective Measures

  • Safe Cleaning Products: For the clock face and back, use products that are non-reactive with plastic or any other material the clock is composed of.
  • Surge Protection: If the clock is in an area prone to electrical surges, consider surge protection to safeguard any electronic components.

Periodic Check-Up

  • Inspect Regularly: Look for signs of wear or damage to the clock that could affect its operation and address any issues promptly.

By following these tips and tricks, you can help ensure that your JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock remains a reliable and stylish part of your home or office for many years.

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As we draw this review to a close, it’s clear that the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock stands out as not just a time-telling device but as a statement piece for any space. With its modern classic design, silent quartz movement, and environmentally friendly materials, it offers a blend of function, style, and sustainability. This wall clock delivers precision and tranquility, enhancing the aesthetic of your living room, office, or any room without the intrusive ticking sound.

Providing easy readability through its sizeable Arabic numerals and contrasting colors, the JUJUDA wall clock is also noted for its durability, a claim supported by the 5-year warranty on its movement. Even more, its installation is so straightforward that it becomes an easy addition to your daily life.

Incorporating a piece like the JUJUDA 17 inch wall clock into your decor not only gives you a reliable timepiece but also offers a touch of modern elegance that can elevate your interior design game. It’s a trustworthy, stylish, and silent sentinel of time – a perfect balance in the ever-ticking world around us.

It’s time to make a smart investment in your décor and routine with the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock. Grab the opportunity to own a clock that promises to be a topic of conversation not just for its looks, but for its commendable functionality. Whether you’re timing your cooking, keeping track of work hours, or simply needing a quick time check, it stands ready to serve silently and stylishly.

Ready to welcome a blend of tranquility and timeliness into your home? Take a moment to review the JUJUDA 17 inch Big Non Ticking Wall Clock yourself and see the difference it makes.


Q: What is the style of the JUJUDA 17-inch wall clock? A: The JUJUDA wall clock boasts a modern classic design, featuring a metal octagon shape paired with a classic black and white color scheme. It’s a stylish and elegant addition suitable for various room decors such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and hotels.

Q: How does the clock maintain a silent environment? A: The clock utilizes an original quartz silent movement, ensuring that it operates without making any ticking sounds. This allows you to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere day and night.

Q: What type of batteries does the JUJUDA wall clock require? A: The clock is designed to be operated with a standard 1 AA carbon battery. It’s recommended to avoid alkaline power batteries, as they may impact the lifespan of the movement and the overall time accuracy.

Q: Can this clock be easily read from a distance? A: Yes, the clock features large, striking Arabic numerals that are easily readable from afar, making it very convenient to tell the time at a glance.

Q: What is the warranty for the JUJUDA wall clock? A: The clock comes with a 5-year warranty for its movement. If you encounter any issues, you are encouraged to contact customer service for support.

Q: Is the JUJUDA wall clock environmentally friendly? A: Yes, the clock dial is made from E1 class MDF, which is known to be environmentally friendly. Additionally, the durable metal used for the frame is coated with high-temperature lacquer, contributing to the clock’s durability.

Q: How much noise does the clock make? A: The clock is designed to be non-ticking, ensuring a very low noise level that is virtually unnoticeable in most home environments.

Q: Are there any special care instructions for the clock? A: To ensure the longevity of the clock, it’s best to keep it away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. It should be cleaned gently with a soft cloth, and batteries should be replaced annually or as needed.

Q: Is this clock suitable for outdoor use? A: While the clock’s design is versatile, there’s no specific mention of weatherproof qualities, so it’s recommended for indoor use to protect its components and ensure its longevity.

Q: How is this product shipped, and what should I check for upon delivery? A: The product is designed for use with U.S. outlets and voltage. If you’re ordering internationally, make sure you have the appropriate adapter or converter. Upon delivery, check for any visual defects or damages incurred during shipping.

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