Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock Review: A Timeless Centerpiece for Your Home

Find the best Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock Review. Learn about the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Make an informed purchase decision.

The Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock is not just a time-telling device but a statement piece that echoes the timeless elegance of retro design. In this comprehensive guide, we dive deep into all the facets of this exquisite wall clock that could be the next centerpiece in your living room decor.

Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock

Imagine a wall clock that doesn’t just tell the time but also tells a story of artistry and timeless appeal. That’s the Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock for you. Perfectly marrying functionality with style, this clock promises to be a focal point in any living space.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. The unparalleled elegance of the Kesin Retro Wall Clock’s design.
  2. Practical installation tips for maximum effect.
  3. Comparisons that highlight its unique charm over other clocks.
  4. And much, much more.

Whether you’re a decor enthusiast or just looking for that perfect clock to complement your living space, read on as we tick through all the boxes to help you make an informed decision.

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Product Specifications Kesin Wall Clock

Feature Description
Brand Kesin
Product Dimensions 14″W x 14″H
Color Brown
Display Type Analog
Style Retro
Special Feature Silent Clock
Power Source Battery Powered
Battery Requirement 1 AA battery (not included)
Recommended Battery Type Ordinary Carbon Battery (for longer life, as opposed to high duty alkaline batteries)
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Study Room, Family Room, Conference Room
Shape Round
Material Wood (with a solid wood frame showcasing unique, attractive wood grain color)
Clock Features – Large black Arabic numbers

– Super silent & non-ticking second hand

– High-definition glass

Why Choose a Kesin Wall Clock for Your Living Space?

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

When you choose the Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock, you are opting for a piece that exudes a classic appeal with its smooth, wooden craftsmanship and silent mechanism. It’s an accessory that doesn’t just fill a space on a wall but enhances the room’s overall feel.

Features that Stand Out:

  • Silent Operation: No more ticking sounds interrupting your quiet moments.
  • Classic Design: Its retro look seamlessly fits modern and traditional decor.
  • Quality Materials: Crafted with durability in mind to stand the test of time.

Why Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock is a Must-Have

Timeless Elegance

Silent Precision

  • Non-Ticking Movement: Offers a quiet environment necessary for relaxation or concentration.
  • Accurate Timekeeping: You’ll forget it’s even there while it reliably does its job.

Versatile Decor

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Its round shape and wooden material bring warmth to your room.
  • Matches Multiple Settings: Ideal for the living room, kitchen, or study room.

Quality and Durability

  • Solid Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials.
  • Easy Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep to maintain its appearance over the years.

Uncompromised Product Quality of Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock

The Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock distinguishes itself with an unwavering commitment to quality. Designed to cater to the discerning customer, every aspect of the clock speaks of the brand’s dedication to delivering excellence.

Superior Craftsmanship

  • Durable Materials: This clock is constructed with rugged, high-quality wood, providing sturdiness while showcasing an attractive grain color that stands up to wear and tear.
  • Fine Detailing: It features carefully crafted large black Arabic numbers on the dial, ensuring easy readability and a touch of sophistication.

Reliable Timekeeping

  • Precise Movement: Powered by reliable quartz movements to ensure accurate timekeeping, you can rely on the Kesin clock to keep you punctual.
  • Silent Mechanism: The clock’s non-ticking, silent hand delivers tranquility, perfecting rooms where silence is golden.

Designed for Longevity

  • Battery Efficiency: It operates on a single AA battery and the recommendation for an ordinary carbon battery points towards a thoughtful approach to longevity and performance.
  • Easy Maintenance: Keeping the clock in prime condition is effortless with simple routine care, adding to its longevity and consistent operation.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Let’s take you through the unboxing experience:

  • Packaging: Secure and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring the clock arrives pristine.
  • Components: Identifying each part in the box — from the clock to any additional installation equipment.

Installation Tips for Your New Retro Clock

Finding the perfect spot for your clock is as crucial as the clock itself. Here are some tips:

  • Visibility: Choose a location that is easily visible from different parts of the room.
  • Lighting: Ensure the place gets adequate lighting to accentuate the clock’s features.

How to Hang Your Clock:

  1. Select the Right Tools: Ensure you have the right tools for installation.
  2. Protect Your Wall: Tips on how to prevent damage during installation.

Key Features and Benefits of Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock

Key Features Benefits
Large Black Arabic Numbers – Easy to read from a distance.
– Clear display enhances visibility.
Super Silent & Non-Ticking Second Hand – Provides a noise-free environment, ideal for peaceful living spaces.
Solid Wood Frame – Durable construction ensures longevity.
– Attractive wood grain color adds aesthetic appeal.
High Definition Glass – Offers a clear view of the time.
– Adds to the clock’s elegant design.
Retro Aesthetic – Complements various interior decor, especially vintage and retro-themed spaces.
Battery Operated Quartz Movement – Convenient, no need for electrical wiring.
– Quartz accuracy keeps time precise.
Comes with a Hook – Easy to install with the included hanging mechanism.
Wide Slot in Back for Easy Hanging – Versatile placement options throughout the home.
30 Days Full Refund & 365 Days Warranty – Purchase protection gives peace of mind.
– Long-term reliability with the warranty coverage.
Suitable for Various Room Types – Can enhance the ambiance of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Pros and Cons of Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock


  • Retro Aesthetic: Offers a classic and timeless design that can complement various decor styles.
  • Silent Operation: Many retro clocks have a silent mechanism, ideal for maintaining a quiet environment.
  • Durable Materials: Typically made with wood and high-quality glass, offering longevity and sturdiness.
  • Clear Display: Often designed with large numbers for ease of reading.
  • Battery Operated: Convenience of not needing to be plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Easy Installation: Usually comes with hanging mechanisms for simple setup.


  • Single Function: Dedicated to timekeeping, without additional features like temperature or date display.
  • Manual Time Adjustments: This may require manual time changes for daylight saving adjustments.
  • Battery Replacement: Periodically, batteries need to be replaced, adding to maintenance.
  • Limited Style Variations: Retro design may not fit with every interior theme.

Final Recommendation

The Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock is an excellent choice for those seeking a vintage aesthetic with silent operation and easy readability, It is perfect for creating a peaceful and stylish atmosphere in any room.

Customer Reviews of Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock

John B., Austin, TX: “I’m really taken with the rustic charm of the Kesin Wall Clock. The silent mechanism is a blessing in my study room where I spend hours. No annoying ticking sound!”

Emily R., Springfield, IL: “Absolutely adore this clock! The big numbers are a sight for sore eyes – no more squinting. Suits my living room perfectly, plus the installation was a breeze.”

Mark L., Miami, FL: “Everybody asks where I got this from! The wood frame gives off this cozy, vintage vibe that warms my kitchen space. Plus, it’s silent – no ticking to drive you nuts.”

Samantha W., Denver, CO: “Finally, a clock that marries style with functionality. It’s been a reliable timekeeper in our bedroom, and the non-ticking hand is just perfect for a quiet sleep.”

Dave C., Brooklyn, NY: “Got this as a gift, and it’s a hit! The wood’s grain and color are rich and add character to my office. It’s also super easy to read, which is great.”

Who Needs the Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock:

The Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock isn’t just a device for telling time; it’s a statement piece that caters to various needs. Designed to integrate into different spaces seamlessly, this clock is ideal for:

Homeowners Seeking Quiet Elegance

  • Individuals who appreciate silence in their living spaces.
  • Those looking to complement their home with a retro aesthetic.
  • People desire a clock that is easy to read with large numerals.

Interior Design Enthusiasts

  • Decorators in search of a vintage charm to add to their décor mix.
  • Style aficionados who prefer timeless accessories that stand out.

Office or Commercial Spaces

  • Professional settings where a noiseless atmosphere is paramount.
  • Businesses want to impart a warm, welcoming ambiance to clients.


  • Individuals are seeking an aesthetically pleasing yet practical gift.
  • Those who appreciate a durable, long-lasting present with a touch of nostalgia.

Key Characteristics Ideal for Users:

  • Silent Operation: Perfect for a nursery, library, or quiet space.
  • Versatile Style: Suits both modern and traditional interior designs.
  • Wooden Frame Durability: It promises longevity in any setting.
  • Size and Visibility: Excellent for the visually impaired or large rooms.

Tips and Tricks For this Clock Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock: for Keeping and Maintaining for Many Years

Maintaining your Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock is critical for its longevity and accuracy. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your clock in top condition for many years:

General Care

  • Dust Regularly: Use a soft cloth or a duster to gently wipe the clock’s surface to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Clean the clock with a mild cleaning solution or a damp cloth; harsh chemicals can damage the finish.


  • Temperature and Humidity: Place the clock in an environment with stable temperature and humidity to avoid any warping or damage to the wooden components.
  • Sunlight: Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which can fade the wood and the clock face.

Positioning and Handling

  • Wall Stability: Ensure the wall clock is securely fastened to the wall to prevent falling and damage.
  • Gentle Handling: When adjusting the time or changing batteries, handle the clock gently to avoid disturbing its mechanisms.

Clock Mechanism

  • Battery Care: Replace batteries regularly and use quality brands to avoid leakage that could damage the clock mechanism.
  • Clock Hands: Touch the clock hands as little as possible, only with clean, dry hands. When setting the time, move the hands in a clockwise direction.

Time Accuracy

  • Regular Checks: Compare the time with an accurate source regularly to ensure it’s keeping time correctly.
  • Professional Servicing: If the clock starts losing time or becomes noisy, consider taking it for professional servicing.

Long-Term Storage

  • Proper Packaging: If the clock needs to be stored, use soft padding and ensure it’s in a secure, dry place to prevent moisture damage or warping.
  • Battery Removal: Always remove the battery if the clock is not used for an extended period.

Conclusion: Timeless Charm with a Kesin Wall Clock

Choosing the right wall clock is not just about practicality; it’s about styling your living space with a piece that stands out yet integrates seamlessly with your aesthetic. The Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock does exactly that. By carefully considering size, style, material, functionality, and color, this clock can transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Kesin Living Room Retro Wall Clock is a testament to the synthesis of design and utility. It isn’t just a device to tell time; it is a statement of style, a nod to the mid-century charm, and a functional ornament that completes the look of your home. With a Kesin clock, you invite a slice of artful history into your daily routine, marrying the elegance of the past with the technological advances of the present.

So, as you decide on the perfect wall clock for your home, remember that a Kesin is more than just a keeper of time – it’s a centerpiece that promises to captivate, charm, and offer timeless reliability for years to come.

FAQs on Kesin Wall Clock Wood 14 Inch Silent Wall Clock

Q: What kind of style would the Kesin Wall Clock suit best?

A: The Kesin Wall Clock sports a retro style that complements a variety of decors, from classic vintage to contemporary chic. It’s particularly well-suited for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or any space that could use a touch of timeless charm.

Q: Is the clock’s movement silent?

A: Yes, the clock features a non-ticking, silent quartz movement, making it ideal for rooms where you need to eliminate distracting noise, such as bedrooms or study rooms.

Q: What is the size of this clock, and will it fit on a small wall?

A: The clock is 14 inches by 14 inches, which is large enough to make a statement but not overly imposing, so it should fit perfectly on a small to medium-sized wall.

Q: Do I need special batteries for this clock?

A: The clock requires a single AA battery. For optimal performance and longevity, it is recommended to use an Ordinary Carbon Battery, which is gentler on the clock’s mechanism compared to high-duty alkaline batteries.

Q: How easy is it to read the numbers on the clock?

A: The clock features large black Arabic numerals on its face, designed for easy readability. This makes it user-friendly for all ages, including those with slight vision impairment.

Q: Can this clock be used in a commercial or office setting?

A: Absolutely, the Kesin Wall Clock’s silent feature and elegant design make it a solid choice for a professional environment such as an office, conference room, or reception area.

Q: What material is the clock frame made of?

A: The clock frame is constructed from solid wood, showcasing a unique and attractive wood grain color that adds to its rustic appeal.

Q: How do I set up the clock upon receiving it?

A: The Kesin Wall Clock has a hook and a wide slot in the back for easy hanging. Simply secure a hook in your wall, insert a battery, set the time, and hang the clock up.

Q: Is the glass front easy to clean?

A: The clock features a high-definition glass front that is simple to clean. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off any fingerprints or dust without much effort.

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