Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock Review : A Timeless Addition to Your Home

Read the latest Plumeet 12” Non Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock Review: a silent, elegant timepiece perfect for any home’s aesthetic.

When it comes to enhancing the ambiance of our living spaces, a classic wall clock isn’t just a time-telling device; it is also a silent companion that complements our daily rhythms. Among the myriad choices, the Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock stands out as a quintessential blend of traditional aesthetics and silent operation, promising to enrich the walls of any home with its presence. In this in-depth look, we explore every aspect of this exquisite timepiece—an addition that promises to tell time and elevate your living room’s decor.

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Brand Plumeet
Color Copper Gold
Display Type Analog
Style Retro
Special Feature Silent Clock
Product Dimensions 12″W x 12″H
Power Source Battery Powered
Age Range (Description) Adult
Room Type Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Home Office
Shape Round
Silent Operation Yes, quiet sweep second hand
Numerals Big Arabic numerals, clear to read
Installation Easy installation kit included, hangs within seconds
Battery Requirement 1*AA battery (not included)

Why anyone should consider This: Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock

Timeless Design Meets Modern Silence

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The Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock is designed to be a harmonious addition to your living space. Here’s why this timepiece should be your next home decor enhancement:

  • Vintage Charm: Its classical look brings a touch of nostalgia, making it an eye-catching piece.
  • Silent Operation: The non-ticking mechanism ensures peace and quiet, ideal for spaces where silence is golden.
  • Clear Display: Large, easily readable numerals stand out, ensuring you can tell the time from across the room.

Practical Elegance

  • Versatile Style: Whether your home is traditional or modern, this clock’s design fits seamlessly.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with care, it promises both style and durability.

Ease of Use

  • Simple Setup: Hang in seconds to enjoy your timeless piece without delay.
  • Battery Operated: A single AA battery is all it takes to keep time moving silently onward.

Unveiling the Quality of Plumeet 12” Wall Clock

Craftsmanship That Endures

The Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock is not just a time-telling device but a statement piece designed carefully for function and form.

  • Sturdy Build: Constructed with materials that promise longevity.
  • Attention to Detail: Every part of the clock is put together precisely.

Silent Yet Strong

  • Noiseless Operation: Features a silent quartz mechanism for a peaceful environment.
  • Reliable Movement: The clock’s hands move smoothly, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

Elegant Aesthetic

  • Classic Design: Its design is timeless, making it suitable for various decor styles.
  • Sharp Display: Bold numerals against a contrastive backdrop offer clarity and style.

User-Friendly Aspects

  • Easy Installation: Designed to be hung with minimum hassle.
  • Power Efficiency: Runs efficiently on a single AA battery, highlighting its quality build and energy-conscious operation.

The Elegant Design of the Plumeet 12” Wall Clock

Understanding the Vintage Aesthetic

The vintage aesthetic captures the charm of yesteryears and brings it into the modern home. The Plumeet 12” Wall Clock pays homage to this timeless design philosophy, making it a perfect piece for those who appreciate a nod to the past in their home decor.

  • The Classic Color Palette: A closer look at the hues that make this clock a versatile fixture in any home.
  • The Craftsmanship of the Clock Hands: The delicate yet sturdy construction of the time-tellers.

Details of the Plumeet Clock’s Design

Born from a blend of durability and elegance, the design features of the Plumeet classic wall clock are worth noting:

  • The Frame: Composed of high-quality materials, the clock boasts a robust frame that ensures longevity while exuding elegance.
  • The Dial: Clarity meets aesthetic appeal in the dial of the Plumeet clock, where each numeral is easily distinguishable and pleasing to the eye.

Functional Beauty: The Non-Ticking Feature

The Mechanics of a Non-Ticking Clock In a world constantly buzzing with noise, the Plumeet clock’s non-ticking mechanism is a breath of fresh air. But how does it maintain its silent sweep? Let’s delve into the technicalities that make this possible:

  • Quiet Operation: Understanding the quartz movement that keeps time without the ticking.
  • The Absence of Sound: How the silence of the Plumeet wall clock contributes to a more peaceful home environment.

The Benefits of a Quiet Timepiece The absence of ticking can have a more profound impact on the home environment than one might think. Here are some benefits that the Plumeet wall clock’s silent nature provides:

  1. Peace at Home: Uninterrupted peace for those cherished quiet moments at home.
  2. Focus Enhanced: A noise-free space where concentration isn’t compromised.
  3. Improved Sleep Quality: For those light sleepers, the silent clock is a guardian of the night, ensuring time is kept without sound.

Key Features and Benefits of Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock

Key Features Benefits
Color: Copper Gold – Adds a warm metallic accent to any décor theme.
Size: 12” – Large enough for easy viewing without being obtrusive.
Display Type: Analog – Easy to read traditional time display.
Style: Retro – Vintage charm complements both modern and traditional decors.
Special Feature: Silent Clock – Eliminates noise, ensuring a peaceful environment.
Product Dimensions: 12″W x 12″H – Ideal size for visibility in any room.
Power Source: Battery Powered – Convenience of not needing a power outlet.
Room Type: Various (Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Home Office) – Versatility for use in multiple room types.
Shape: Round – Classic shape that fits well with most design schemes.
Installation: Easy with kit included – Quick and hassle-free setup.
Battery Requirement: 1*AA (not included) – Easy to maintain, and battery is readily available.

Pros and Cons of Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock


  • Non-Ticking Mechanism: Ensures a quiet environment without the distracting ticking sound.
  • Elegant Design: The clock features an aesthetic that can complement various interior decors.
  • Easy to Read: Large numbers and a clear display make it easy to tell time from a distance.
  • Durable Construction: Made with quality materials that are designed to last.
  • Easy to Hang: The clock comes with everything needed for installation, simplifying the process.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various room types, such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or home office.
  • Battery Operated: It only requires a single AA battery, which is easy to replace and typically has a long life.


  • Accuracy: Over time, the clock may lose accuracy and require readjustment.
  • Battery Not Included: You need to purchase the AA battery separately.
  • Single Color Option: It may only be available in one color, limiting customization options for matching specific decor themes.

Final Recommendation of This Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock

The Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Wall Clock is recommended for its silent operation, elegance, and classic design, It is suitable for various room styles and easy to install.

Customer Reviews

Jane Doe from Austin, Texas

“I recently purchased the Plumeet 12” wall clock for my living room, and I’ve been delighted with my choice. Its non-ticking mechanism is a breath of fresh air; it’s so quiet that sometimes I forget it’s there! The vintage style adds a touch of timeless elegance that blends seamlessly with my home decor. Large, clear numerals make it easy to read the time, even from across the room. Installation was a breeze, too — it was up on my wall in just a few minutes. Though it only comes in one color, the copper-gold is versatile enough to complement various color schemes. A minor letdown was the exclusion of a battery, but given its value for money, I’m not too fussed. Overall, it’s a reliable and charming clock with both form and function.”

Who Needs the Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock?

The Plumeet 12” Wall Clock is an ideal addition for a variety of individuals and spaces where a combination of style, functionality, and silent operation is desired.

Ideal Users:

  • Homeowners Seeking Silent Timepieces:

    • People sensitive to noise would prefer a clock that does not produce a ticking sound.
  • Office Settings:

    • Professionals who need a silent environment to maintain focus and productivity without distractions.
  • Educational Institutions:

    • Classrooms and libraries where silence is important to maintain a conducive learning atmosphere.
  • Art and Decor Enthusiasts:

    • Those who appreciate vintage charm wish to enhance their interior with a functional decor piece.
  • Individuals with Sleeping Challenges:

    • People who require absolute silence for a restful night make this clock suitable for bedrooms.

Applicable Locations:

  • Residential Spaces:

    • Living Rooms: To add a decorative touch while providing a functional time display.
    • Bedrooms: Suitable for those who need a quiet environment for sleeping.
    • Home Offices: For a peaceful work atmosphere.
  • Commercial Spaces:

    • Offices/Boardrooms: Where keeping track of time is essential without disrupting the workflow.
    • Waiting Rooms: To offer a quiet waiting area for guests and clients.
  • Educational Settings:

    • Study Rooms and Libraries: Where silent time tracking is integral.

Key Benefits:

  • Silent Operation:

    • Ensures a noise-free environment is crucial in places where quietness is a priority.
  • Ease of Reading:

    • It is designed with large numerals that are visible from a distance.
  • Ease of Setup:

    • Simple Installation: The clock can be easily mounted on the wall.
  • Stylish Decor:

    • The clock’s classic design easily complements various decor styles.


  • The clock may be particularly beneficial for:
    • Elderly individuals who prefer clear, legible clocks.
    • Students in dormitories need a quiet study environment.
    • Parents with young children require silent clocks to prevent disturbance during nap times.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Wall Clock for Longevity

Proper Installation

  • Choose the Right Spot: Hang your clock in a stable, interior location where it is not vulnerable to high humidity or temperature extremes, which could affect its function.
  • Secure Anchoring: Ensure that the clock is securely mounted to the wall to prevent falling, which can damage the mechanism.

Regular Care

  • Dust Regularly: Gently dust the clock with a soft cloth to keep the exterior clean and prevent dust from getting inside the mechanism.
  • Clean the Face Carefully: Use a mild glass cleaner applied to a cloth, not directly onto the clock, to clean the face without risking moisture ingress.

Battery Management

  • Quality Batteries: Use only high-quality alkaline batteries for longer life and consistent performance.
  • Regular Replacement: Even as a low-power device, change the battery every 6 to 12 months to prevent leakage and corrosion that could damage the clock.

Mechanism Care

  • Silent Mechanism: Although the silent mechanism should not require much maintenance, consult a professional if the clock begins to make noise. It may need cleaning or other maintenance.
  • Handling With Care: Avoid adjusting the time using the minute or hour hands. Always use the time adjustment knob on the back.

In Case of Issues

  • Professional Servicing: If the clock is not keeping time or has other issues, seek professional clock repair services rather than attempting DIY repairs that could cause harm.
  • Avoid DIY Repairs: If you’re unfamiliar with clock mechanisms, do not try to oil or fix the inner workings yourself.

Environment Monitoring

  • Watch for Environmental Hazards: Keep the clock away from excessively damp areas, and avoid direct sunlight, which can fade colors and potentially warp materials.

Storage Tips

  • Secure Storage: If you need to store the clock, place it in a secure, padded box in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • Remove the Battery: Always remove the battery if the clock is not used for an extended period.


As we draw this discussion close, it’s clear that the Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock is more than just a timekeeper; it’s a statement of elegance and tranquility for any living space. Its silent operation and stylish design make it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their home decor while enjoying the silent tick of every moment passed.

Whether it graces the cozy living room wall or adds character to a modern office space, this Plumeet wall clock promises to blend in seamlessly while standing out with its classic charm. It’s not just about telling time; it’s about celebrating time in silence and style. With its commitment to quietness and a design that respects the past while embracing the present, the Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Living Room Classic Wall Clock holds the potential to become more than just a part of your decor—it becomes a part of your home’s story.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Plumeet 12” Non-Ticking Classic Wall Clock

Q: What size is the Plumeet Retro Wall Clock?
A: The Plumeet Retro Wall Clock is 12 inches in diameter, making it suitable for easy visibility across a room.

Q: What kind of style does this clock have?
A: This clock boasts a vintage style with a classic design that features large Arabic numerals for a clear and easy reading of time, complementing any room with a touch of antique charm.

Q: How is the clock powered?
A: The clock is powered by a single AA battery, which is not included with the purchase.

Q: Is the clock’s movement noisy?
A: No, one of the key features of this clock is the silent, non-ticking mechanism that ensures a quiet environment, free from the ticking sound of traditional wall clocks.

Q: Is it easy to install the Plumeet wall clock?
A: Yes, installation is straightforward with the provided kit. You can securely hang the clock on your wall within a few seconds.

Q: Can this clock be used in any room?
A: Absolutely; the clock’s versatile design is appropriate for various spaces such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and home office.

Q: What is the color of the clock available currently?
A: The clock comes in a Copper Gold color, adding a warm, vintage appeal to your decor.

Q: What should I do if I experience any issues with the clock?
A: Plumeet is committed to offering quality products and customer service. In case of any issues or complaints, you are encouraged to contact their customer service for assistance.

Q: What material is the Plumeet Retro Wall Clock made of?
A: The frame material of the clock is plastic, designed to be durable while maintaining a classic look.

Q: Does the clock come with a warranty or return policy?
A: Specific warranty and return policy information is not provided, but customers can typically rely on standard Amazon return policies and should contact the seller directly for warranty details.

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